Destroy Black Magic Quranic Dua

Destroy Black Magic Quranic Dua, Are you experiencing an abrupt change in the smooth sailing of your life? It may be in the shape of a serious ailment to your family members, meeting a serious accident. You may be experiencing sudden downfall in your business or profession or obstruction to your profession. Your own marriage or marriages of your daughters or sons may be getting delayed. These are clear symptoms that some black magic is playing its role.

Destroy Black Magic Quranic Dua

Black magic is a supernatural power that must have been cast by someone, for some evil or selfish purpose. The only dua to get rid of black magic can provide you relief. If you are prospering well, financially and socially, there are certain people who become jealous and can’t tolerate it. They want you to see being ruined. You should then perform dua to reverse black magic. But, consult an Islamic Guru for quicker and effective result.

When you feel, someone has cast black magic on you, don’t get frustrated or desperate. Purify your thought, body and raise your vibration. Then imagine that all the negative energy cast upon you is vanishing. Instead of thinking, “Tit for Tat”, pray for the well-being of the unknown spell caster. There are chances that things might start improving for you. If, still things do not improve, consult an Islamic dua specialist and explain to him the adverse situations, you are encountering.

He will suggest dua to get rid of black magic or dua to reverse black magic. Through appropriate dua, you are submitting your supplication to the almighty Allah Paak. He is the most powerful and benevolent. He will surely listen to your dua to reverse black magic. You will find that suddenly, good and favorable things are happening for you. Your worries and anxieties will vanish automatically.

You should not allow the effect of black magic to continue. The adversities you are now encountering may be aggravated further and you may be subjected to still worse conditions. Black Magic is empowered to cast dangerous spells such as hurting, revenge,, misfortune, nightmare, separation, failure and even death. Black magic is associated with spiritual forces and can be driven out, only by the will and bliss of the Almighty Allah Paak.

The Holy Quran contains many surahs that should be recited as dua to get rid of black magic. But performing these duas needs the guidance of proper expert in the line. Therefore,, search for the right Islamic Guru, who has the skill and experience of removing black magic. He can suggest you to dua to reverse black magic. Black magic can also create disorder and pain in the stomach. In that case, you can perform dua to remove black magic from stomach and get relief.

Our prophet Mohammed Rasullilah, Swalaeh wassalam has said that dua is the most ethical way of worship. Muslims believe that where ‘dawa’ or medicine does not work, ‘dua’ or supplication to the Almighty Allah pak, can bring miraculous effects. Even the incurable diseases could be cured through duas. Black magic is completely helpless and ineffective, in the face of dua. The only thing that is required is, you must consult an expert on Islamic duas and perform dua to reverse black magic.

The following Dua to get rid of black magic will keep the black magic away from you. Bismillaahi wa billaahi Bismillaahi woh maa Shaaa-allaahu Bismillaahi wa laa Hawla wa la Quwwata illa Billaah qeaala moosaa maa ji-tum Sihis sih’r Innallaaha sayubt’iluh Innallaaha laa Yoos’lih’u a’malal Mufsideen fawaqa-a’l haqqo wa bat’ala maa kunoo Ya’-maluun Faghuliboo hoona lika Wanqalaboo Saaghireen. Insaallah, Allah paak will keep you mehfooz or fully protected.

If you have faith in Islam, He is the creator of the universe and all the living beings. He is also the protector of lives, be it human or others. Not even a leaf moves without his will. He is the giver of pain and the remover of the same. Black magic is the creation of the Saitan or the devil who was driven away from heaven because of his disobedience to the orders of Allah paak.

The satan plays with the life of human beings to show his power. When you submit your supplication to Allah pak through dua to get rid of black magic, the devil will find no way to run away from you. Your good time and prosperity will be restored back. To get more effective result, perform the dua to reverse black magic. Search for the right person to guide you in performing the duas perfectly

When a black magic is cast upon you, no amount of human effort can work against it. A supernatural power only can give you relief from it. Duas are the extracts from the holy Quraan Sherfif. These are the advices and messages, conveyed by Allah paak through our prophet, Mohammed Swalaallehe Wassallam. Have full faith on the dua to get rid of black magic and the dua to reverse black magic. Allahataala test our faith on Him by loosening the acts of Saitan mardood.

When you supplicate Him in the right way, He will tighten the evil action of Saitan. You will then be of all hazards and adversities of life. The following is another dua. Tabaarakallaahu Rabbul Aalameen udoo Rabbakum Taz’arru-a’w Wa Khufyah Innahoo laa Yuh’ibbul Mu’tadeen wa laa tufsidoo fil arz’i Ba-da Islaah’ihaa Wad-o-ohu Khawfaw Wa tamma-aa Inna Rah’matallaahi Oareebum Minnal Muh’sineen. Insaallah, you will be safe and secured.

Before performing the dua to get rid of black magic or dua to reverse black magic, have full faith in Him. Only then, your duas will,be accepted and you will be relieved of your physical, mental and financial problems. When you perform dua, you are in touch with Allah paak.

If you need any type of help and Guidance talks to us without any hesitation. In sha Allah we will solve your problem.

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Surah Ikhlas Wazifa For Marriage

Surah Ikhlas Wazifa For Marriage or for love marriage can be use for one sided love marriage. For best result you can use surah ikhlas wazifa for love marriage to agree parents.

