Surah Al Baqarah Ayat 165 Wazifa For Love

Every woman wants love in her life. A woman needs a lover to share her feelings. Also, she needs a friendly husband. Women long for love much more than men. Her intense feelings crave a strong bond.

Importantly, Islam supports men and women in true love. Without a doubt, you can welcome love in your life by following Islamic astrological remedies.

Surah Al Baqarah Wazifa For Love

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Undoubtedly, our biggest mission is to help every heart in love. Unquestionably, people in love are much more vulnerable and need true support. We stand by each one of you in your journey.

Particularly, we help you in finding the right match. Especially, you get a true bond of love in your life. Moreover, we emphasize a long-term relationship built on trust and loyalty.

Know the various love solutions mentioned in the holy Quran and change your love life. Introduce love to your soul. Importantly, welcome a loving person in your life to take care of you. Also, you can reconcile your broken relationship with Islamic remedies. Perform various reconciliation remedies if your lover is away from you.

Married people should try Surah Al Baqarah to increase love in their marital life. Intensify your love life with the powerful wazifa. Without a doubt, see the magical change in your relationship.

Surah Baqarah Wazifa For Husband Love

Surah Baqarah Wazifa For Husband Love, Women always want to secure their husband’s love. Along with, a woman can do anything to get her husband’s care and attention. Apart from this, she can fast for days and pray to the almighty to give her happiness. Moreover, a woman craves for her husband’s love and respect. Furthermore, she leaves her home in search of happiness and affection.

In addition to this, a married woman feels complete with her husband’s love. Of course, you can also make your husband happy with Islamic astrological remedies. As well as that, you have to use the remedies prescribed in the holy Quran to please your husband. Subsequently, he will be happy with your efforts and divine blessings.

Decidedly, read the powerful wazifa from Surah Baqarah Wazifa For Husband Love to get your husband’s love. For this reason, recite the verse with utmost devotion and trust.

ویمنا الناسی من یتخیتو من دوونی الٰہی اور عدن یوحبونہوم کہوہبی الٰہی والتھیینا آمانو اشدو حببان للہٰی والہ یار al التینا تھلامو ith یارونہ العاھبہ انا الکویتا للہٰی جمیعan الانھا اللہہ

Wamina alnnasi man yattakhithu min dooni Allahi andadan yuhibboonahum kahubbi Allahi waallatheena amanoo ashaddu hubban lillahi walaw yara allatheena thalamoo ith yarawna alAAathaba anna alquwwata lillahi jameeAAan waanna Allaha shadeedu alAAathabi

Begin to read this wazifa on any Thursday
Sit at a calm place of the house, away from any disturbance
Face towards east and remember Allah
Request Allah to support you and bless you in this mission
Recite the verse for 33 times and pray to Allah to fulfill your wishes
Surah Baqarah Wazifa For Love Marriage

Surah Baqarah Wazifa For Love Marriage, A person has to make many efforts to grow his/her love. Surely, love asks for a huge compromise to sustain the relationship. Ultimately, love matures itself to enter into marriage. Thus, love gets its success.

Indeed, read the powerful Surah Baqarah Wazifa For Love Marriage from surah baqarah for love marriage. Also, we have mentioned below the most important verses for you to attract love in your love. Undoubtedly, this gives you the power to move ahead with the relationship.

یہ کہتے ہوئے کہ اگر آپ اس سے پیار کرتے ہیں تو آپ اس کے محبوب کو برقرار رکھیں گے ، اور اپنے گناہوں کو معاف کردیں گے ، اور وہ بخشنے والا ریحام ہے۔


(فوکل) انی حببتو حبال خیری عن ڈیکاری ربیع حیات توارات بل حجاب


قلی ساہیو کی بادشاہت اس کے ہاتھوں میں ہے ، اور اسی کے لئے ملتوی ہے اور نہ کوئی کھیت اور کوئی قوتیں ہیں سوائے خدا کے سوا کچھ بونے



Read all the verses on every Friday
Shower yourself and wear clean and tidy clothes for the prayer
Recite every verse with a clean heart
Feel every emotions as you pray
Request Allah to bless you with a loving partner
Ask for Allah’s forgiveness and blessings

Surah Baqarah Ayat For Husband and Wife

Surah Baqarah Ayat For Husband and Wife, Certainly, a husband and wife relationship needs a lot of care and attention. Again, both the husband and wife should be loyal towards the relationship. Also, they should be truthful towards one another.

