Which Wazifa Use For Safe Normal Delivery

There are very few experiences in this world that can match that of motherhood. When a woman becomes a mother, she becomes a whole new person, and the first child also means that there is a new family to take care of.

Wazifa For Safe Normal Delivery

Nothing is as important as ensuring the safety and health of the child, and with wazifa for safe normal delivery, you will have Allah’s blessings, and your child will be born healthy.

When the time for delivery is near, the mother has to go through a lot of tensions and worries. Bringing the child safely into the world is of primary importance, and this wazifa will help with that.

Start the wazifa one month before the time of delivery
First, make ablution and wear clean clothes.
Then, on a clean white paper, write a prayer for your child. You can also ask a maulvi to give you’re a suitable prayer.
Next, put the paper inside an amulet
Then, tie the amulet with a string to the left thigh of the would-be mother
At the time of delivery, the child will be born safely.
After the baby is born, dispose of the amulet in clean, flowing water like a river, or you can bury it at the root of some plant.

With this wazifa, your baby will be protected from the evil eye and all kinds of diseases by the grace of Allah.

Wazifa For Easy Delivery

Wazifa For Easy Delivery, The process of childbirth can be very exciting and special, but during that moment, it can also be very painful for the mother. Mothers can spend hours in labor, and this can often result in excruciating pain. For an easy delivery, here is a wazifa a woman can try:

Perform fresh ablution and wear clean clothes
Procure some jaggery and keep it in front of you
Then, recite a suitable dua to pray for your child’s safety and your health
Next, recite the dua for 21 times
Then, blow on the jaggery and eat it
It would help if you did this for a month before the delivery, and you will have a safe childbirth.

There is another Dua which you can try, and you can keep repeating them from time to time.

Make sure you read your five times daily namaz
Then, after a bath and ablution, recite this Dua:
Allahumma lake Alhadu was laka shukru
Then, make your supplication to Allah
After that, recite this dua:
Rabba habit min ladunka nuraitan tayyabatan innaka same Aadduaee
You can also read the following Surahs on alternate days:
1st Surah Luqman will help in baby’s brain development
2nd Surah Yusuf will improve his health
3rd Surah Mariam will ease labor and help in safe delivery
The woman can also read the Astaghfar as many times a day as possible, and it will assist is normal and safe delivery.

Surah Mutaffifin For Normal Delivery

Surah Mutaffifin For Normal Delivery, For a child’s birth, a normal delivery is considered to be the best. Although medical science has made a lot of progress, and many women go for C-sections when the delivery is complicated, with Allah’s blessings, a woman can have a safe and normal delivery.

You can try to say this dua for a normal and painless delivery:
Rabba la tazarnee fazdan want khabru alwarisheena
You can also read the following dua for normal delivery as well as Allah’s blessings on your child.
Al Mubdiyo and Al Khaliqo.
Say this dua by placing your hands on your stomach. Then say Allah’s name as many times as possible.
You can also recite the following Surah:

First, start by reciting:

Allahumma I Nnee Aaas Alu Ka Bim Aa sa Ala ka Bihee Zaka riy yaa rabbi laa ta Dar neee
Start reciting this dua as soon as you come to know of your pregnancy and recite it each day for the entire nine months.
Before reciting the dua each day, do not forget to perform ablution
Read the Quran during this period as much as possible
You can also try this for a safe and normal delivery:

First, take a proper shower

Then, take a fresh and clean paper
After that, write the Surah on it:
Far Daw wwant a khay rul war itheen Allaa humma
Then, recite the Surah with devotion
Next, read the last page of the Quran and keep faith in Allah
Surah Inshiqaq Ayat For Healthy Delivery
Surah Inshiqaq Ayat For Healthy Delivery, With the Surah inshiqaq, you can ensure that your baby will be fit and fine, and you will also stay healthy and safe during delivery. After that, your family will be filled with joy.

Make sure that you also take care of yourself at this time, and the mother should not take unnecessary risks, which can harm the baby during this period.

At first, clean the whole house properly

Then, memorize the following Dua so that you can recite it daily, leading up to the days of the delivery.
Haab lee mi lladu nna duuri yyatan tyay ibah inn aka sa mee
You can also try this method for a safe delivery:

At first, make sure you clean the house properly
Then, take a fresh bath and do ablution
Next, read the Fazr namaz
Then, after consulting a maulvi, recite a suitable ayat for salamati or the wellbeing of the child and the mother
Visit the dargah from time to time.
Then, in the last few months leading to the delivery, read the Surah Al Inshiqaaq.
This will greatly help with a safe delivery. Apart from reading the wazifa, it is also important that the family members spend time with the mother and keep her happy.

If the mother is in a happy state of mind, then most of the problems are resolved automatically, and the wazifa for safe normal delivery will only make the rest of the process easier.

What Surah Is For Safety And Protection

What Surah Is For Safety And Protection

As we know, safety and protection are the first concerns of all. So there is a big question in front of us that why do we need Wazifa for safety and protection?

Humans need society for their development. To fulfill this need, the family emerged as the first unit of society. Every person should have an environment of economic, physical, mental security for proper development. It is necessary. While living in the family, the distribution of work of family members becomes easy.

Wazifa For Safety And Protection

The future of human beings and health care to the future generation is also secure in a safe environment. But it is equally true that there are many such harmful elements in this society, which can also harm our family and us. That is why we feel the need for protection and safety.

Today we are going to talk about Wazifa for safety and protection in this article. By using this Wazifa, you will be able to protect your home, your family members, and yourself as well.

Wazifa for safety and protection are quite a powerful Islamic practices. For this, you have to recite the following dua at least 22 times before going to bed every day.

“ya Muq-lib Al-Q’l-bi Sa-bek-e Al-Qaq-luq al-di-ni-ka Rah-num”.

By reciting the Dua given above, we pray to Allah that we win the devil (Shaitan).

And Allah can give us just a way to eliminate that devil. May Allah help us in this. Give us security and shelter.
For this, we accept the creation of Allah and take a path. By doing this, the devil is cast out, and Allah provides very strong protection.

Wazifa For Protection of Family Members

Wazifa For Protection of Family Members, You work so hard in your life to meet the needs of your family members. Your main objective is to provide them security. So never create guilt about your work. If you create guilt about your work, then you are not giving the right effort to our work.

