Wazifa for Love Marriage Solution

Hello friends, we are here for you and we brought to you our Wazifa for love service that can change your life if you are seeking perfect love solution. If your husband or your wife or your child or anyone does not love, you for any reason then do not lose your heart and contact with us. We will start loving you among the lovers. You can also use Wazifa for love service for those people who are disrespectful towards you or as you can say that they do not like to see you.

Love Marriage Wazifa

Our all services are approve so before using our service you can take feedback from our regular clients. So please read carefully our article if you seriously want to use these services. Love marriage Wazifa service gives you a unique change to live with your dream lover for forever. If you are upset because of you unable to do love marriage with your love partner due to your personal problems or family problems then we can help of you. You just need to contact us and take love marriage Wazifa service and after it follow our instruction with carefully.

Shadi Ka Wazifa

India is cultural country where people are so traditional and they do enjoy Shadi or marriage with more joyful moments because Shadi or marriage is the biggest event of their life according to them. Therefore, every person has desire that he or she got memorable marriage. Shadi Ka Wazifa service gives you this facility and makes your marriage to unforgettable marriage by natural way. So hurry up and meet us for Shadi Ka Wazifa service if you want to do make your marriage successful.

Wazifa for Love Marriage

Love marriage are common now this time because everybody want to live with his or her desired person and now this time they cannot live with stranger person for whole life so they do mostly prefer love marriage but sometimes they got many problems to get love marriage. Therefore, we are providing here Wazifa for love marriage service that will give you natural cure for your problem. Wazifa for love marriage service is easy, smooth and friendly readable so you can use freely mind.

Wazifa for Lost Love

If you have lost love and now you are alone because of you cannot forget to your lost love and want to live with him or her for forever because of you do true love. This situation is very painful where we think a lot and nothing to say to anyone and every time we thinking about him or her that cannot come again in our life without any miracle. So if you are in this type of problem then use Wazifa for lost love service and get your lost love. Wazifa for lost love service will give you second chance to meet with your lost love so try out this service and make easy your life with us.

Islamic Wazifa for Rishta

Ramzan comes in the ninth month according to Islamic calendar and in this month, most of Muslims have fast for their god or Allah. In Ramzan, they refrains from eating, drinking from down until sunset because they keep this rule while they have refrains in Ramzan. According to their religion, they think that refrains show your patience, modesty, and spirituality so now we can say that Ramzan is the most important event for every Muslim person. Islamic Wazaif Ramzan is the worship of Allah when they do worship in Ramzan’s time. If you do worship of Allah in Ramzan period with full faith and soul then you will get surely results so start Islamic Wazaif Ramzan and live tension free from your problems.

Islamic Wazifa for Rishta

Islamic Wazaif for Rishta is also important things to recite for Allah’s prays because in this process, we do worship of Allah and ask to Allah about our problems. If you are right and really, you are in trouble then Allah will surely help you but here is only one condition that when you will ask to Allah then your faith should be truth or meaningful otherwise you will not get favorable results. If you are facing Rishta or relationship type of problem then you can use Islamic Wazaif for Rishta service and you can save your Rishta or relationship by our service with natural way.

Islamic Wazifa for Rozgar

Islamic Wazaif for Rozgar is the prestigious gift for those people who do not have any kind of Rozgar or work. As we can say in other words that if you are unemployed then you may use Islamic Wazaif for Rozgar service because it will provide to you more chance to getting Rozgar or job work. If you have hard luck in getting job and you think that you cannot get easily good job then come with us and contact us for taking our service and we give you guarantee that you will definitely get good job.

Islamic Wazifa for Shadi

Shadi or marriage is also one of the important part of our life because when we going to mature then we have to need a perfect partner who can understand you and you can share your whole things with him or her. If you do not get Shadi or marriage at right time then people things many things about us. Therefore, we should have to do getting marriage or Shadi at always-right time if you think that you are Shadi or marriage is not getting at right time then contact us and discuss with us about Islamic Wazaif for Shadi service. Because, Islamic Wazaif for Shadi service will increase your chances and you will be able to get marriage soon.

Islamic Wazifa for Taskheer

If you want to become invincible then you should have to try Islamic Wazaif for Taskheer service because Taskheer is Urdu word which means unbeaten. In addition, we know that now this time everyone person wants to be undefended because of we have lot of competition now this time. If you use Islamic Wazaif for Taskheer service then you will get unbelievable service whom you can use in your dream projects. So come with us and make your life indomitable.