Surah Ikhlas is one of the most precious chapters of the Holy Quran. It is the 112th chapter with only four verses. If you are concerned about your marriage, you should be relying on our Surah Ikhlas wazifaf or marriage.

Surah Ikhlas Wazifa For Marriage

Wazifa is nothing but the collection of powerful supplications and verses extracted from the holy Quran. These verses hold power to solve a specific problem. The Islamic way is the most effective. You can go for this if you have taken all your measurements and failed miserably.

We recommend you to have good intentions and faith in the Almighty Allah. If you are chanting the verses without believing in it, it will not work for you.

Surah Ikhlas Wazifa For Love Marriage

Surah Ikhlas Wazifa For Love Marriage, Love marriage is one of the challenges that is not as easy as finding your life partner. You cannot just go for taking a step if you do not have your parent’s consent. The same applies to your life partner. He/she might not make such a crucial step if his/her parents are not happy with it.

For this, we have come up with the Surah Ikhlas Wazifa For Love Marriage. It is the most effective and hundred percent working wazifa. Surah Ikhlas is one of the most precious chapters of the Holy Quran. It holds the potential of bringing reform and solving your love life problems.

Steps To Perform Surah Ikhlas Wazifa For Love Marriage
Here is the following step by step procedure that you must need to follow to complete the wazifa.

For this, you have to get up early in the morning.
After that, you have to perform the ablution.
Then, you need to perform the NikahIstikhara.
After that, you need to take a neat and clean white paper.
Then, you have to make boxes both horizontally and vertically with some eight in a row and column.
Now, you should imagine the face of the person you want to marry.
Then, you should be writing 786 on the very top of the paper.
You can start writing with Qul and end it with Ahad.
Then, you can make a copy of the same paper by yourself.
You can put the paper in an amulet.
Moreover, you can make one more and put it inside your pillow.
If you are a woman, you should not be using this during your menstrual cycle.
You must follow the steps that we have mentioned. In this way, you will be able to find the solution to your love marriage problems.

Surah Ikhlas Wazifa For One Sided Love Marriage

Surah Ikhlas Wazifa For One Sided Love Marriage, You might fall in love with someone, but it does not mean that you will get the same in return. Well, nothing hurts more than loving someone and not getting love back. People often try to let them know, but they do not understand what they need in the end.

If you love someone and want to marry, you should figure out a way for a one-sided love marriage. We believe that Quranic verses hold the highest power and it needs your genuine intentions to fulfill your desires. You can perform our Surah Ikhlas wazifa for a one sided love marriage.

If you wish to perform this Surah Ikhlas wazifa for one sided love marriage, you must have to follow the steps that we have mentioned below:

Steps To Perform Surah Ikhlas Wazifa For One Sided Love Marriage
First of all, you have to perform ablution to get started with the whole procedure.
Now, perform the recitation of the DuroodShareef for eleven times.
After that, you must have to recite the following supplication.
Bismillahiiwaasi u jallajalalahu
You must recite it 101 times.
Then, perform the recitation of Surah Ikhlas.
After that, read durood Shareef again for eleven times.
Then, you have to blow on your palm three times.
After that, you should be rubbing your palm on your face.
You should be performing the same procedure for 14 days. Make sure you do not miss out on a single day.
We need your full efforts and sincerity while performing this wazifa.

Surah Ikhlas Wazifa For Love Marriage To Agree Parents
Surah Ikhlas Wazifa For Love Marriage To Agree Parents, Love marriage is not a significant concern if your parents are happy with it. The moment you have found the love, you have been looking for ends, but it is where your relationship challenges start.

If you have a love of your life, you might be thinking of settling down with ease. However, it is not as simple as it seems. You cannot go further on marrying your partner without the consent of your parents.

It is evident that you have to make them agree by convincing, but it does not confirm their consent regarding the marriage. Also, a marriage without the permission of the parents is hardly found successful.

For this, you have to be looking for the most appropriate solution. Undoubtedly, the Islamic way can work for you like no other way. To convince your parents, you can perform Surah Ikhlas wazifa for love marriage to agree with parents.

Steps To Perform Surah Ikhlas Wazifa For Love Marriage To Agree Parents
You need to make an ablution.
Then, you must perform the recitation of Durood e Ebrahimi for elven times.
After that, you need to perform the recitation of the holy chapter Ikhlas from the holy Quran.
Then, you must repeat Durood e Ebrahimi for eleven times.
Lastly, you can make dua to the almighty Allah. You can pray for the consent of your parents for love marriage.
You should be performing this for two weeks.
If you can perform this fantastic wazifa with a clean heart, you will surely be going to get the best results. Even if you feel like consulting an Islamic astrologer, you can go for it. We have the most experienced astrologers waiting for your call.

If you need any type of help and Guidance talks to us without any hesitation. In sha Allah we will solve your problem.

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Dua For Protection From Divorce

Dua For Protection From Divorce providing you Protection From Divorce, it also helps you Reconciliation After Divorce. if you want to Stopping Divorce then also use this dua, after using this dua you will Not Getting Divorced.

Marriage is a very sheer bond. Fracturing gives nightmares to people. Nobody ever wants to depart from their loved ones. If anything negative happens, they tend to fix things. Sometimes your spouse cheats on your or gets attracted towards another person.