If you create a distress feeling for your job, then you are not giving the right energy to your job. One should never bring guilt about not being able to do the security of the family members. This is why, when you are concerned, you want to have something that protects your family. Wazifa, for the protection of family members, is the right solution for all your concern. Before reading this Wazifa for protection of family members, we have to make the following preparations:-

At first, make a fresh vaju then recite Sura-e-Nuh of the Quran. You should do this Wazifa on Friday after the prayers of Jumma.
After this, the Muslim brothers pledge to follow the path of truth. Raise your hand and pray to Allah for the integrity and safety of your family.
After praying for protecting the entire family from evil eyes, recite the Dua given below for 22 times: –
Naj-Reen Q’u-Ad- Aa-Sin Asha-Faq-Ul-Lah Nure Naj-Min In-shaah Allah.”
Allah offers the Qur’an for prayer -I will accept the Dua (Tarjuma-Kanjul Iman) when someone calls me. Therefore, when you call Allah by reciting the above Dua, he listens to you. Through this Wazifa you entrust Allah with the responsibility of protecting your family.

Wazifa For Protection of House

Wazifa For Protection of House, We must also protect our house. Many times it happens that you are sleeping and your household things get stolen. Some people are jealous of your progress too. In this jealousy, they do black magic on your house. As a result, many evil powers surround the house.

If you want to keep your house safe, then pray to Allah. A Wazifa for protection of the house in this is going to be very useful for you. It is also very important for a person to be truly safe at home. To keep your house safe, you need to recite the Wazifa for protection of the house. Whatever black powers you have in your house, they will go away forever after reading this Wazifa.

You should pray to Allah to destroy the effects of black magic. You’re your house.
Remember, you have to correct yourself before working for the Wazifa mentioned. That is to clean your mind.
For this, take a bead made of turmeric and sit on a green cloth at night facing west. Start reciting this stipend, “Allah Ra-su-le-ta-la Bis-mil-lah Rahim.” Recite it 100 times.
After reciting for 21 consecutive days, you will automatically see that your house environment has become very positive.
These stipends are very effective for home security.
Now the question arises, how do you know that someone has done magic at your house? If you want to test it, then you pay attention.

Fights will start in your house over small things. Also, there will be illness in the house.
The happiness and peace of your family members will be lost somewhere.
But reading this Wazifa, your house will be free from any black magic.
This Wazifa will also ruin the peace of that person who has done black magic.

Wazifa For Protection of Child

Wazifa For Protection of Child, Parents are always vigilant about their children. They are worried all the time that nothing should happen so that their Child has to face the problem. But the responsibility of parents does not end here either. Along with taking care of the safety of the Child, it is also their responsibility that their Child does not fall into any bad company. Apart from this, parents must keep their children from evil powers. If anyone do black magic on you and you want to protect from it then use our Islamic Wazaif for Black Magic.

In such a situation, it is very important to tell the Child how to stay safe. Also, parents should take special care of some things so that Children should not face any problem. Wazifa for the protection of Children is one of the ways to keep children safe. With the help of this Wazifa, parents can save their children from all the bad things.

Let us know how to try this ‘Wazifa for protection of child.’

It would be best if you started reciting Darude-Ibrahim. Do this lesson both in the morning and in the evening.
You need to read it continuously for 11 days. You can also do it for a few more days.
You will need to read 11 times each day. After reciting 11 times, now recites “Aa-ju- waj tul na-din asi-me-tul-lah wa-je-din” 11 times.
The appropriate Wazifa will ensure that any work done honestly shows you the right path. With this Wazifa, your Child will be protected from all evil eyes.
As long as you remain spiritual, you can protect yourself from the displeasure of Allah. Just focus on doing your work. Therefore, you should be ready to win with a good heart, whether it is an enemy or a difficult situation. Allah will surely help you. Amen.

Which Wazifa Use For Quick Marriage Proposal

Everyone dreams of having a family of their own someday, and everyone desires to get a good marriage proposal. The person you are going to spend the rest of your life with has to be indeed special.

However, it is not always easy to come by a marriage proposal these days, which will suit what you have been looking for all this while. Doing wazifa for a quick marriage proposal will help you get a good proposal that will match with your sensibilities.

Wazifa For Quick Marriage Proposal

A good wazifa for getting the perfect marriage proposal can have very successful results if you follow all the instructions properly. The following wazifa can be done by both boys and girls. Make sure you do your five-time namaz. You should do this wazifa after the twilight or sunset prayers.

First, choose a peaceful and quiet spot and spread out your prayer rug.
Perform ablution and come and sit on the rug.
Recite Ya Aliyyu for 2970 times.
Then, pray to Allah so that you can get a good marriage proposal quickly.

Do this for 40 consecutive days. However, since women cannot do this wazifa during the menstrual cycle, they can add on the days later.
You will soon see the results and get a marriage proposal very quickly.
Even if you get married before the 40 days are complete, make sure you complete the 40 days wife to make your marriage a happy and long-lasting one.

Which Wazifa Use For Marriage Proposal Acceptance?

Wazifa For Marriage Proposal Acceptance, There might be cases when you have sent a proposal to the match you like, but there is a delay in the acceptance of the proposal.

This wazifa will help in the quick acceptance of your proposal and will help you get married to your desired partner. You can see the results in as less a time as three weeks.

There is a wazifa for the best results with a marriage proposal.

First, perform Wuzu.
Then after each morning namaz, recite the following Dua:
“Allahu Rabbi-la Shareeka-Lah.” Recite this for 72 times exactly.
You should do this for three weeks without stopping.
You can try another wazifa to quicken your chances of receiving and accepting marriage proposals.

First, perform ablution and wear clean garments.

Next, recite the Asr Salaah, and soon after, then repeat Allah’s name 500 times without stopping.
Then, perform Isha prayer as usual and read the Surah Ikhlas 41 times soon after.
Pray to Allah for the quick acceptance of the marriage proposal and make supplication with all your heart.
Then, do not talk to anyone. Go to bed and fall asleep.
You should do this for 90 days consecutively without skipping any day. You will soon see good results after that.

This wazifa will convince the person you want to marry to accept your proposal and marry you.

Find a quiet and peaceful room in the house.
Wear clean clothes after performing Wuzu.
Light some incense sticks or candles in the room.
Then, read the Allahus Samad with complete concentration.
Read this for 1100 times without stopping.
Finally, seek Allah’s blessings for a happy marriage.
Which Wazifa Use For Getting A Good Marriage Proposal?

Wazifa For Getting A Good Marriage Proposal, Getting a good marriage proposal is like a dream come true, and there is nothing wrong in praying to Allah for a good match. Try this wazifa for getting a good match.