Islamic Wazifa for Wife

Islamic Wazaif is the best and suitable path to get complete our desire or wish without any side effects. We can use Islamic Wazaif for any purpose and it depends on your desire that which the purpose you want to try Islamic Wazaif. Islamic Wazaif is one of the best tool of Islamic religion where we do not need any other else. Now, these days, if you are interested to use Islamic Wazaif then you can search Islamic Wazaif online because there are many websites are providing Islamic Wazaif online services.

Islamic Wazifa for Wife

Here, we are taking some basic topics whereby you can understand that how to use Islamic Wazaif for according to our problem. One thing is always remember in your mind that you have to focus on a relevant category while you using the Islamic Wazaif services because if you choose relevant category then you will get surely result. Nevertheless, sometimes, peoples use the wrong service for their problem and get unwanted reversible side effects or they will not get favorable results. Suppose, if you are upset because of your wife then you should use Islamic Wazaif for wife service no other services. Because Islamic Wazaif for wife service we made especially for wife problems so why you are using other services.

Islamic Wazifafor Good Luck

If you have hard luck and you feel fear when you start any new work because you think that I will be destroyed if I got loss then you can use Islamic Wazaif for good luck. We do not say that it will change your luck but we are sure that if you use Islamic Wazaif for good luck service with full faith then you will get improve surely. Because this service observe your situation and change into your favorable situation where you have highly change to get win in your work.

Islamic Wazifa for Luck

Some unpredictable person also we have on the earth who does not want to do in their life because they are damn sure for their luck that they will manage their lifestyle by their luck. They do not care about anything that is why they do not do work and be always dependent on their luck. However, sometimes their luck cheats them, and feels realization that they are also ordinary people. Therefore, if you want to improve your luck or you need good luck for any special day then please use Islamic Wazaif for luck service. Some people try Islamic Wazaif for luck for removing others people’s problem also.

Islamic Wazifa for Education

Thus, if your child has no interest in schooling or study then you can apply Islamic Wazaif for education on your child and wait for few days. After it you will find that your child has to start study at own basis and now your child do study until long time without taking rest. So now we can say that Islamic Wazaif for education is the best helpers of ours that give us always dreamy results so use these services and make your life easy.

Love Spells Heal a Broken Heart

Are you depressed cause of love, are you upset cause of love then love spell healer is effective remedy for you because it will remove your stress by naturally. If you are searching some healers for your love life then you can use love spell healer because these will never vain for your problems. Our love spell heals your love life and give help to find true love. If you have used once then we are sure that you will never leave love spell healer and always use love spell healer for your love’s problem. We have dedicated team of love spell healer so our team will help you to reunite you with your lover, family, friends etc.

Love Spells Heal a Broken Heart

If you are looking authentic love spells for your breaking heart then you can use our love spells heal a broken heart because it always do true work for us. You cannot assume that love spells heal a broken heart is powerful spells that will change your miserable love life with special one for happy forever. Love spells heal a broken heart keep command with your love partner whereby you spent quality time with your love partner. If you are facing any kind of misunderstanding in your love life then you, can remove misunderstanding with love spells heal a broken heart?

Love Spell to Heal a Relationship

Are you missing faith, honesty, care and dedication between love relationship and you can boost these all things by love spell to heal a relationship. Because you cannot live alone whole life without your love partner and current situation will not be same as we have right now. So please make an intelligent and try to solve your love problems by help of love spell to heal a relationship. If you are attracted to other person’s side and thinking about cheat then you can stop by using love spell to heal a relationship so please adopt our service and make your life easy with us.

Love Spell Binding Spell Two Hearts

If you want to bind, you heart with your lover’s heart then make your lover give you whatever you need from his or her without any kind of hesitation. Love spell binding spell two hearts helps us to bind two hearts. Our love spell binding spell two hearts service is for those people who do not want to like to talk about his or her love affair. Our love spellbinding spell two hearts service are covet so not only for money or for power but also it is more covet for love. Love spell binding spell two hearts have special blessings of most powerful leaders and messiahs so it is strong and most powerful that is very useful for a meaning full life.

Love Spell to Capture Her Heart

If you are a person, who want to capture her heart for your desire then you can use love spells to capture her heart service that will give you wonderful experience. So please contact us for using love spell to capture her heart with us.