Dua For Protection From Divorce

Therefore, that time you have a fear of getting a divorce. Sometimes, your spouse gets sick of you and starts thinking of having a divorce with you. You might have children then. This splitting also might have an even more adverse effect on them.

At this time, this dua for protection from divorce works wonders. Prophet Muhammad gives it.

‘Innee rizqika subh’aanka yamoot rabis azeem wa faqr tawalla amree ghayraka muhammadin aali yaa qazial illaha antal malikul ameen.’

It means, Hey Allah! I need your mercy. I am seeking your grace. Save me from this danger of divorce. Oh, my sustainer recovers your follower from the jeopardy of divorce. Do not punish me. I seek your forgiveness if I have done something wrong.

Meanwhile, I also put effort to resolve the issues. First of all, if you have any problematic situation, try to talk calmly and sort things out. Namaz 5 times every day. Because these are the times, you need to be more spiritually active.

These things work like a cushion, so you don’t get hurt during the mess. This above dua for protection from divorce very fruitful. Many people are not aware of such rare dua. In contrast, you are one of those lucky few who got to know it. Now make good use of it.

Dua For Reconciliation After Divorce

Many a time, things don’t fall into place. We think differently but in actuality, happens something different. Nobody gets married to get divorced ultimately. But unfortunate things happen. Many people see their children going through a lot due to their parents’ separation. Sometimes, your life doesn’t get any better after the divorce.

Furthermore, you start feeling the need to get to together again. But how would that happen? Can it happen? The answer to it is, yes! It can happen.

This is the time where your god would be a flicker of hope for you. Finally, here is a dua for reconciliation after divorce:

‘Ilaaho maam fateh man ull eleha takht tum ayna adree afee suleyha biyadika sahlan laa tu fa innaka illa faslli alaa chumri qad fee am ameen’

It means, ‘Oh Allah! Oh, my sustainer, I seek your mercy. Let me get my spouse back. Forgive me for any sins that I committed. Bless me with your generosity. Give me the abundance and my love back. Ameen!’

There is a baba residing in Mumbai. Even celebrities go to him for various issues. This is one of his most fruitful dua for reconciliation after divorce. He helped many people get back with their spouses.

Many divorces in Bollywood were converted into patch-up before the news of divorce gets out. All due to this baba and his dua. So, now you have got the same dua.

You have to chant this mantra 111 times per day. For three days straight. It is just a matter of using it and voila! As a result, you would be back with your spouse.

Dua For Stopping Divorce

Sometimes, your family members want you two to get separated. Family members mean, your father-in-law, mother-in-law, sister-brother, etc. There are times in some people’s lives when even their parents thin; it is not right for you to continue your companionship with your current spouse. Even your spouse seems not to disagree with them. And here, you want to try hard to save the marriage.

You try to talk to family members. You also try to have a longer chat with your spouse. But things seem to slip out of your hand. You start feeling helpless as well as hopeless. The last thing Allah would want you to be is impossible. Allah always takes care of his followers. In such hard times, here’s a dua for stopping divorce given by prophet Muhammad:

‘Ilm jalm alaa aadam al-urf-bashir as-aluka bismillah wal ilahi wasn-e-burj samaika ma kamame sabut jalaai-ish-maika junaid-e-samaika jilla wohill samika aameen’ Quoran 84;39,21

It translates something like this: Hey Allah! Oh, ever-living power. Give me strength so that I can go through this challenging situation. I don’t want my spouse to go away. Bless me generously with your grace and mercy and give me a great force.

Finally, you have to chant this either before or after every Namaz that you pray. Pray at least three times a day. Make sure you have plenty of water before you pray and you have washed clean with water. This dua for stopping divorce is undoubtedly very powerful.

Dua For Not Getting Divorced

There have been women who find that their husband is having an extramarital affair. And he starts behaving almost irrationally and weird way. You don’t understand what is happening. Furthermore, he shows no remorse for his deeds. Now he wants to separate from you so that he can be with the other woman. You know his true nature is not the way he is behaving now. Therefore, you want your earlier husband back.

At such times, spouses might seem to be under the influence of something. This could be vashikaran; this could be black magic. Or it might just only mean a crazy temporary behavior due to stress etc.

Now, due to divorce, you don’t want to go away from your in-laws. Due to separation, you don’t want your children to suffer. Now at such delicate times, here’s a dua for not getting divorced that can help you out:

‘Allah astagah-e-sur bid’aah jamila bid’aah sufaila qiblah zaad al-ma’aad durr samaika taqdeer ighsilini min wallah wallah wal’barbad bijli thalij tawallani aafayta wa baarik.’

It translates something like this: Hey Allah! If you’re listening to me, please give me my love, my spouse, my life back. I am nothing without your grace. This is the time you have to help your follower. Cleanse me of sin and bestow me with your blessings. Keep me from the separation.

Chant this dua for not getting divorced by sitting in front of any pure flame. It could be of any natural lamp. Sit there chanting for 5 mins. Do it every day for one week. You will undoubtedly start reaping the outcome.

If you need any type of help and Guidance talks to us without any hesitation. In sha Allah we will solve your problem.

Ruqyah For Marriage Separation Problems

Ruqyah For Marriage Separation Problems or for marriage relationship issues can be use for marriage blockage. We will provide you ruqyah for getting married soon.

Which Ruqyah Use For Marriage Separation Problems?