First, perform ablution.
Then, take a glass of water and place it in front of you.
Then, perform the Isha prayer.
Next, recite the name All- Ahussamad for 1100 times without stopping.
Then blow in the glass of water and drink the full glass.
Then read the following prayer:
“Ye Amal-Rishte ke husool ke-liey mujarrab hai
After that, recite the Surah Al Fatiha for 99 times with devotion and faith.
Finally, seek Allah’s blessings for the best possible proposal.
You can also try the following wazifa for getting the desired match:

First, perform Wuzu and wear clean garments.
Then, read your Isha prayers.
Next, Durood Shareef three times.
Then, read the Surah Rahman for three times consecutively.
After that, again, read the Durood Shareef three times.
While praying, all the while, think of getting a pious and good spouse.
Finally, pray to Allah and seek his blessings for a happy marriage with a good spouse.
To get the desired kind of proposal for marriage, you can try this wazifa as well:

This wazifa can be performed at any time and any day.
Take a good shower, perform ablution and wear fresh clothes.
Then, put some Kohl in your eyes.
Then, recite the Surah Fatiha 21 times without stopping.
Blow in your hand and spread the breath over your kohl in the eyes.
Finally, pray to Allah to grant your wish of being able to marry a suitable partner like your heart desires. Do this with piousness, and your prayers will soon be answered.

Which Wazifa Use For Own Choice Love Marriage Proposal?

Wazifa For Own Choice Love Marriage Proposal, If you love someone with all your heart, then it is only natural that you both will want to marry and spend your days together. This wazifa will help you get a proposal from the person you love.

First, perform ablution and wear clean clothes.
Then make your bed neatly.
Before going to bed, recite the Ya Wajudu. Repeat this for 1414 times.
Then, pray to Allah fervently to grant you his blessings and help you get a proposal from the one you love.
Think of the person you love while you go to bed.
Do this for 21 days, and you are bound to notice great results.
There is another wazifa which you can try for the desired proposal. This is a very simple step, but if done with devotion, it will yield very good results.

Start every morning with a fresh shower.
Then seek Allah’s blessing every day to grant your wish.
Every first lunar of Thursday, take a personal spiritual path.
Then, sit on your prayer rug in a quiet corner of the room.
Then, simply read the Durood Shareef for 11 times before going to bed.
This procedure might take a little longer, but eventually, you will get the proposal that you desire.
With the wazifa for quick marriage proposal, you will eventually be able to settle down with the partner you want.

Effective Wazifa For Marriage Problem Solution

Effective Wazifa For Marriage Problem Solution

Effective Wazifa For Marriage Problems or for protecting my marriage can be use for happy married life. Use our wazifa for husband wife good relationship. Is there any relationship in which there are no misunderstandings and hurdles? Times always test the foundation of marriage, and couples need to emerge victorious despite all odds.

Effective Wazifa For Marriage Problems

But sometimes, the situations are so worse that they bring an end to your relationship. Effective Wazifa for marriage problems indicates hope from Allaha Miyan to bring out from the ocean of issues. You are a member of his dynasty, and he takes care of everyone who believes in him, Inshaa Allah!

Effective Wazifa for marriage problems can work only if retreat complete faith and trust in this wazifa and perform it correctly. If there is any odd, you can also take the help of Molvi Saab to guide you. With his Islamic expertise and your strong belief to clear all the distress between you and your partner. This wazifa will indeed show the best results. Allah Tallah will show his miracle, and all your fights or arguments would stop immediately, Ameen!

How to perform effective wazifa for marriage problems?

Take a fresh ablution before starting up.
Repeat Duroor E Shareef 3 times.

Now take seven red roses and perform Ayat Al Kursi 101 times. After this, with a pure heart, pray to God for his blessing and blow your breath on them.
Make efforts so that your partner should smell those pretty roses.

If you dedicatedly follow this wonderful ritual for 11 days, surely all your problems would fade away.

Wazifa For Protecting My Marriage

Wazifa For Protecting My Marriage, With changing times, the tolerance level in both men and women is reducing. Earlier, other’s happiness use to be of utmost importance, which is now all about self-love. People today do not want to make adjustments and understand the vibe of real relations. To solve marriage issues we will provide you Islamic Duas for Marriage.

Marriages lead to a bad turn due to multiple reasons like stress, lifestyle, third person, and many others. But Islamic astrologers have a solution for everything. They can offer wazifa for protecting my marriage that helps in waiving off the distress in your relationship.

Visiting the Moulvi Ji also helps fix the problems to enjoy the blissful relation for the entire life. The best thing is they keep the details of their customers secretive and take utmost care of privacy. By practicing the wazifa for protecting my marriage, you can deal with the heartbreaks. And solve any hindrance disturbing the sanity of your marriage!

How to perform wazifa for protecting my marriage?

This wazifa will surely take away all the difficulties and problems from your life by strengthening the bond. Steps to perform it are as follows:

Take a midnight shower and then start performing a Wuzu in the silent room. After this, perform Tahajjud for once. Now speak Subhan Allaha for 33 times, Allaha Hu Akbar for 33 times and Alhamdulilah again for 33 times.
After fresh wudu, wear clean clothes and take a mat, and do Zohar. Now take a bowl filled with fragrant flowers and also prepare the favorite sweet dish of your spouse. Perform Ayat by Surah Ahzab 40 times and allow your spouse to take the smell of those flowers and have sweets. Keep repeating this process constantly for the next seven days.
The next step is to recite Surah Yasin again seven times and blow it over the seven almonds. After this, keep those almonds on paper and make some sweet dishes with them. Please give it to your husband daily and see the magic!
On the mornings of Wednesday, do Fazr prayers and then recite Durood E Sharif 11 times. Now repeat a suitable verse at least 100 times. End it by reciting DuroodShareef 11 times. Lastly, make a wafiza with a true heart.
Insha Allah, all your problems will end soon!

Wazifa For Happy Married Life

Wazifa For Happy Married Life, Marriage is a beautiful dream that every couple wants to cherish for their whole life! Developing an emotional and spiritual connection is the stepping stone for a good marriage. But sometimes, there can be a strain in marriages that could hamper the beautiful path with hurdles and conflicts.

However, with the grace and divine guidance of Maulvi Saab Ji, you can get an effective Quranic solution without intervening in your secrecy at all!

Wazifa for happy married life is an excellent solution if:

There is a lack of trust in relation
Cheating of spouse
The sexual urge of spouse for another partner
Devilish or negative energy in the home
How to perform wazifa for happy married life?

Take a fresh bath and wear clean clothes.

Keep a piece of sweet near and you and recite, “Lqad Jaakummm Rasoolunn Minn anfusikumm Aaazeezunnn Aalayhiii maa aanittumm hareesunn aalayakummm bialmuuu/mineenaa raoofunnn raheemunn.”

Repeat it 30 times.

Perform DAROOD 100 times and then cut half of the sweet and give it to your husband and eat the remaining half.
Insha Allaha, you will soon see the positive results!