Mushkil Se Nijat Ka Wazifa

Mushkilat is an Urdu word that used to Muslim people in obstacle situation because Urdu is the native language of Islamic persons. We say obstacle to Mushkilat in English so now you can understand that what the Mushkilat is. Actually, in the Urdu language, Mushkilat has many meanings but when you read it in the English language then you have only one meaning. Obstacle is only the meaning of Mushkilat in English. Therefore, if you are in difficulties or you are facing problems and obstacle in your life then you can use Mushkilat in English language.

Mushkil Se Nijat Ka Wazifa

If your life have many kind of Mushkilat, troubles, worries, tensions, problems, obstacles, difficulties in your life then you can use Mushkil se Nijat ka Wazifa because it will give you tension free life. Here, we are discussing all kind of problems so there is automatically understand that the Mushkil se Nijat ka Wazifa service will help us in all kind of situations. An ordinary people have some basic problems of his or her life like job, marriage, family, friends, love relationship, career, success or many more like this subjects.

Bismillah Se Mushkilat Ka Hal

When we are in any problem, then we have tried to exit out but sometimes we reveled in very bad situation, which from we have very less chance to exit out securely. Some of persons do not know that what they should do now for that situation because they are not habitual. Nevertheless, if they want to do find out some solution then we want to say that they should use Bismillah se Mushkilat ka hal because it is good and best way to get solution. If you are in serious problem and you think that you are helpless on that time then you can use Bismillah se Mushkilat ka hal services.

Mushkilat Ka Hal Ki Dua

Here you can ask to god dua for Mushkilat ka hal because there should be no problem to ask to god for any difficulties or problems. We know that god has all kind of Mushkilat ka hal ki dua whereby we get always-best advice from god side. If you are wondering here for best Mushkilat ka hal ki dua related results then you can contact us because we will give you genuine Mushkilat ka hal ki dua with guaranteed. So do not be late and contact us if you want to find remedies for your Mushkilat.

Mushkilat Ka Hal Ka Wazifa

we have too many more queries of you where you want to know Mushkilat ka hal ka Wazifa that is why we are here for you. call us or mail us if you want to get Mushkilat ka hal ka Wazifa for your problem because after it if you take this service then our specialist will give you their full guidance to you whereby you can solve your whole kind of problem with us. We are providing this service in affordable price so conform to us.

Inlaws Separate Wazifa

Inlaws Separate Wazifa, The married phase is the longest part of our lives. In Islam, a girl’s life is dependent on her husband and in-laws. Every girl wants to get a happy family after marriage. But, many a times, we face troubles in our in-laws house.

Girls make so many adjustments in their lives to live as per their in-laws’ wish. On several cases, you also must have seen that in-laws discriminate between the girl and the other members of the family. Mother in law and sister in law are not in favor of the girl.

Inlaws Separate Wazifa

A girl, who leaves her entire community to get married to the person, also supports his mother, father, sister and other family members. Life thus becomes difficult for the girl.

Many times, we have seen cases where girls are sent to their parent’s home and in-laws do not take them back. Life, for such girls becomes devastating.

Society has cruel eyes for such girls who have not got place in her marital home.

If you are facing any such problems like:

Cruel in-laws

Un supportive husband
No respect in in-laws home
Torture in in-laws home
Abortion by in-laws

Inlaws Separate Wazifa

You just have to call us to get the remedies. Allah grants forgiveness to His children and blesses them with a lifelong happiness. Allah’s Dua and Barkat are for you to improve your married life.

If you wish to stay separate from your in-laws, call us to receive wazifa to get separate from in-laws. This wazifa will shower Allah’s Meher on your life and you can build your own small world with your husband and children.

A small world for you

A disturbed married life is full of sufferings. The husband is not wrong always. Your husband might be a good person, but he is not supporting you under the influence of his family members. The jealousy of your in-laws is forcing him to torture you.

Thus, you must have thought of living separately with your husband. If your in-laws are against your wish to let you and your husband live separately, you can call us for help. Moulavi Baba is here to save your life from the tortures of your in-laws.

He will give you wazifa for separate home from in laws from the sacred Quran. This wazifa has quick action on your life and will bring magical results.

Procedure to Perform the Wazifa and Get Rid of In-laws

Whenever you want to start this wazifa, you can start;

You can start the wazifa anytime in your life

Chant the wazifa after night prayers to Allah

Chant the wazifa 121 times with deep trust on the Supreme Allah
After you finish the wazifa recitation, you have to make a Dua. Pray to ALLAH Azzawajal to save you from the person who is creating troubles in your life
The wazifa has to be continued for 3 days
Insha ALLAH the wazifa will work for your in-laws. This powerful Zuban Bandi wazifa can also be performed for enemies.

