Prayers to get your ex back

Nothing is harder and more painful than a separation. When our love leaves us, we feel that our lives are in danger and nothing can make us happy anymore. But we must remember that we have the Almighty God. As long as God is with us and we pray to Him, we should never despair of achieving anything. So even to restore our love, we can ask God to help us restore our love and make our lives happy.

powerful prayer to get your ex back

This is a great, mighty and powerful God. I have never forgotten worshiping you since you have been the greatest guide of my life. I thank you God for all the many blessings you have given me. Great and holy God, I thank you for teaching me the power of love and teaching me how to love and fall in love. You know how dear ex has been to me now. Today I am separated from my ex and this hurts my heart and soul. O God, I pray that you get my ex back so that we can re-create the love that you have placed in us.

God Almighty, I love my ex with all my being. But today I do not know if he/she feels the same way about me. God, I ask you to put the same love that is in me on her/him so that we can enjoy the joy of love together again. Thank you, Almighty God, for allowing me to fall in love and for incorporating the love of my ex into my heart. Now I need you to put this feeling of love in his heart as well.

O my almighty God, the owner of all beauties and loves Nothing in the world can replace the holy and spiritual feeling that I have for you. You taught me to love and you put the love of my beloved in my heart. I pray that you will fix my relationship with your great power and bless. Help me to gain wisdom and intelligence so that I no longer cause resentment and separation of my ex. Help me to bring back my love with the skills and creativity that originates from you, and to take care of the love that you have given us.

O my lord, you once grant me a relationship full of joy and love with the feeling you placed in me and my ex. But this relationship did not last and ended in separation. I pray to you to create this love in both of us once again and get my ex back to me aging. I want nothing but your satisfaction and I ask you to bring my love and happiness back to my life if I deserve it.

Oh my God the creator of love, the maker of relationship and the owner of virtue, I thank and appreciate you for all that I was, am and will be. I need to pray to you to bring back to me the love that was my only companion. My love has left me and made my life difficult. Guide my ex to choose a right rode in her/his life and help her/his to realize how precious she is to me. Guide him also into the good behaviors and to avoid keeping this separation any further.
Many clergies think the reason that prayers can bring success and prosperity is that they connects God’s power to us; on the other hand scientists think it has inductive powers. Whatever the reason is, it is obvious that prayers are effective. So we has offered many prayers which is scientific and can bring prosperity and abundance to your life. You just need to read the prayers, mentioned in each page of us. Follow the prayers you think you need more.

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