Wazifa For Husband Wife Good Relationship

Wazifa For Husband Wife Good Relationship, can be a powerful technique to impart the most valuable bond of a lifetime. Every marital relation lies in trust and love. But sometimes, there can be detachment trying to partition you with your loved ones.

But the powerful wazifa for husband wife good relationship performed by Molvi Ji can depict some of the best results. Their Islamic expertise and thorough knowledge of its power can show miracles.

How to perform wazifa for husband wife good relationship?

Here is the most effective and helpful wazifa that could bring back love into your marriage:

The wazifa is, “Iilaahii kausarr sallahaaa waalii muhammadd allahaa wallaha.”

To start with the wazifa, choose the most serene and quiet corner of your home.
Now keep the photo of your husband in front of you and light up a diya before that.
Recite the wazifa mentioned above 121 times every day with a true heart.
Keep doing this process for at least 90 days till you get the results.
You can witness the difference for yourself as the fight in married life will vanish forever. And you will enjoy every day with fun and romance. The effective wazifa for marriage problems can be the best solution to eliminate all the negative energies around you and lit up the life with togetherness and blissful love, Ameen!

Wazifa To Control Husband Anger

Wazifa To Control Husband Anger

Wazifa To Control Husband Anger or for abusive husband can be use for bad husband. We will provide you wazifa for rude husband. Peace in a family can only be maintained when everyone maintains their calm. When your husband is aggressive, then your relationship with him is at stake. There is a high probability of your separation from him any time soon.

Then there will be zero value left out in your married life. Your husband’s anger will turn into rage, and you will start hating him. Divorce will be the ultimate result of his aggressive nature. As a protector of your family, it’s your responsibility to protect the family from fragmenting. You have to pray to Allah to save the family from disputes and unended happiness.

Wazifa To Control Husband Anger

If your husband is abusive to the outside world, then it must be embarrassing for you. It will be hard for you and your children to face your neighbors then. Keep Faith in the lord and start praying to him. The wazifa for an abusive husband can veil your husband’s abusive nature to the outside world.

Secondly, if you live with a husband whose character is hard to live with, then the wazifa for bad husband is the true savior. It will help you by completely turning your husband’s character for good. He will start decently behaving with you and your relatives and will trust you even more than himself.

Thirdly, the wazifa for a rude husband will make your husband polite. He will soon sweetly behave with you and will leave no scope for making you feel special. You can always witness a smile on his face after applying the wazifa as this wazifa is truly magical.

Wazifa For Abusive Husband

Wazifa For Abusive Husband, Abusing someone is not a desirable habit. Many people also curse those who abuse them. In case you have an abusive husband, then, of course, there’s a sign of worry for you. You would never want your husband getting cursed by others. For his own sake, if not for the family, you have to protect him and make him respectable. Otherwise, he will leave a bad impression on the outside world.

The wazifa for an abusive husband can guide you for transforming him to inherit some desirable traits. Though it’s very simple to use, you still have to be very careful while doing the wazifa as you can’t afford a mistake. Begin the wazifa for abusive husband in the following way:

After you end the Maghreb evening namaz, do a ruku to the lord along with it recite:
fi akdam alrib. In this way, you are showing your gratefulness to God.

Then pour a few drops of water in your palm and recite:

wa’ana ‘aelam ‘ana ‘iisa’ait astikhdam shakhs satin walakun eindama aintihakat zawjak thuma ‘asheur bialharaj ya Allah yusaeiduni fi altaghalub hadha al janib Muslim min zujiin

Perform this ayat ten times, and soon you witness the drastic change in your husband. And he will soon start acting with others decently. He will maintain a respectable language while conversing with you. From his mouth, he will never listen to any slang. Your days to feel embarrassed are soon be over, and now you will proudly introduce your husband to the world.

Wazifa For Bad Husband

Wazifa For Bad Husband, A bad person can be labeled as those who have a shady character or disrespect others. Similarly, he must be engaged in activities like thievery. If your husband possesses any of these qualities, then he will be categorized as a bad person. Don’t worry if you have a bad husband, as you can correct him.

Everyone deserves a second chance. And the wazifa for bad husband can give your husband a second chance to rectify himself. All his bad characteristics will fade away. And you will meet a completely new person in him. If it already sounds impossible, then before trusting, you can use the wazifa for bad husband.

Choose a Tuesday to begin the wazifa.

After the fair namaz of the Tuesday morning, do an ayat :

la ‘ahad yurid shakhs sayi’ fi hayatah walakun ‘iidha kan ladayhim wahida thuma hum al’akir musifana mithai alraja’ musaeadati fi altakhalus Minh.
Follow this wazifa for bad husband five times in seven days. After a week, you will realize the drastic change in your husband.
If your husband is cheating on you, then you must practice an additional surah. Do this surah eight times a day.

zawj alghushi ghyr marghub fih liljamie faqat faqat hasalt ealaa muajahat album ana min bayn ‘uwlayik almuasifin Aladdin yuan Ji hoon haha alraja’ mustered at fi altaghalub al alaa ha

This surah helps you to convert his cheating character into purity. Islam believes in the recorrection of the soul. Through this wazifa, Allah is blessing your hubby to turn himself into a nice person.

Wazifa For Rude Husband

Wazifa For Rude Husband, Nobody likes a rude person. If your husband turns out to be rude, then it becomes a do or dies situation. There is no way left for you to make him polite. Here’s an easy wazifa that will assist you in your goal.

No matter who will see a widespread smile on your husband’s face after this. He will approach others in a soft tone and always be the first to initiate a conversation. If you want to get back your husband at home then use Wazifa For Husband To Come Back Home.

It would help if you initiated the wazifa for rude husband in the following way:

Make an ablution before starting the fair namaz.
Try to do it in warm water if possible.
Then recite surah e shah for hundred times. Maintain your cleanliness and sit in such a room so that there is no interruption from outside.
Following that recite this:

eazizi alrab aietaqadat dayimaan fik haditih almarat ‘aydaan AI taerif faqat yumkinuk musaeadatay yumkinuk faqat ‘an tazhar li daw’ hadhih almara ant ‘aqwaa fi ha ha alkawn bi’akmalih wayumkin ‘ana yarshudana faqat ‘iilaa almasar al sahih alraja’ musaeadati fi tahwil shakhsiat zujiin tahwil kl wuqueih ‘iilaa altawadue yrja jaeal alshakhs al’aktha r andhana fi alealam hataa ‘an ‘asheur bialfakhr ealayh
Perform this wazifa for rude husband five times without any wrong pronunciation.

As soon as you end the wazifa, blow them off with a sweet dish and ask your husband to drink it. Don’t make him aware of the reason for eating the sweet dish.
After ten days, you can see the result yourself. Your husband will be the humblest person you would ever know. Thus, with the wazifa to control husband anger, your husband will learn to control his temper.