Note: Never use wazifa to harm anybody. The wazifa contains noble verses of The Pak Quran. Female Fariyadi should not chant wazifa during her menses.

Tortures of mother in law

Mother in laws has a large control on a girl’s life. She can regulate her son according to her will and make you suffer. Mother in laws is jealous in nature. They cannot see their son going away from them and love any other girl.

This jealousy can lead to the devastation of your life. We have seen cases where mother in laws arrange for son’s second marriage, only to torture the first wife. She does not allow the couple to be together at night in a fear that the girl will conceive.

Even, there are cases, where mother in-laws pressurize their son’s to get the child aborted. If you are facing any such trouble, it’s time for you to call Moulavi Ji and get your wazifa to get rid of mother in law.

Inlaws Separate Wazifa

This wazifa will help you to remove your mother in law’s influence from your husband. Your husband will be under your control. You can guide your husband to move towards a better life. Together you can build your family again. You can start living together at a separate house.

No harm to the other person

Inlaws Separate Wazifa

Remember, this wazifa is not meant to harm anybody. Allah will be Meherban on you and the in-laws who are creating troubles in your life will become silent. Never pray for any negativity. Do not ask for anything that will harm them.

Allah does not want us to be revengeful. Allah wants his followers to be merciful towards everyone. You have to be happy in your life, but certainly not at the cost of someone’s pain. This strong wazifa will make your opposites realize their mistake.

They will be sent away from your life. They will no longer have control over your life. Your husband will be free from the influence of his family members and will be dedicated to you.

Live happily forever

Allah’s wazifa is to make your life easy. Your destiny will be showered with Khuda’s Meher and you will lead a happy life. You can also read wazifa, if you have been burdened by loan. Debt or Karz is the reason of agony in our lives.

If you are passing through such troubles, receive Allah’s wazifa to get rid of debt/karz. This powerful wazifa is life changing. Move your step forward to happiness and call our renowned Moulavi Sahib. Moulavi Ji has been showing his bliss to his devotees. Your life will change in no time.

Secret wazifa to change life

Inlaws Separate Wazifa

The wazifa is secret and should not be shared with anyone. Your enemies will be removed from your life naturally. They will not be aware of the wazifa been chanted for them and magically vanish from your life.

Call us know and change your fate! A happy life is waiting for you!

Muslim Tone Totke

Tone Totke is the Hindi term, which we use, in Indian language. Generally, north Indian people use this term for their astrology. It tells us about Indian astrology techniques. Here, we will tell you about Muslim Tone Totke and tell you that how to use these techniques in our life.

Islamic Vashikaran Totke is the very oldest techniques in our astrology and our ancestor use it for get to their desirable thing. They want to live peacefully life so they find a different medium there we can use some spiritual things and get result in very short time with guaranteed. Most important thing is they do work with silently, so not anybody finds the reality and you get your dream in your hands.

Therefore, Muslim Totke made for the good reason or human services but some greedy or selfish person uses these services for their bad purpose. Now this time is very bad and every person is cruel for his or her benefits. They do not care that what will happen after it they just want their benefit at any cost and they can do anything to get their benefits.

Islamic religion has all kind of tone totke in their record books where we can see any tone totke for everything as we want. Suppose, if you want to earn more money then we need to Muslim totke for wealth thus, we can use Muslim love totke for love related problems.

In this process, we do Vashikaran to our dream able thing and get it naturally without any forcing medium. Here Vashikaran means attraction so now we can understand that how to work the tone totke. If you have any dream, able thing and you want to get then contact us for our services. It gives you result with guaranteed.

Quick Result Vashikaran Mantra

Quick vashikaran mantra derived from vashikaran, which designed by our astrologers. If you are looking to get instant results then quick vashikaran mantra is best for you that will understand to you mean of vashikaran really. There are many peoples on the earth, who are wondering for their fulfillment of desire and they want to get immediate and permanent solution anyway because they want to remove their troubles of life in any way. If you have done your fulfill efforts then you can use quick vashikaran mantra because it will complete your dreams.

Quick Vashikaran Totke

If your dreams are slapping from your hands and you are unable to stop it because you do not know that what you should do now then you can take help of quick vashikaran totke. Quick vashikaran totke will immediately stop your chances and give you instant & cool results whereby you can save your life by secure way. If you feel that good zeal is disappearing in your relationship whatever might be the reason that is not problem but if it is happening then you should do something like using quick vashikaran totke whereby you can live comfortably.