Marriage is the pious deed that binds your soul and body with your husband together for a lifetime. You take a vow to remain loyal and never separate from each other. Unfortunately, you might be the one among the innumerable people facing problems related to marriage.

You may be a married person, unhappy in marriage, or someone having difficulty in finding the right partner for marriage. Sometimes, you feel like- you have to be a loner and walk the path of life alone.

Ruqyah For Marriage Separation Problems

And you are undergoing a great deal of mental agony and do not know how to deal with the situation. You might have tried different ways to fix your marriage problems, but without any results.

Your incompatibility with your husband may not be because of your shortcomings. You might be facing problems in marriage due to black magic or an evil eye.

In such cases, you can benefit from practicing certain ruqyah related to marriage problems. You have to put your full trust on Allah, the source of all healing and cure to seek His help. If you practice ruqyah regularly, you can find solutions to problems related to marriage.

Which Ruqyah Use For Marriage Relationship Issues?

Ruqyah For Marriage Relationship issues, You tied the knot with the person of your choice to cherish love and achieve success in life together. Yours might have been a love marriage or an arranged one. However, you are not able to establish a loving bond with your husband.

Whenever you want to discuss anything with your husband, it leads to heated arguments. Every word you speak sounds bitter in his ears. You do not feel at ease together.

Even at bed, you feel like strangers. You are gradually becoming a victim of his verbal abuse and hostile behavior—every time you see disrespect in his eyes. You are falling prey to anxiety and depression.

But when you try to analyze these problems, you do not find any major reason. Thus, the fault does not exist in you or your husband. More likely, the problems are created in your relationship by black magic or some evil spell. You have to keep your unprecedented faith in God for bringing peace and stability in your relationship.

Do The Wazifa To Solve Marriage Problems.

YaSubbhoo, YaQuddusoo, YaGufforoo, YaDawoodu

You have to recite this wazifa as many times as possible and blow on your husband in the morning and evening. Also, blow on the food he takes. In Sha Allah, you will get good results.

If you find that the problem is so intense that you are on the verge of separation, then practice the wazifa given below.

You have to put a sweet thing in a bowl. Recite Surah Muzamil on that sweet thing and serve it to your husband before he leaves for work.
Request your husband to offer two rakats of NafalNamaaz, before he leaves for work.
When your husband returns home, take a bath and wear fresh, clean clothes. Do wadu and sit in the corner of your bedroom. Then recite Durood Shareef for 11 times,

Recite the following dua for 40 times.
La Hawlaa Walaa QuwwataIllah Billahi

You devotedly pray to Allah to give you peace and happiness in your married life. In Sha Allah, your husband will turn out to a loving and caring one.

Ruqyah For Marriage Blockage

Ruqyah For Marriage Blockage, Marriage plays a vital role in your life. You undergo permanent and irreversible changes that stay with you forever. If you tie the knot with the right person, you can have a prosperous and fulfilling life.

On the contrary, an unsuccessful marriage can bring in a lot of distress for you. So, you need to get married to the right person. You may be searching for your perfect match, but none seems to fit in.

Your attempts to meet the right man have been in vain. It is gradually becoming a matter of concern for you and your family. You might be having a marriage blockage which is causing hindrance in your marriage.

You have to do the wazifa to remove marriage blockage. Follow the steps given below.

Take a bucket of water and put 41 Jujbe leaves ( ber leaves ) in it.
Stirthe water and recite Surah Fatiha, Ayat-ul- Kurshi, Surah Ikhlaas, Surah Kafiroon, Surah Falaq and Surah Naas respectively, 70 times each.
Blow this on the water
Then take a bath using this water.
You have to continue this for seven consecutive days. In Sha Allah, the marriage blockage will be removed, and you will be directed to the right partner without delay.

Ruqyah For Getting Married Soon

Ruqyah For Getting Married Soon, You have to marry sooner or later. When you get married, you get a partner who remains at your side forever. You have a friend for life to share your happiness and pain with. He is someone who cherishes your achievements and consoles your grief.

With marriage, you become a responsible person and gain respect in the eyes of all. You get protected from people with bad intentions. Your husband provides you with love, shelter, and security. And in return, you do not keep any stone unturned to make him happy.

You dream of a husband, who will understand you and be a pleasure to be with. So, to meet your dream, man always keeps your faith in Allah. You will meet the right person in your life at the right time.

If you want a good marriage proposal at the earliest and settle down with your life partner, observe the ‘ruqyah for getting married soon.’

Recite ‘Durood-e-Shareef’ 11 times.
Then utter the name of Allah 313 times.
Repeat ‘Durood-e-Shareef’ 11 times.
Do this after every prayer for 41 consecutive days. In Sha Allah, you will meet your perfect life partner soon. Marriages are Made in Heaven, and with the remedies provided in the Holy Quran, will Insha Allah pave the journey to be a happy one.

If you need any type of help and Guidance talks to us without any hesitation. In sha Allah we will solve your problem.

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Quranic Dua To Defeat Enemies

Quranic Dua To Defeat Enemies, There are many types of enemies that want to unsettle someone life progress. Some enemy tries to disturb the happy personal life, or some want to see your downfall.

Own enemies always plan for your sick time and also do the wrong thing in your life. He might know all the weakness of yours and target those sensitive areas to make you emotionally weaken.

