Love Marriage Sifli Amal

Love Marriage Sifli Amal, Sifli amal are one of those various techniques that is used to attract a person’s thoughts and influences them to think the way you want. The babs’s or jaadugar’s that use sifli amal in their practices uses some objectionable articles. The result of Sifli is same as that of vashikaran or other witchcraft.

Sifli amal karne ka tareeqa

There are very few people who can do Sifli amal properly. This act is more effective after midnight, that is 12 0 clock. This is an effective method to solve a certain kind of problem in life. If you know a person who is causing harm to you then its easy to confront them and fight with them, but if you don’t know the physical presence of the source which is creating all the problem then its difficulty to fight. There comes the role of Sifli Amal.

It can basically track the evil spirits that are trying to interfere in your life and causing harm to you. Although there are many ways of performing Sifli amal but one of the easiest way of doing is the one that I am going to discuss here:


You can buy 1kg of chicken flesh and take it to an isolated place where no one passes by. Keep that chicken flesh there and invite and request the spirit to come and eat that flesh of chicken. Keep doing this for 7 days and after completing the 7th day a spirit arrives and will tell you to bring the same quantity of chicken every dayand he will be doing all your work in exchange of that. This is a very effective method of Sifli amal which gives guaranteed results.

Word of caution- This act should be done only under the guidance of experts because the process of calling spirits are very gross and weak hearted people cannot do this on their own.

Sifli amal for love marriage

If you are facing any problem in your love life the sifli amal is a very effective way of fulfilling your desire. You can attract the person you love and can have control over his or her thoughts to make his or her stay in your life. If you are in love with a person and you are not getting enough support to marry him then you can try sifli amal to make your dream come true. Sometimes parents oppose your decision either due to society pressure or due to some family issues. In such cases you can take help of sifli amal to change their mind so that they also give a not to your choice.

With the help of Sifli amal you can develop Taaweez and make your boyfriend or girlfriend wear that. This will help your beloved to stay loyal to you. These days problems for making love marriage possible are not getting enough support or your boyfriend or girlfriend are not being loyal in the relationship. To protect your relation from these kinds of external disturbances Sifli amal can bring all your love related sorrows to happiness. Sifli amal is probably one of the best technique to get your love back.

To practice sifli amal you have to find a very quiet place where there is no disturbance and is away from the sight of the people. Wear a nice perfume and light a lamp and then write taweezat on a white piece of paper for 21 times and wash it. Then repeat this for 7 times and wash is it everytime. Bind this paper with black thread and hide it in some place at the bottom. You will get to see its effect on your beloved very soon.

Sifli amal is indeed a very powerful and effective way fulfilling your desires that you wish from the bottom of your heart. However, you should always bear this in mind that besides being a powerful tool it is very complicated and risky too. The things used in Sifli amal are almost the abandoned and taboo materials. So using these articles for witchcraft purposes should only be done under somebody’s guidance and support.

Islam believes that nothing is above “Allah” and everything happens only after his consent. He is the supreme power and the control of this universe lies in his hands. The spirits that we invite through sifli amal are only secondary to Allah. So while doing any kind of Ibaadat you should be clear in your intentions and never intend to harm anyone. Allah never allows or supports any action or deed done by human which is meant to cause harm anyone.

Sifli amal ki pehchan

Its not easy to identify the symptoms of Sifli alma. The person can look very normal yet he may be suffering from some hidden problems. As this act is done very hideously and done in a clandestine manner so its effect is very unapparent. If you are experiencing gradual decrease in your health or you are feeling loss in appetite. You are losing control over your anger or similar emotions, having sleepless nights, getting scared in dreams etc., then there is quite a possibility that you are under the influence of Sifli amal.

The most common abnormality that is seen in people who are suffering from Sifli amal is that they frequently lose their conscious and complain of fearing of strange things that they are unable to explain. If you find any of the above symptoms in a person, then it’s a close indication that the person is under the influence of Sifli amal.

When someone becomes the victim then its very remove the Sifli amal present in the body. Very few person knows its kaat. Once a person is affected by Sifli amal, it does not easily leave the body. You will have to take help from the experts to get it done. Always follow the footsteps that Allah has shown and you will be far away from the sufferings of Sifli Amal.