Quick Result Vashikaran Mantra

If you are feeling guilty, because of you are responsible for your break up in your relationship then you can go for quick result vashikaran mantra. Under the influence of the quick result vashikaran mantra, we will try to increase more zeal between your love relationships. You can easily start our quick result vashikaran mantra for your relationship with having entire control of relationship under your influence. If you think that your partner is not under your possession then you can make it possible by our quick result vashikaran mantra.

Quick Effective Vashikaran Mantra

If you seems lack of physical zeal from your side or your partner’s side then you can boost zeal by our quick effective vashikaran mantra. If you have love with your life partner and do not want to leave in any condition then you can keep it continue by the help of quick effective vashikaran mantra. Because our service is most strong and effective, that gives always fast & favorable results. So if your relationship is at the stage of extinct and now you do not want to suffer anymore then you can get rid by quick effective vashikaran mantra.

Most Effective Vashikaran Mantra in Hindi

If you are using most effective vashikaran mantra in Hindi then you can do complete control over your relationship. When you keep bad relationship then some people do interfere in your life so if you will use most effective vashikaran mantra in Hindi then no one will dare to peep into your life. Therefore, if you want to get really this kind of service then you can use most effective vashikaran mantra in Hindi without any doubt or confusion. We are providing our most effective vashikaran mantra in Hindi language whereby you can use easily because we know that what the need of our clients after all we are doing work for you since last many couples of year.

Dua for love marriage will change automatically

Dua for love marriage will change automatically

Love marriage is the most important event in everyone’s life who got love marriage because in this day we feel that we are the luckiest person on the earth who has a true love partner in our life. Most of lovebirds decide to get love marriage because they think that they will live happy forever if they got love marriage but sometimes they get much type of difficulties and problems in love marriage. Mostly in our country because here we have different culture where our parents and relatives do not allow love marriage but you must want to do love marriage with the agreed your family members. If you have these kind of problems in your life then use, dua for love marriage service because it will supposed to your family members by natural way. Dua for love marriage will change automatically thinking of your family members whereby you will get unforgettable love marriage.

Dua for Marriage Proposal

Some of persons do not want love like to tie the knot their love because they did not get best marriage proposal. We want a best and ideal life partner in our life and if we did not get the ideal match in our life then we become upset because we think that we are not able to get marriage. If you want to need a good marriage proposal then contact us and take dua for marriage proposal service because it will give you more options to choose your best marriage proposal. If you have any ideal image in your mind for your life, partner and now you want to get as if your image then dua for marriage proposal service will also help of you.

Dua for Early Marriage

In our culture, if we have any girl in our family then we want to do her marriage as soon as possible because we want to do early marriage of her. Most of parents are worried about her daughter because if they are not succeed to get early marriage of her then they will face many problems. Therefore, every parents want to do her daughter marriage at right time but unfortunately sometimes would be impossible to do early marriage because of some personal problems. Now we want to say thanks because we have dua for early marriage so if you have this kind of problem then use dua for early marriage and solve your problem.

Istikhara Dua for Marriage

Istikhara dua for marriage service will give you best marriage collaborates for your married life whereby your life will become heaven. Istikhara dua for marriage service is the best service if you are unable to find your life partner then does not need to do worry because it will handle on their basis.

How to Make Dua for Marriage

Some persons ask to us that how to make dua for marriage because they need this service for their marriage problem purpose. If you want to know that how to make dua for marriage then you are at great place because here we will provide to you best way to learn about this service.

Wazifa To Separate Someone

Wazifa To Separate Someone or to separate two lovers can be use to separate two person. If you want wazifa to separate husband and wife then ask to our Islamic expert.

Wazifa To Separate Someone

Our Wazifa to separate someone from illicit relationships and impending dangers becomes necessary. You can again make him pious and dedicated to you.

As Such, Consider These Wazifa;

At first, take some sand from an old grave. Keep it in a bowl. Then recite Surah Fil for 21 times. In the end, take that person and his mother’s names. Next, divide the sand into equal halves. Later, throw it in their houses. You can also keep it near their door. However, ensure that they are standing near their doors o next to their houses. Do this 1-day wazifa carefully.
Again, take a bird’s feather, some wood ash, and a personal item of the person you want to separate from. Now, wrap them in a green cloth. Hold it in your right hand. Then, recite a suitable dua for 43 times. Next, hold it in your right hand and flow it in running water. Within a few days you will get positive results.
Furthermore, take a photo of the person. Then, recite DuroodShareef for 11 times. Also, recite Surah Lahab for 19 times. Do 11 times DuroodShareef Then, blow it on the picture. In its absence, you can imagine the person’s face. Do this continuously for 21 days.
After your daily prayers, recite DuroodShareef Then read a suitable dua. Again, read DuroodShareef thrice. At last make a dua to Allah for separation.
Therefore, you can certainly use a wazifa to separate someone.