Quranic Dua To Defeat Enemies

But there is a problematic solution which you can do practice like Quranic dua to defeat enemies. Personal enemies never happy with your strong forte and always are looking for a chance to disturb or unsettle your life progress. The biggest enemy is perhaps those who indirectly causes real trouble and make you stress and worried.

In Islamic rituals, dua plays an essential and critical part to address unwanted interference of your enemies. When you do quranic dua to defeat enemies, it gives you self satisfaction that you have control over your baddie. Dua is the powerful spell for getting rid of the harmful elements of your enemies.

Personal enemies do not give any easy indication about why they do bad thing to your life. Therefore you as a suffering person should pay back or do follow the dua to alter the plans of your enemies.

Enemies’ intention and preventive solution –

Your enemy can go all the way to let your life success takes a completely reverse situation. He can create havoc and causing panic in your mindset.

When you were in this situation, never forget to do quranic dua to defeat enemies. Enemies’ power and impact will be disabled and less effective when you perform dua.

To teach them a lesson, you have to devote to the dua spell. This way your rival competitor will not able to do any damage to your life improvement.

He will be thinking twice before plans to create a hopeless situation for you. Once you do the dua, everything starts to normalize, and you will get a silver line or hope.

Under the circumstance, Quranic dua to defeat enemies will probably help you regain confidence and positive inspiration.

Dua to prevent evil intention –

Bad feelings and evil plan often tend to do a lot of damage to your reputation in society. You can be typecast as a lonely and isolated person.

But if all your effort did not work then ultimately you have to seek the help of Quranic dua to defeat enemies. It is proven that goes through many obstacles before they settled in larger than lifestyle.

Their enemies can plan for how to make your life measurable and stressful. To counter all these unwanted bad intentions, perform the incredible quranic dua to defeat enemies. The enemy will then not have the guts and courage to face you and plans for your downfall.

Personal enemies can be anyone like he can be your rival business competitor whose business progress is not as lucrative or profitable as yours.

Therefore he for revenge will do everything to see yourself morally down. To lift your morale and fighting spirit, Quranic dua will immensely help you to get all your solution.

Baddies main reason to see your downfall-

Often we have seen that an enemy does all kind of unpopular thing to let you feel the pressure or survival. You can make mistakes by the enemies’ evil motive and morally down.

Your baddie main reasons to see you personally disturbed and give tension to your mind. He has enough done and finds the weakness to target those vulnerable areas and you can found wanting.

But you can cheer up and do quranic dua to defeat enemies. After the spell, your enemy plans will not cause you any problem. You can again expect normal life progress as before. From a personal success point of view, you should not let your enemies’ evil intention continue to grow.

You can alter all their evil motive and purpose by doing Quranic dua to defeat enemies. Once you do the dua, your enemies will not trouble you, and you can get the sigh of relief.

Dua positive inspiration to alter the enemy plans –

Quranic dua has its successful alteration, and this gives you a reason to cheer. When you find it tough to deal with personal life failure, you should not wait for things to go in favor of you. That time practice quranic dua to defeat enemies and found immense relief.

Enemies can do a lot of damage to your social image. They make your reputation in society rather unacceptable. Therefore to get back the normal progressive life, recite Quranic dua to defeat enemies.

If you need any type of help and Guidance talks to us without any hesitation. In sha Allah we will solve your problem.

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Dua For Money In Islam

Dua is very powerful, with the help of dua we can get anything. Dua for money is useful for removing poverty from your life. For the getting wealth in your life you should have to work also with the dua because the dua is only accepted when you are not totally depends on dua or for luck because the luck or dua works when you works for getting your dream. When you have a passion to get something, then dua will definitely help you to achieve at your dream.

Some useful dua for money–

“O God, please do me your favor for pay out my debts and give me power for doing my work for getting wealth in my life”.

“O God, You are the only who can manage my life affairs, please grant me ideas for getting wealthy and please remove all hindrance in between me and my wealth”.

We want everyone to get wealthy by using of the job and carrier so you can use this dua for getting wealthier.

Dua For Money Problems

Everyone has to need of money to fulfill their needs. With the hard work and dua combindely can do better, because hard work always pays.

There are some dua which can solve the money problem from your life-

“O God, please grant me the way for get rid from laziness because now I want to remove all grief from my life and want to live my life wealthier so please grant me some power”.

“Allah huma ini asaluka bimaaneeka alazzim va ahsanika siqadim”.

This mantra should be recited 40 times in a day till 41 days regularly.

“O God, please forgive me for my mistakes and grant me your mercy, and please guide me and grant me health and provision in my life”.

Dua For Money Urgently

When we have nothing or no expectation with someone than one thing is always with us that is prayer or dua. When we need something the people and things can leave us alone, but one thing is always with us that God’s prayer and God always helps us to remove any problem.

Useful dua for getting money urgent–

“First of all you should recite Namaz e shab Then ziyarat e aayeshura and then at the end recite ziyarat e zamiha”.

Dua For Money And Success

We want everyone to achieve something and set their goals for being a successful person, but every successful person have someone’s dua.

Some useful dua for money and success–

“Allahhuma leyyin qalbi foolan kama leyyintil haddidi li siydaana dua allahis salam”.

“ Ya Musabbibal asbaabi ya muffattihal Abwaabi Ya Mann Haithu ma du ya ajaaba”.