Ruqyah To Remove Jinn

Ruqyah To Remove Jinn or to remove jinn from body can be use to remove jinn from house. Our Islamic expert will provide you ruqyah to burn jinn to get best result.

According to Islam, Powerful Jinn can make human life. Similarly, they can destroy human life. Some jinn possesses negative vibes, which may quickly destroy human life including the stability of the human mind. A large section of Jinn is excellent, but some of them are vulnerable to human beings.

Ruqyah To Remove Jinn

Thanks to God, Islam is always there to tackle the problems related to the jinn. One can easily tackle it by the knowledge of Islam. A collection of powerful ruqyah are hidden in the mighty Islam through which human being can be get rid of the negative impact of the jinn. Ruqyah, to remove jinn is one of the most powerful weapons of Islam to counter-attack of Jinn.

Very frequently, we have observed that the negative jinn has captured the human being. Additionally, over some time, it has been destroying the lives of any person. Even after seeing the destruction, we are not able to take any suitable decisions, and the reason behind that we do not know the Ruqyah to remove jinn.

Meanwhile, there is a vast collection of the ruqyah available in our holy Quran. Whereas we are not able to use the power of ruqyah as we do not know even a single ruqyah.

If we want to tackle the situation, we should use the ruqyah. Here in this article, we will discuss the power of ruqyah so that people can able to use the control of ruqyah. Also, we will describe some of the beautiful Ruqyah to remove jinn.

Ruqyah To Remove Jinn From Body

Ruqyah To Remove Jinn From Body, There are several incidents that we have noticed that the ill-minded jinn has captured a person. As a result of this, the person becomes so weak that they could stand properly.

Besides this, he or she has been suffering from many unknown diseases. Even after the treatment of so many days, the person has remained sick. No upliftment has been seen in that person’s health.

Most importantly, doctors cannot identify the problems. For that reason the family and friends became frustrated. As they were not able to understand the cause of sickness is different.

The actual reason is that a jinn has attacked the person. The friends and the family should understand the fact. In this situation, only ruqyah to remove jinn from the body can give the right solution for these kinds of jinn related physical sickness.

Our divine Quran and Hadith give a solution to the problem of jinn. The universal ruqyah is so powerful that it not only provides release from the sickness but also ends all the negative power of jinn.

Therefore, there is no alternative for the Ruqyah to remove jinn from body. We must read the Quran and Hadith so that we can fight with these jinns.

Deadly jinn is so dire that even they can kill humans with their superpower. These jinns can do anything to establish their evil purpose, although our religion has all the power to counter any problem like these.

The ruqyah to remove jinn from body can remove all the evil force that jinn gives us. Mainly, it’s useful to remove the jinn from the body.

Ruqyah To Remove Jinn From House

Ruqyah To Remove Jinn From House, From the last couple of days, you have been thinking about why very often the incidents of the quarrels are happening in your home. You feel that something is going wrong.

Maybe your home’s peace has been destroyed by some evil forces. But, you are not able to detect what is going around your home. Hence you are not happy and your partner or children are not satisfied as well.

So, in this situation, you think that what should you do? Whether to consult with a Molvi or not. To counter the problem you have already applied a few ideas. Although Islam has the powerful ruqyah to remove jinn from the house too.

Jinn has more power than a human being. For that reason, measures made by the human being cannot work to reduce the negative energy of jinn. Nothing but Islam can give the solution to that.

Here we will enlighten on the power of Islam. How Islam can be the most suitable solution for the problem. Besides this, we will describe some beautiful ruqyah to counter this problem. Ruqyah to remove jinn from house actual treasures of Islam.

When you want to apply the Ruqyah to remove jinn from the house to reduce the power of jinni from the home, you need to follow the below steps.

At first, take a fresh shower
Then offer the Nawaz of Maghreb
Then you should read the verses of the Quran, and there is even a Surah named after them, namely Surah al-Jinn.