Wazifa To Separate Two Lovers

Wazifa To Separate Two Lovers, Sometimes you require a wazifa to separate two lovers. It can get rid of unwanted problems. Moreover, it works effectively within a short time.

In This Regard, Learn These Wazifa;

After a fresh ablution sits in a quiet room. Now, read Surah Fatiha for 11 times. Then, do Surah Ibrahimi for three times. After that, you need to do yawududu for 101 times. In the end re-read Surah Fatiha and DuroodIbrahimi. Now make a dua to separate two lovers. All the while concentrating on your purpose. However, you should have clear and noble intentions.

Again, read an appropriate dua for 1100 times. Do it in a silent room. Now, on a white paper, write the person’s name. Also, write DuroodShareefand the dua on it. If possible, cry and let your tears fall on it. Later, bury it somewhere out of reach of people. Also, plant something over it.
Another effective wazifa is Durood-e-Pak. Read it along with a suitable dua. You should also offer 5-times obligatory prayers. Also, recite DuroodShareef before and end of this wazifa. It is a powerful remedy to break up with someone. Hence, you should not misuse it with evil intention.
Recite 11 times DuroodShareef before your Fajr Now, recite Surah Lahab for 19 times. Close your wazifa with 11 times DuroodShareef. Finally, blow it on the person. Do it continuously for 21 days.

Thus, you can succeed with wazifa to separate two lovers.

Wazifa To Separate Two Persons

Wazifa to separate two persons will effectively solve your problems. It will rebuild trust and faith. Moreover, it is entirely safe and convincing to use.

In This Respect, Try These Wazifa;

At midnight perform fresh ablution. Now, sit in a quiet room. At first, perform Tahajjud Then, concentrate on your intent and read Surah Ikhlas. You should also do 5-times prayers regularly. Again, follow Quranic commandments sincerely. It will break up a relation.
Again, take a bird’s feather, wooden ash, and one personal belonging of the person. Now, bundle them up in a green cloth. Hold it in your right hand. Then, make a suitable dua to Allah for 43 times. Finally, throw it in any water body. You will get good news within a couple of days.
You can also use the persons’ photo. Recite DuroodShareef for 11 times and Surah Lahab for 19 times. Then, blow on it. However, if you don’t have the picture, you can imagine their faces. Do this wazifa continuously for 21 days. Allah will surely answer your prayers
Again, read a suitable dua for 1100 times. Then, write the names of the persons and their mothers on a white paper. Also, write DuroodShareef and the dua along with the names. Try to cry so that tears fall on the paper. Afterward, bury it secretly and plant something over it.
Thus, you can successfully break a relationship with a wazifa to separate two persons.

Wazifa To Separate Husband And Wife

Wazifa to separate husband and wife often becomes necessary. It is mighty and useful. Hence, you should use it mindfully.

As Such, Apply These Wazifas;

Begin and end this wazifa with seven times Durood-e-Pak. Now, read a suitable dua for 700 times. Then, offer your prayers to Allah. Ensure that your intentions are clear and genuine. However, do fresh wudu before beginning this wazifa. Also, you should do it alone in a quiet place. Within a week you will get definite results.

Again, start with 11 times Surah Fatiha. Then, recite DuroodIbrahimi for three times. Next, chant yawududu for 101 times. In the end, re-read Surah Fatiha and DuroodIbrahimi. Finally, make a dua to Allah. Explain your purpose honestly. Allah will grant your request.
Do your daily 5-times prayers. After that, read DuroodShareef for3 times. Then, make an appropriate dua of separation. Pray to Allah for breaking the relationship. Close the wazifa with three times DuroodShareef. You will get good news once you perform it.
At first, recite DuroodShareeffor 11 times. Also, recite Surah Lahab for 19 times. Conclude with 11 times After that blow on the person’s photo. You can even imagine his face if photo is not available. Do this continuously for 21 days. Allah will surely bless you within three weeks. However, do not have evil intentions.

Thus, you can successfully use wazifa to separate husband and wife.