Dua For Money To Come

For getting money come you should recite surah kasur 129 times with bismillah and with darood sharif (7 times) before start to recite the dua and after the end of dua. It’s the easy and useful dua anyone can recite this easily. Dua is mean like we are really talking to God about our problems and we know God will solve our problem, surely. So definitely dua works, but with the hard work remember that always.

If you need any type of help and Guidance talks to us without any hesitation. In sha Allah we will solve your problem.

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Powerful Dua For Lost Love

Powerful Dua For Lost Love or quranic dua to regain lost love can be use to get your true love back. Our dua for getting ex love back is most work on this problem.

Your life is beautiful and happening when you have the right person by your side. You can’t deny the fact that you need someone who you can share all your emotions. Your life is somehow sorted if you have found that true love. Indeed, life is a war, and true love is a reward.

But, some of the luckiest people underestimate the worth of presence of true love in their life. And they lose them by arguing and satisfying their ego. While they strongly regret it later as the real value is known after we have lost them.

Powerful Dua For Lost Love

You will surely be realizing and trying your level best to get your lost love back. But it is not everyone’s cup of tea do. You must let your lost love feel the void that has been caused due to your absence.

If your efforts have become idle in yielding any results, then you must go for the Islamic way. Therefore, perform our dua to get your love back.

Quranic Dua To Regain Lost Love

Quranic Dua To Regain Lost Love, Quranic verses have the potential to make impossible things happen. History is proof of that. Yes, all your daily problems cannot bother you for long except for some critical issues. And these issues need the best solution to tackle.

Hence, you must have to follow the best quranic dua to regain lost love.

So, here we have come up with the step by step procedure that can make your efforts a lot easier:

Firstly, you have to be clean enough to begin the quranic dua to regain lost love. Hence, bathe and do ablution afterwards.
Wear the appropriate clothing that covers your body enough to qualify the needs before beginning the whole procedure.
Then, spread a jaa e namaz on the floor of the room of your choice.
Before you begin, choose a place that you don’t get any distractions.
Then, spread your jaa e namaz in the direction where Qibla is.
After that, make yourself comfortable by sitting in that direction.
Imagine Allah watching over you.
Every morning, you must recite this dua.
Al qurood bismil vidan naqshat re rishwan alla a rahmoon.
Repeat it for fifty times.
Cook or bring the favourite dish of your lost love.
You should feed that food to the animal of white colour.
After performing this dua for three weeks, you will be amazed by the impressive results.
Therefore, we want you to read the quranic dua to regain lost love.

Dua To Get Your True Love Back

Dua To Get Your True Love Back, Those people are lucky who have found their true love. Many people seek true love from a person but get let down by not getting love back from the other side. People often put their loads of effort to get the love of their life.

But, losing your true love is too painful for a person. One can’t stand the separation from his/ her true love. People often lose their mind and indulge themselves in bad habits after losing their true love.

First of all, you must be clean before getting started with the whole procedure.
Then, look for a place that you find the most appropriate for the best concentration.
Make sure no one can distract you while you are performing the dua to get your true love back
Put a jaa e namaz towards Qibla and start your dua.
Repeat the following dua 371 times every day
Hasbun Allahuu waa La namal wakeel. Quwata Illa Baillahil wa Naseer
You must have to recite the following five tasbeeh every day.
First of all, you should be performing the recitation of Allaahu Akbar 93 times per day.
After that, Alhamdulillah 74 times in your daily routine.
Then, you must recite SubhanAllah 71 times.
Lastly, you have to read LaaIlaha Illallah 93 times per day.
For accuracy, you should be using beads for counting, and you can note it down in a paper.
Make sure to do it every day without any gaps for the effectiveness of dua to get your true love back. You will be noticing impressive results from the very first day.

Dua For Getting Ex Love Back

Dua For Getting Ex Love Back, Have you broken up with your love but still got feelings? Do you want him/ her again in your life? Have you tried to convince him/her, but he/she did not feel the same? Are you losing all your hope? Take no worries at all. We have the best solution that can work effectively for you.

Performing our dua for getting ex-love back can bring happiness to your life again. No one but Allah has the power to convey feelings in the heart and change the mindset of any person. Your efforts do not guarantee that you can influence your ex by convincing.

Here, we have mentioned the whole procedure that can help you out:

First thing you have to keep in mind is that you should offer prayers five times a day without missing any time of the day.
If you do not read namaz every day, you might find your dua for getting ex-love back less effective.
Keep praying to the almighty Allah to bring your ex-love back to you.
Recite the following dua five hundred times every day.
The dua is a part of Darood Shareef. It starts with Allah hummabarikala.
Repeat the following dua 21 times a day.
Do the recitation of Surah Furqaan
You should recite only three verses that is verse number 73, 74, and 77.
And lastly, you have to recite Surah Tariq Chapter number 86 on the day of Arafat.
Perform dua for getting ex-love back and get your lover back in your life. Have faith in Allah and his words, and he will never disappoint you.

If you need any type of help and Guidance talks to us without any hesitation. In sha Allah we will solve your problem.