Ruqyah To Burn Jinn

Ruqyah To Burn Jinn, Ruqyah is the tradition of managing stupidities through Quranic ayat. The last messenger of the Allah guides and prescribes the measures to cure the ill effects of the jinn through the holy book Quran.

Ruqyah is just one kind of Dua. When to apply all the dua, we should keep in mind that the ruqyah should be practised to eliminate the negative vibes of jinn.

Similarly, we should apply ruqyah to burn jinn to vanish all the morose intentions of the jinn. The action and the fight of jinn are very common. Even, Allah said that jinns are more powerful than human beings. Jinn is part of the creation of Allah, as well. Ruqyah to burn jinn is there to battle evil power.

To practice the process, you need to obey specific ways to burn the lousy jinn, those who are destroying you, your health as well as your house. At first, you have to strengthen a spiritual relationship with Allah. Asking the mercy from the Almighty makes the IBADAT durable.

No prayer becomes effective until and unless our heart is pure. Then you have to submit yourself into the foot of God. No one is better than God can help you out. Apart from that, we are some brief descriptions of ruqyah to burn jinn. You should follow them.

In the first step, recite persistently the dhikrs narrated from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).
Read Surah al-Muzzammil, al-Mulk, and Surah al-Mulk before going to sleep.

Dua For Family

Dua is so powerful, dua extremely works nicely the dua is so effective dad can live a live a dead body it’s the effect of dua. Here are some useful duas, which are useful for family problems-

“Oh my dear God!! I want to beg for you kindly make me do good things forever, and grant me the power that I can help my family always in all the situations.”

“Oh my dear lord, let our family free by the issues which is the reason of a problem with them and hurts them because of any pro”. This both dua are extremely functional and removes your all issues, you can use this dua after each sallah once.

Dua To Get Rid Of Family Problems

If you have any problems in your family which may relate to anything, if you want to get rid of your family you can take the help of dua, there is no one in this world who can compromise with the family problems, everyone wants to solve out anyhow as soon as possible, so dua is extremely powerful and effective to remove the problems of your family.

Dua To Overcome Family Problems

When you are going through hard times and you start to wonder where God is, and where they exist then kindly remember one thing that teacher is always keeps quiet during a test, if you can understand the situation of your teacher that why they can’t help you then you are also able to understand that why God can’t help you, it’s just because as your teacher wants to see you succeed in your life same as God also want to see you as a strong and with a best ability to do everything in this world and problems always makes strong that how you have to fight with this cruel world, and you can take the help of dua to overcome family problems.

Islamic Dua For Family Problems

Dua is self so powerful but Islamic dua is the guaranteed powerful, Islamic dua always gets success in the work you want to get success, if you have any issues in your family like understanding problems, breaked relation in between the family members then you can take the help of Islamic dua which is extremely powerful and best functional. The family problem may occur in anyone’s life and if you are trying to ignore your family problems, then it may be your very big fault which can break your happy family that’s why you should not ignore your family issue and you have Islamic dua you can solve out your all issues by this dua.

Short Dua For Family Problems

“Ooh my dear God! Yaa kareem! Yaa Raheem! Forgive us and our brothers and sisters and admit us to your kindness, you are the most merciful of the merciful”.

“Ooh God! Kindly forgive me for my all mistakes and wrong deeds towards anyone and grant me your mercy”.

“Ooh my dear god, I have put my total trust on you, kindly show me the way that where I should go this time, what is right for me and what is wrong for me”.

Marriage Istikhara

Marriage Istikhara First of all Istikhara is a special type of prayer according to the Islamic culture. Your confusion is with the number of marriage proposal you get. Maybe you are already in a strained relationship.

Marriage Istikhara

You want to get rid of it desperately. But you cannot make your decision. Well, Istikhara can help you here. Istikhara is another way of asking the supreme power for answers and confidence. Furthermore, some renowned prophets suggest that you see some signs before you do the Dua. You think this is another confusing way. You cannot decide what your signs are for Istikhara.

Well, you are so stressed with your upcoming conjugal life. The marriage proposal makes you nervous.

Furthermore, if this is an arranged marriage proposal, you think the new person is from alien territory.