Wazifa For Love Problem Solution

Wazifa For Love Problem or to get back lost love in 3 days can be use for love marriage problem solution. Solve your problems like i love him i want a dua to get him back.

Which Wazifa Use For Love Problem?

Wazifa for Love Problem solution is very powerful for the solution of husband-wife disputes and other love related problems. Do you feel that the love factor is missing in your relationship? Are you facing ignorance from your partner? Are you facing Love-related problems?

Wazifa For Love Problem

Would you like to know a Powerful Wafiza for Love Problem? If yes, then this mantra, which we’re going to disclose in the latter part of this article, will prove very useful for you. It is going to solve all your love problems in one go.

What Is The Use of Reciting These Duas-Wazifa-Amal-Totke?

This Dua not only gives amal, but it helps in strengthening your love bond. A relationship without love is nothing but an agreement to be together for the sake of your family’s happiness. Such a relationship never turns into a successful one, and gives pain throughout your life. Therefore, it is essential to revive the love quotient to make your marital life much more happening.

Wazifa for Love Problem solution is a tried and tested phenomenon by a large number of couples. They were earlier facing a hard time with their respective partners, but after Reading this Dua, their life took a smooth turn.

If you’re having a lot of disputes between you, or you quarrel over trivial matters, we would suggest you to read this Wazifa for Love Problem. By Reading this Dua, you will see your problems fading away, and your partner will start showing affection towards you. This works like magic and mends your love bond, gluing you both together for eternity.

The latter part of this article has solutions for all your love problems like Dua to get him back, Wazifa to get back lost love in 3 days, and Wazifa for Love Marriage Problem Solution.

I Love Him I Want A Dua To Get Him Back

I Love Him I Want A Dua To Get Him Back, Do you love him and want to bring him back into your life? If you’ve lost love, then you can recite a powerful dua to make him love you the way he used to do a few days/months/years back.

We often get questions like “I love him, and please suggest me a Dua so that I can get him back in my life.” If some of you think that it’s impossible to make someone love you, then you’re wrong. This Dua is everything for those women who want to get their ex-partner back into their lives.

What is the most effective Dua to get him back?

You need to keep yourself calm and believe in the powers of Allah and this magical Dua. If you’re coping with a breakup, but cannot learn to live without your ex-partner, then this Dua will bring him back into your life.

You are no more crying and struggling with mental stress, as you have a magical solution for all your problems.

Recite this Dua to get him back into your life, for instant results.

Make a fresh ablution.
Read Surah 101, Surah Al Qariyah for seven times.
After that, you have to blow three times on your lover’s photo.
Now you have to pray to the Almighty Allah regarding your wish.
Females are not allowed to perform this wazifa during periods.

Wazifa To Get Back Lost Love In 3 Days

Wazifa To Get Back Lost Love In 3 Days, Do you want to know Wazifa to get back lost love in 3 days? Yes, this is very much possible, so cheer up and prepare yourselves to be with your lost love within three days. We are going to provide you with an effective Wazifa, which would bring you and your lost love closer to each other.

We believe that Lost Love situations are indeed very critical, and it’s tough to stay away from someone who has your heart. It’s like living without your heart. You are just alive for the world but dead from inside.

Do You Want To Know Wazifa To Get Back Lost Love In 3 Days?

There’s no need to worry anymore because you have clicked to the right link, where all your problems will be resolved in one go. You will be able to regain your lost love and give your relationship a new beginning.

Today, I am going to unveil before you a very powerful Wazifa to get your lost love back in a matter of 3 days. The best part about this Wazifa is that if you genuinely love someone, then nobody can stop you from getting back with him/her.

We have suggested this Wazifa to a lot of people, and now they’re happily married or re-united with their lost lovers.

Recite This Wazifa To Get Back Your Lost Love In 3 Days

Recite below-mentioned ayat for fifteen times with Surah Fatiha. After that, you have to blow on any sweet and make that person eat this sweet. Insha Allah, you will get your lost love back in your life in just three days.

“subhanaakkaa laaaa ilaaaha illa antaaa ya rabba kulllli shay‘in wawaaarithahuyaa ilaha alll-alihaaati alrrafiiiu jalaluhu ya allahu almahmuduuu fyyy kulli fialihiii

Wazifa For Love Marriage Problem Solution

Wazifa For Love Marriage Problem Solution, Are you struggling to marry the person whom you love? Are your parents forcing you to marry someone else? Do you want to know the most effective Wazifa for love marriage problem solution?

If you have these questions in mind, then you have come the right way. We are here to unveil the most powerful Dua, which will solve all your problems.

Firstly, let us tell you that you are a lucky person if you’ve found you. But a marriage cannot be successful until and unless it has the blessings of your elders and Allah.

Tried And Tested By Many- Wazifa For Love Marriage Problem Solution

If you genuinely love someone and see a blissful future with that person, we will help you in all possible ways.

This Wazifa for love marriage has helped many of our clients, and now they’re happily married to the love of their life despite the hurdles and objections they had to face from the society.

This Wazifa-Dua-Amal will convince your parents to accept the girl/boy you wish to marry. This way you will be able to seek the blessings of your parents and

Recite this Wazifa for Love Marriage Problem Solution

“ALLAHUMMA ya jami’unnasi li-yawmil la raiba fi innallaha la yukhliful mi’aad. Ijma bayni wa bayna kaza.”

Wazifa To Win Lotto

Wazifa To Win Lotto or for success in lottery numbers can be use to win lucky draw. We will Provide you Islamic taweez for winning lottery.

Do you have the fascinations to play lotto? It is a great way to earn some good money within a short time. We all need money in our lives. It is difficult to make as much money as we want in this competitive world.

Winning lotteries can get you quick cash in a small period. But you look need good luck with this. In other words, when the success is in your favor, you can attempt at big games and make a significant amount of money.

Wazifa To Win Lotto

Know the powerful wazifa to win the lotto and receive Allah Talah’s blessings. Allah will bless you and guide you with the right intuition. Thus, this will help you to choose the correct number and time and end up winning the lotto.

You can win the lottery with Islamic wazifa. You have to perform the wazifa with the right dedication and sincerity. Especially, complete faith and surrender to the superpower Allah ruling us is the key to success.

Winning money from lotteries can be a good source of income for all of those who think that their income is not enough to meet your expenses. Some people also cannot work due to health reasons. Islamic wazifa is a secret blessing from the Almighty to get the money that they need.

Overall, this powerful solution can fulfill all your desires. You don’t have to feel disappointed in your life due to a lack of money. The money will keep on the floor towards you inform of lottery prizes. In other words, you can achieve a lot without putting much effort.