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The Miraculous Wazifa for Attraction

Have you ever tried to attract someone? Or love someone and wants to attract him or her? If your answer is yes, this article is written for you; otherwise, you can read it to get the information about the attraction tactics. Sometimes, it can be useful for you. By attraction wazifa, you can attract the opposite sex. It also works in powering the broken relations, though it seems some hectic work, but with wazifa, it could be done very easily. Wazifa is little bit tricky, as well as powerful remedy to create a miraculous path to attract success, prosperity, wealth, and happiness in the life. It is a natural system. The one can only interfere in it via some spiritual means other than no one can affect its power and reliability.

Wazifa for Attraction

In fact, wazifa means reciting the name of Allah. Wazifa is an ancient practice. We seek the mercy of Allah through the Wazifa. If somebody wants to get his wish with it, essentially, follow the rules and regulations of recitation. People who have great interaction with Urdu may take the useful attraction tips in Urdu. It is believed to have the origin of Wazifa held from the Urdu language. After then, it has been translated into other languages. Wazifa for attraction is always permissible under the guidance of a learned astrologer. The astrologer must have the proficient knowledge of Urdu. When the implementation of wazifa is done in Urdu, the clarity of results remains strong and the effect exist long.

As everybody knows that attractions occurs naturally. If anyone is using the ordinary efforts to induce the attraction, it is a big mistake of life. To attract someone special, the one can acquire a holy means, which establishes a healthy practicing of spirituality. Wazaif is one of the holy means that done this work very efficiently. Wazaif for attraction is a merely use by people because they are unaware about it. It removes the ego, selfishness, and misunderstandings among the people and being them together with the power of Attraction.

We are revealing a secret here of attracting husband within some time. Wazifa, a spiritual means to attract somebody is similarly effective in attracting the husband. If your husband does not support you, your feel alone, your husband is attracted towards other woman, the lack of love is the biggest problem of your relation, among these situations spiritual wazifa is the most prominent solution for you. It provides you husband’s support, respect, love and establishes a strong bonding.

Love is the very next activity after the attraction. Attraction reveals first then love makes it stronger. Love is a generous feeling, which through the compassion, dignity, and prosperity take places in the society. Love seems a brutal path while the one or both love mates feel instability in love life. In those situations, Wazaif provides support to the love life. To make safe love life from all the difficulties, every couple should recite Wazaif regularly. It gives the best results while the recitation does not skip a single day. Wazaif equally induces the love and Attraction because both are essential to maintain the interest element in relationship.

If you need any type of help and Guidance talks to us without any hesitation. In sha Allah we will solve your problem.

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Dua For Marriage In Islam

Dua is very powerful thing in this world, it said by someone that when medicine fails then dua works there. There are many Duas for marriage in Islam, some are here from them-

Read “Alee Ll Azim” 100 times in a day.

Recite “Ya Lateefo” 100 times in a day with Darood Sharif before start and after end this.

Read “Ya Lateefo” 129 times in a day with Sazda, Darood Sharif.

Recite “Surah Yaseen” 41 times, the Friday is best for starting this Dua.

Read ”Ayyat ool kursi” 41 times in a day.

“Aman Yujeebu Al Muddatarra Iddha Da Aahu Wa Akshifo As Sua”. It’s a very powerful dua for marriage in Islam.

“Rabbee inniee leemaa anjalata ilayya meen khairin faqirun”. Read it 100 times in a day and remember that when you will get your life partner you have to stop this dua.

Dua For Marriage Night

Marriage is a very important part in our life, we everyone needs a loving and caring life partner in our life. With the help of dua you can find your right one life partner in your life. Marriage night is your first day with your life partner, every one want it to make a nice and memorable moment of life.

There are some duas of marriage night–

“Bismmillah Allahuma janeebnash shaitaan, vaa janibish shaitaan maa rajaaktana”.

“Sheikh al albanee aadab al zafaf”.

“Ooh God please make me happy and wonderful life what is having me and keep devil away from us, help us to making our happy wedding journey and honest for each other“.

Dua For Marriage For A Girl

With the help of dua a lady or girl can get desire person in her life. This dua can be done by her father, mother or with brother even can a friend also do dua for the marriage of a girl, this dua can be complete by suggested every person. Dua really works, it will give you 100% result. Girl Who have any problem and difficulties in marriage, it may be genuine or big problem her parents can do this dua for her happy and nice marriage life. Her parents should use this dua for her nice future“Suraahay joommaah” 21 times in a day with Darood pak 11 times in a day. This can start this dua in Friday of Islamic month. “Ali ul azim” 3 times in a day are also very useful dua.

Dua For Marriage After Divorce

Dua for getting married after divorced, Marriage after divorce, there is very rare case you can get a right life partner, and it’s so hard if your marriage was an intercaste marriage. But the Dua is a suitable solution of this problem.

There are some dua for marriage after divorce–

“Ooh God, kindly grant me a nice and careful life partner who is honest in my relation and caring and loving, please heed my pray, I pray it to you from my heart”.

This dua is so powerful and authentic for those who want to get married after divorce.

Dua For Marriage Proposal In Urdu

If you want to get married with desired person dua is very useful for you. Dua is a very beautiful thing, Dua is the way you can get revert from god. There are many duas for marriage proposal in Urdu if you are not getting married, don’t worry about that dua will be definitely help you. The “Ishtikara Dua”will be so useful for you.

If you need any type of help and Guidance talks to us without any hesitation. In sha Allah we will solve your problem.