Therefore, your stress is touching your subconscious mind. Well, there probably is a strong chance that you dream about the situation. According to Islamic legends, dreams are strong signal to do Istikhara.

Furthermore, you can perform Istikhara any time you feel confused and helpless in making decisions. But do not ignore dreams or some bad omen around you. Finally, you should complete your Istikhara with two Salat Prayers usually.

Istikhara for any decision-making needs some important rituals. You should do it after Wudu/ Gosol while doing it after Fajr/Asr is disallowed. There is a common misconception that Istikhara needs special preparation. However, it is just a type of prayer while you seek answers desperately.

You can do it for small decision-making in your life also. Furthermore, you can do it every day. You should continue your Istikhara for 7 days if you do not get answer instantly. Muslim legends promise that you get answer from the almighty by some strong signs. Furthermore, your instinct will lead you to them. Therefore, do not ignore signs/instinct.

So, you think you are in love? You want to seal the deal. Probably you cannot decide the right time for proposal. May be you are in the typical argument with your parents. Well, this is the right time for Istikhara. Usually the Istikhara prayers are all in Urdu.

Therefore you should clear your mind and clam your body before performing Istikhara. Do not forget to pronounce correctly. For love marriage you should perform two Rakahs at night before you go to bed. In your first Rakah you need to chant from Surah 109. The second Rakah is from Surah 112.

Marriage Istikhara

After you complete the two Rakahs you should pray the Arabic Istikhara for love marriage. You should keep him/her in mind all time while praying. The last step of this ritual is to sleep facing the Kaba. According to prophecy you will find your answer in your dreams.

Furthermore, if you do not have this dream even after performing 7 days of Istikhara you should do another Istikhara for the dream. Probably this time you get lucky and see the decision maker dream. Istikhara for arranged marriage is nearly same.

There is another popular type of Istikhara. The Istikhara is known as the prayer by name. Furthermore, prophet/Imams take you and your parents name and check if the marriage is going to successful or not. The first part of this prayer is to find the type of marriage life. You may be stressed over your late/delayed marriage.

Probably you are determined to marry one particular person. Therefore you need to try some rituals here. You should recite the prayer of marriage Istikhara for 31 days without a break. You should pray for 11 times daily with a peaceful mind. This Istikhara promises instant result. You will get married soon.

Probably you already had one bitter experience in conjugal life. But that was past. You are ready to take the second chance. But you are nervous and afraid at the same time. You have so many questions. Of course you are feeling restless. This is another situation and right time for an Istikhara. You should try Istikhara for second marriage. This type of Istikhara sometimes depends on Wazifas.

You should strictly maintain the rituals to get quick result. You need to clear your mind and you should eat new foods while taking break. Furthermore you should try the Wazifa 11 times daily. To find true love second time you can recite Quranic Wazifa also. Most noteworthy thing about the prayer is consistency.

Marriage Istikhara

Therefore, you should not lose your faith on god. You need to be patient and continue asking for the solutions. You need to try Istikhara of second marriage for at least 7 days. According to Islamic culture, you should start praying from Monday and stop praying on Sunday. Almighty will send your answers in the Sunday night’s dream. Furthermore, you can start the Istikhara on Saturday also.

Consequently you will receive your answers in the ending Friday night’s dream. Finally, answers usually come in the form of signs. In some rare case, you probably get a direct answer.Dreams can show auspicious signs like killing a snake or a water snake. Killing a snake is a confirmation of marriage while water snake means a helping hand.

Furthermore, you can see directly a marriage in your dreams. If you see this kind of dream before marriage you must try Istikhara because that means sorrow or confinement. According to Muslim culture bad dreams and nightmare are from hell.

Therefore if you are seeing nightmares often you must try Istikhara. If you are searching love for the second time and see fried fish in dreams, you will receive positive result. Fried fish in dreams represents answered prayer. Furthermore seeing blood and naked self are signs of caution.But seeing a woman removing her black dress means a new beginning.

Marriage Istikhara

Therefore, you should try Istikhara any time while seeking answers. Get rid of that common misconception that you need special attachment for that. You just need your clear mind and faith in god to do a prayer. In conclusion, you should interpret the dream correctly after Istikhara.