Wazifa For Success In Lottery Numbers

Wazifa For Success In Lottery Numbers, Money is an indispensable part of our life. Of course, we need money to dream anything significant in our life. We need money not only to lead a basic life but also to experience anything luxurious.

The lottery can help us win money in a short time but requires you to be extremely lucky in choosing the lottery numbers. Eventually, your chances of getting the first prize in lucky draw manifolds when you have the rights numbers to select.

Meanwhile, powerful wazifa for success in lottery numbers can help you achieve your destiny. Eventually, it will help you get the jackpot number or lotto number and win big amounts of money. It will help you get your name on the first list of the winners. Here is the wazifa for you:

“Subhaan Allah Waabi hamdehi Subhaan Allahila Azeem Astaagh firrullah”

“سبحان اللہ وبهامديه سبهانللاهل ا’جےےم استغفرللاه.”

Procedures To Read The Wazifa:

The first and foremost important thing before reading an Islamic wazifa is to learn the pronunciation correctly. Undoubtedly, Islamic wazifa works for everyone irrespective of his for her religion.

That is why it is essential to learn diction properly. You might be from some other religion but can quickly get benefits of this wazifa to win big lotteries in life.

Open the wazifa in front of you and blow on paper for 29 times while reading it
Roll the paper and keep it safely inside your locker. You can also keep it at a place where your money is kept.
Reread the Wazifa for 151 times with complete concentration and dedication.
Use this money to buy your lottery ticket.
Keep the paper in your pocket every time you go out to buy the ticket

Wazifa To Win Lucky Draw

Wazifa To Win Lucky Draw, Winning a lucky draw is all about your good luck. Sometimes speaking blessing becomes necessary to increase your good luck. To be sure, if you read wazifa daily, your chances of winning lucky draw will improve.

Undoubtedly, you will be able to make into the list of winners as you participate in various lucky draw competitions. You will have a great fortune to win lotteries and any other games related to finance.

You have to be sure of your fortune while you try for any lucky draw competition. Moreover, it’s a game of good luck. You will win if you have success in your favor and vice versa. Only The Almighty can help you with this. Islamic wazifa is an excellent way to reach to the superpower.

With a pure mind and strong dedication, we can get the blessings of Allah. Contact us to get your wazifa and win lotteries. Comprehensively, we will tell you about the entire procedure to read the wazifa with complete guidance.

Benefits of Wazifa To Win Lucky Draw:

More chances of winning lotteries
More chances of getting your name in the first place of lucky draw competitions
Ability to choose the right numbers for the lottery
Confidence in buying the right lottery
Good luck and fortune to win in the first attempt
Fortune in your favor for big amount lotteries
End of depression for lack of money
Abundance of money
Getting everything that you desire in life to have a luxurious life

Islamic Taweez For Winning Lottery

Islamic Taweez For Winning Lottery, Islamic Taweez has a lot of power. Beyond a doubt, it can make or break you. You can wear Taweez for a lot of problems in life and solve them with effective results. It is beneficial for winning lotteries as well.

People who have been disappointed for your ears for not winning any lotteries have done wonders after getting a taweez. Life has changed for them. They have come across a long way towards prosperity by using Islamic Taweez to win lotteries.

Islamic Taweez is created with the guidelines mentioned in the Holy Quran. It will work effectively for you once you get it from a learned person. Contact us to get your Taweez. This will undoubtedly change your luck and make use of prosperity. Taweez has changed too many lives. People who have accepted this in their life have got maximum benefits. They have become billionaires today. Their life is wealthy and prosperous with the excellent luck bought by Islamic Taweez.

Contact us if you are suffering from a disappointing life and one success from winning lotteries. We will guide you with the best Islamic astrological remedies so that you can get Fortune back in your life. Good fortune is necessary for a happy life. We will help you get that.

You deserve a happy and prosperous life. We strongly believe in that. Get in touch to get the best remedies to bring back luck and fortune in your favor. Win as many lotteries as you want and proceed towards a life of abundance.

Wazifa To Achieve Goals

Wazifa To Achieve Goals

Wazifa To Achieve Goals or for success in everything can be called dua for positive results. Use our dua to get work done to achieve your goals. Each one of us has our own goals in life, which mean the most to us, but sometimes we do not address them for some reason. There can be many reasons behind this. With the help of ‘wazifa to achieve goals,’ I will try to help my Muslim brothers and sisters achieve their goals.

Achieving goals in life is very important for everyone; they can be life-changing for most of us. Not only this, achieving goals gives new meaning to life and instills in our hearts a sense of meaningful hope towards life. This is why it is most important for me to achieve my goals.

Wazifa To Achieve Goals

With the help of this wazifa, you can see the hard work you did for your goals turning true. It will eradicate all the hidden obstacles you have in your life. Also, the constant anxiety of whether you will achieve your goals or not will be calmed down.

Recite the dua given below for getting your goals. Read this dua 100 times daily to achieve your goals.
Try to do it in a clean and peaceful environment, where there is no noise.
Ensure that there is no obstacle while doing this and that you can read this dua in peace.
Also, while reciting this dua, makes sure you have a clear vision of what you want in your life.
Rab-ba-na ati-na fi-ddu-na-ya ha-sa-na-tun wa fil ak-hi-ra-ti ha-sa-na-tun wa khi-na ad-ha-ba-nna yat.
You can recite this dua till you get your heart’s desire. The results will not be early for everyone out there, so do not lose hope as Allah’s blessing in this dua is with us.

Wazifa For Success In Everything

Wazifa For Success In Everything, Success is really important for us because no matter what you do in life, if you do not get success in it, it will be a waste. No matter what it is or how hard you try to achieve something, if you do not succeed, then what is the use of it.

Success, for it, we do everything in your power to get it but forget the most important thing. Make prayer to Allah. Yes, I agree to do work is important but making dua is also very important. As they make hidden obstacles and other people’s bad eyes go away, you and your success come in. If you want success in everything then you must need peace happiness in your home to get success in all fields for it you need wazifa for peace and happiness in home.

Wazifa for success in everything is just like the name itself. It will help you achieve success in everything you do. No matter what it is.

Recite’ wazifa for success in everything’ given below daily after evening namaz.
After Isha’s Namaz, do recite this Dua 40 times. Make sure that you recite this dua regularly.
Su-bhan allah wa-bi ha-ma-di-hee su-bhan allah-eil aa-zee-m asta-ga-fi-ru-llah yah ha-yyo ya qu-yyum ba-hir-rah-man Ali.
As this wazifa is very powerful, do not forget to do it in a clean and silent place.
Also, having the utmost faith in Allah while performing this wazifa is very much important.
Allah is there to help us always. Pray to him not only when things are difficult but also when things are good. May Allah be with you!