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Dua To Make Husband Faithful

Dua To Make Husband Faithful or for cheating husband can be use to stop my husband having affairs. You can use our dua for husband to leave the other woman. A husband’s love is the most awaited one. Every girl at some point in their life wants a husband who will be loyal to her. But the greater shock comes when their husband turned out not trustworthy.

Are you one of them? If yes, then don’t panic. Maximum wives are under such situations. There is a list of duas in Islam that can rescue you from all situations. The dua for cheating husbands are for all those wives who wanted their husbands to be faithful. If your husband takes you for granted. Behaves with you in much of the arrogantly. Then maybe he is cheating you. And is having some other relation.

Dua To Make Husband Faithful

With this dua, your husband gets truthful to you. He never lies to you and makes excuses for some peculiar reasons. The dua for the husband to leave the other woman is the perfect blessing for saving a relationship from destroying. For those who want their husband’s complete attention towards them, this dua is for them. With this dua, your husband starts acknowledging all your efforts for the family.

And automatically starts getting attracted towards you. He starts to feel the aroma of yours in the home. And starts neglecting every other woman surrounding him. Your husband’s gaze towards other women can be disturbing if he becomes picky with each passing day. And if he is comparing you with another woman, it isn’t very pleasant. Maybe he is having affairs with another woman and stopped liking everything about you. With the dua to stop my husband from having an affair, you can get another chance to repair your relationship.

Dua For Cheating Husband

Dua For Cheating Husband, Your husband can cheat you for many reasons: It can be because of addiction or gambling, or maybe because he is with another woman. Allah never encourages such behavior. He believes in construction, and all such habits destroy a man. With his dua for cheating husband, your husband can be back on track. He will again start listening to you and will never lie to you. The dua needs the following steps:-

Make fresh ablution.
Then make your usual obligatory prayer or Isha before going to bed at night.
In the morning, make another ablution.
Make sure that in your namaz room, enough sunlight comes in. Every good thing is done in a bright room. Darkness is for evils.
Now during the time of your Fuji namaaz, recite fi’ Adam crib five times
Then blow on a glass fill with water.
You need to perform the dua for cheating your husband for ten consecutive days without any fault.
You soon will figure out the drastic changes you will see in your husband. If this dua is not working due to some reasons, then recite another dua which will surely show you the path. Recite tajealni sah at least four times at different points in time. But make sure that you are reciting it on one particular day. Always remain stress-free and leave all tensions for Allah. He will soon sort out everything. Sometimes it takes more time than expected, but once any change comes, it lasts forever.

Dua For Husband To Leave The Other Woman

Dua For Husband To Leave The Other Woman, Extramarital affairs is like a slow poison. It kills your marriage in no time. As soon as you know that he is having an affair with another woman, you should quickly take the step. Otherwise, if it gets too late, then everything goes out of hand. Allah expects you to take immediate steps if you know about such things. He always guides you for happiness. The dua for husband to leave the other woman is very easy to follow. But needs full attention. Do the following steps-

The morning prayer or Fajr is the ideal time to start the husband’s dua to leave the other woman. In that time, with the new sunlight comes new hope.
Allah Tallah immediately listens to your prayer and wish at that time.
Take a bath and make yourself clean.
Sit in such a posture that your knee touches the ground.
Now recite Durood e insaf fifteen times without any interruption.
Sit in such an area where noises dodo enter. It will not divert your attention to anywhere else.
Now take some water in your palms and shrink it in your dress.
Now recite iibqa K L Anisa ukhrayat min zujin about 100 times.
Do follow the dua for husband to leave the other woman for at least eight days. Be aware, don’t miss any of the steps. And Insha Allah, your husband will again get interested in you.
Allah will listen to your dua in a little time. In Islam, it is so because marital relation which doesn’t work out is considered haram. And Allah will take all means to prevent your marriage from turning into haram.

Dua To Stop My Husband Having Affairs

Dua To Stop My Husband Having Affairs, As told earlier, god never supports extramarital affairs. It is distasteful in the sense that it destroys a family. It creates unnecessary suffering for both husband and wife. Allah as our guardian will always prevent that. The dua to stop my husband from having an affair should be done in the following ways-

Start fasting from a full moon day. And continue it for a week.
You can take light food in the afternoon and night of the fasting days.
Don’t make your husband aware of that.
Every evening, during the Maghrib namaaz, recite the 24th chapter of namaaz in a not very high tone.
In the morning prayer, after completing the seven days, recite himayat eayilatina fifteen times for four days.
Your problem will be solved. The dua to stop my husband from having an affair will start showing effects in your relationship. Your husband will again start seeing you as a blessing in his life. He will find you the most beautiful woman on the earth. Your marriage will turn into Jannat, and never any third person can interfere between you two. If your husband love another woman and you wanna get back your husband then use our Dua For Husband To Leave The Other Woman.

But if this dua to stop my husband from having an affair doesn’t work out, maybe some outsider has done black magic in your relationship. In that case, you need to consult the Molvi Ji, who can guide you. Your communication to Allah will become easy in that way.

Also, don’t perform the dua if you are pregnant or in your menstrual time. In such a case, only recite said fi alibi, and Allah will listen to you. Thus, always remain grateful to Allah. He is very kind and never tolerates any injustice. The dua to make husband faithful is nothing wrong. It is only an effort to make your husband truthful towards you and the almighty.

If you need any type of help and Guidance talks to us without any hesitation. In sha Allah we will solve your problem.

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