Dua for positive results

Dua for positive results, Positive results are what each one of us wants in his life, but it is the hardest thing to achieve. No matter what the thing is for what we are hoping for positive results for, the awaiting always leaves us anxious. The single thought of the results would always leave a sense of fear or anxiety for our future. The waiting is the worst time in which we can only wait and do nothing but do not worry; dua for positive results is the right remedy for you if you are in the same situation.

This dua will help you calm your mind while waiting for the result. And as it says, it will help you get your results in your favor. With this dua’s help, you can ask the almighty to help you, ease the worries, and eradicate the hidden obstacles. Moreover, if there is an evil eye of other people, it will remove it also.

It would help if you recited this dua daily till you get your results. And my friend, do not worry, you will get positive results. Most importantly, put trust in almighty. To do this, dua follow the following

For this, you should read Surah Yaseen regularly

In Islam, Surah Yaseen is said to give positive results. Regular reading will bring a lot of positive changes in your life too.
Apart from this, along with your regular five times Namaj, you should also offer Fajar Namaz in the morning and evening. Then ask Allah for helping you achieve positive results and have hope and faith in your heart always.

Dua To Get Work Done

Dua To Get Work Done, Many times it happens that some of our work is not completed even after trying a lot. Sometimes there are some obstacles in the middle of work due to which the work is not completed. You have tried everything you can but still could not complete it? This often happens with people.

If this is the case with you too, then you are not worried about it. Dua to get work done is the most satisfactory dua out there, which will help you get your work done, of whatever type. Not only will that, but it’ll help you make your work easy also, if it is difficult. Dua to get work done is very helpful. I have tried it myself. Sometimes getting work done no matter how hard we try is impossible because the presence of hidden in this world makes it harder.

This dua helps complete the work, but it also helps to calm your mind when you are constantly worried about how I will complete my work. It removes obstacles and helps you to complete it without any side effects.

Recite the following dua 100 times a day after morning and evening Namaz.
It may take some time to fulfill your heart’s desire, but you should not leave this dua in the middle. Make sure that you read it almost daily. Also, make sure that it does its work without affecting your regular Namaz.
The result will take some time to show but do not lose hope in Allah.
Allah hu-mma laa sa-hla Ela-ama-ali ja al-ta-hu sah-lan wa an-ta taj al-hul ha-za-na it-haa e sah-lan.
Very importantly, do have a clear picture of what you want done in your mind. May Allah be with you!

Islamic spiritual verses for various purposes

Islamic spiritual verses for various purposes

Wazifa To See Unseen, Wazifas are Islamic verses that are recited to invoke the blessings of the Prophet and remove obstacles in life and seek specific favours. The Sunni Muslims believe that Allah has provided powers to the Prophet to see the unseen and become aware of the mysteries of Ghayb or unseen.

Wazifa To See Unseen

The unseen is the Allah’s information that has been only been provided to the Prophet Mohammed. Thus, Prophet can be called the trustee of all the unknown information that has been passed on by Allah. When we talk about wazifa to see unseen it can imply the following things.

To see the angels

The hidden, unseen angles can only be ascertained by the Prophet. The wazifa to connect with the angels around you through the Prophet makes you aware of the divine information that only Allah has kept hidden from the world.

To see the Prophet

The Prophet described the Wazifa regarding the events that happened and would happen between the beginning of this world to the end. He said that this Wazifa should be used to ascertain whether you are destined for heaven or hell with the help of the Prophet himself. The Prophet gives information about your exact place in heaven or hell.

To see Allah

Wazifa to grasp the hand of the Prophet gives you access to the information of Ghayab or the unknown that the Allah gave to the Prophet. As a result, you become one with the Allah without committing Kufr or Shirk.

There are some rules to follow while reading wazifa to see unseen.

The wordings of the wazifa must be read with correct pronunciations. There is no scope for error.
The reason for uttering the wazifa must be sharia compliant and correct.
The wazifa would only work if you engage in salah 5 times without fail.
The time and place to read the wazifa must not change. In case of an emergency which requires you to go to another place it is imperative that you take your prayer mat with you.
The attire of both men and women should be according to Islamic traditions when reciting the wazifa.
Talking and even gestures are forbidden during wazifa. There should be no distractions at all. You need to be alone in the room.
Shaving is forbidden for men during the duration of wazifa because shaving violates sunnah of the Prophet.
You should wear non-alcoholic perfume or ittar during the duration of wazifa.
You should refrain from lying or backbiting during the duration of Wazifa.
Prior to starting the wazifa on every occasion you need to seek Allah’s forgiveness by doing DO A 2 RAKAT TOBAH SALAH and DO A TOBAH.
If the wazifa is read beside the grave of a Prophet, Sahabi, Shaheed, Aulia or a Salih then it would work like a magic.
The wazifa should not be terminated midway and must be continued even if it does not work within a stated time period. The wazifa must be read till the time you get what you seek from the Allah.
Two kinds of wazifas for two different hajats should never be attempted because this will not allow any wazifa to work. Two persons also cannot do wazifa for the same hajat.
Your income should not be haram. The wazifa would only work if your income is halal.
Wazifa performed for any other person who does not do 5 times salah would not be accepted by the Allah.

Divine dreams

If you want to know what the future holds for you then you should do wazifa to see future in dream. For this, you need to sleep wudu every night and before going to sleep you must recite the Allah’s name as “Ya badi-o”. As a result, you will have a dream through which you would witness your future.

The dreams gradually become clearer and clearer. There is no need to interpret the dreams as everything would be clear to you. One precondition is that you must never tell anyone about the dreams. If you do not obey this condition then the dreams will stop automatically.

If in the dream you see that something bad is in store for you in the future then you should recite the following lines after waking up.

Darood e Ibrahimi 1 time

“Bismillah hil lazi la ya durro ma as me hi Shay un fil arde vala fis sema-e va ho vas sami ul aleem”….3 times

Darrod e Ibrahimi 1 time again

The wazifa to see true dreams where you get to know what will happen even the next day is same as the one mentioned above. According to the Hadis, true dream is the 46th section of the wahi. You need to please the Allah by praying and invoking him to fulfill your desire of seeing the future in the dream.

There are many wazifas in Majmooa, Tohfatul and Awaam such as Dua-e-Sabaasab, Dua-e-Mujeer, Dua-e-Hojob, Dua-e-Yastashir and Dua-e-Saheefah. These verses should be recited truthfully to have the divine dreams.

The dreams become clearer as you get more proficient in reciting the verses. Wazifa can also be recited for getting rid of nightmares. There are many people who suffer from nightmares on a regular basis which makes them fearful of even getting into bed. Wazifa is effective in stopping your fantasies from becoming terrible dreams.

Everyone is also curious to know about their future life partners. This is particularly true for women who are even more curious than men to know about their future husbands. You can use wazifa to see future husband in your dream. Like everything else, the dream that enables you to see your future can also reveal your future husband.

The powerful wazifa to invoke the blessings of Allah helps you in overcoming your curiosity to have some idea about your future husband. There is no different technique or verses to see your future husband in the dream. Allah’s name must be recited with full devotion before going to sleep in order to fulfill your heart’s desire to see your future husband. Allah does not disappoint your genuine prayer and makes your future husband appear in your dream.

Wazifa To Remove Bandish

There are always incidents where results aren’t as expected by us. No matter how hard we try. Consequently, things don’t fall into place. You tend to become frustrated. Also, you start criticizing your luck and yourself. But, do you ever wonder what if someone has put a bandish on you.

Sometimes, Bandish can easily ruin the pleasures of your life. Also, you constantly live under the control of someone else. Also, Bandish steals away your respect and dignity in the society. If you are facing any such issue, here is a remedy. Here, we have mentioned the wazifa to remove Bandish.

Wazifa To Remove Bandish

Therefore, you can free yourself from the trap. Also, here we have given wazifa to remove Bandish in business. Also, here is wazifa to remove Bandish on marriage. Also, you can find out the wazifa to break rishtabandish.

Do you feel that something is controlling you? If yes, perform this wazifa to remove Bandish. Do the procedure with a deep faith in Allah. Also, keep a clear heart. Inshallah, all the Bandish will be removed from you.

Take a mug of water.
Recite Surah Muzamill.
Perform Ayat-Al-Kursi for eleven times.
Recite DuroodShareef for eleven times.
Complete the recitation. Wash your hands and face with water in the mug.
Repeat this procedure for 21 days consecutively. Allah Talah will grant your wish. Also, all the Bandish will be lifted from you.

Wazifa For Bandish In Business

Wazifa For Bandish In Business, Sometimes people cannot bear the sight of you stepping up the stones of success. Therefore, they keep on pulling you down. Hence, they start finding ways to restrict your growth. Thus, If you feel that your business has fallen under an evil eye, perform this wazifa for Bandish in business. Use Islamic Wazifa for Wealth and remove all type of bandish from your business.

Inshallah Allah Talah will dispose of all the Bandish. Hence, Inshallah, your business will continue to grow up to higher heights. The wazifa for Bandish in business is given below. Perform the wazifa from the bottom of your heart. Also, it would be best if you had a true belief in the power of Allah.

Firstly, Durood Shareef for a total number of eleven times.
Secondly, recite Surah Muzammil for once.
Thirdly, Surah Kafiroon for eleven times.
Recite Surah Ikhlas for another eleven times.
Perform Surah Falaq for a total number of eleven times.
Recite Surah Wannas eleven times.
Now, recite Ayat-Al-Kursi for eleven times.
Finally, recite DuroodShareef for eleven times again.

Then blow on some water. Ask your enemy to drink a part of that water. With the remaining water, wash your face and hands.
Pray to Allah for accepting this wazifa for Bandish in business. Surely, he will grant your wish. Also, you will rise high in business.
Perform this wazifa for a total number of eleven days consecutively.

Wazifa To Remove Bandish On Marriage

Wazifa To Remove Bandish On Marriage, Some envious individuals don’t let you marry. Even though you have met several prospective grooms. The consultation for marriage either never goes up anywhere. Also, sometimes, the talk around the marriage gets terminated at the engagement. Therefore, a person may lose all of his/her self-confidence. Also, a person may feel like Allah hasn’t made anyone for him. So want to remove bandish on marriage then read Islamic Wazaif for Marriage.

But it is false. Because it is due to some tragic people who may have put a bandish on your marriage relationships, hence if you are facing this issue, perform the given wazifa to remove Bandish on marriage. Inshallah, you will get married to a great individual who loves you and respects you. We have mentioned the wazifa to remove Bandish on marriage below.

Firstly, you don’t need any permission to start this wazifa. But you can always distribute some charity to the needy ones.
Perform this wazifa on any day after doing any of the five obligatory prayers.
This wife and amal should be performed in a state of ablution.
Recite for 313 times Chapter #25 Surah Al Furqan Verse #54.
Now, pray to Allah for any obstacles. He will remove obstructions that are limiting the path of your marriage.
Recite this wazifa to remove Bandish on marriage for 21 days. Don’t skip any single day.
It is better to be pure and cleansed while performing this wazifa to remove Bandish on marriage.

Wazifa To Break Rishta Bandish

Wazifa To Break Rishta Bandish, If you feel that someone has spelled a bandish in your relationships, here is a solution to break. A person might feel stuck in a relationship if he/she has been trapped in it. Consequently, this leads to suffering. Also, it causes problems for the individuals.

Therefore, here is a solution to break Bandish. We have mentioned the wazifa to break rishta bandish. Perform this wazifa with a pure heart and belief in the power of Allah.

Firstly, take a glass of water. Could you keep it in front of you?

Now recite Surah Al Furqan, which is as follow:

Wahuwa Allazee Khalaqa Minal Ma-i-Basharan FajaAlahu Nasaban Wasibran Wakaana Rabbuka Qadeeran

And It is He Who has created from water a human being. And made him a relative by lineage and marriage. Ever is your lord competent concerning creation.

Now blow on the water. Wash your face and hands with it. Inshallah, Allah will accept your wazifa to break rishtabandish.
Therefore, Allah will lift all the obstacles.
Some Surahs mentioned on this page.

Surah Kaafiroon

BismillaahirRahmaanir Raheem Qulyaaa-ayyuhalkaafiroon Laaaa’budumaat’abudoon Walaaaantum ‘aabidoonamaaaa’bud Walaaaana ‘abidummaa ‘abattum Walaaaantum ‘aabidoonamaaaa’bud Lakumdeenukumwaliyadeen.
Surah Ikhlas

BismillaahirRahmaanir Raheem Qulhuwallaahuahad Allah hus-samad Lam yalidwa lam yoolad Wa lam yakul-lahookufuwanahad (section )
Surah Falaq

BismillaahirRahmaanir Raheem Qula’oozu bi rabbil-falaq Min sharrimaakhalaq Wa min sharrighaasiqinizaawaqab Waminsharrin-naffaa-saati fil ‘uqad Wa min sharrihaasidinizaahasad
Surah Wannas

BismillaahirRahmaanir Raheem Qula’oozubirabbinnaas Malikinnaas Ilaahinnaas Min sharrilwaswaasilkhannaas Allazeeyuwaswisu fee sudoorinnaas Minaljinnatiwannaas