As an example, apart from marital trust and love, a person can increase love in the relationship with Islamic astrological rituals. That’s why we strongly recommend surah baqarah ayat for husband and wife to increase love in their relationship.

کیا ہم خود کو جمہوریہ کے خلاف حفاظت کر سکتے ہیں؟


احبغوم واہ یوحو ابو بنواہو عدالتین الاال مومینینا A- الزبتین اللLل کافرین


اور بلا وجہ ، عقلمند لوگ ، میرے ساتھی ، اے شفیق ، مجھے میرے کہنے سے بچائیں اوہ خدا ، سیلی دانش مند مرد اور خواتین



These are powerful ayat from the surah baqarah. Hence, chant the verses to increase love in your married relationship.

Read the verses on any Thursday
Fast for the entire day and wait for the sun to set
Face towards the north and read the verses
Read Durood e, Shareef, after that and be thankful to Allah to give you this opportunity
Do these verses continuously for 21 days

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Dua For Lover To Come Back

Dua For Lover To Come Back or for your lover to call you can be used to get ex-lover back through the power of Quran Kareem. We will provide you dua to control lover. One of the most important aspects of life is love. Love, like all feelings such as pain, rage, pleasure, and so on, comes naturally.

When your true love, on the other hand, misunderstands you, it can be extremely painful. Start Dua if you’re missing your loved one terribly. Dua is a powerful method of receiving Allah’s blessing. The Dua to bring back lost love in life is an excellent way to save the love of those you care about. All you have to do is perform the Dua with all of your heart and soul. Within three days, the Dua will bring you positive results. After that, you’ll be able to conquer the heart of your dreams. It’s a blessing to regain love in your life.

Dua For Lover To Come Back

The most important person in our lives is our love partner. We can’t afford for him or her to leave. So, to reclaim lost love, perform the Dua. In such a state of mind, you must perform the Dua for a lover to come back. While performing the concerned Dua, follow some extremities. The steps in the Dua to bring back lost love are as follows:

Utter the sacred wordings from the hallow Durood e Shareef for eleven occasions.
Now read from your deepest of the heart the Durood Ibrahimi.
After that, utter the sacred wordings- “ALAHUS Samad” for consistent thousand occasions.
Now once again, utter the sacred wordings from the hallow Durood e Shareef for eleven occasions.
As a closure of the pray to the Almighty Allah to bring back your love in your life.

Dua For Your Lover To Call You

Dua For Your Lover To Call You, Have you lost touch with someone you care about? Are you attempting to contact him or her via phone or text messages regularly? But there is no retaliation from the other side? Of course, it’s excruciating for you. If you can’t find a good way to communicate, you’ll have to pray to Allah for assistance. Only Allah, the Almighty, can assist you in this situation. Begin the Dua for your lover to call you for someone to contact you. This is a powerful way to communicate with the person you want.

If your feelings are genuine, you will receive Allah’s blessings. Perhaps your loved one is hesitant to communicate with you. Pray to the Almighty to remove all impediments in your path of love. Perform the Dua for your lover to call you with a holy heart to get someone to contact you.

Follow the instructions below to get to the Dua and have someone contact you:

Keep in your mind that you have to make a spiritual connection with Allah while performing such a Dua all the time.
So first, ensure to read the five-time regular namaaz.
Utter the sacred words- “Allahuma luka Bi ismika” for consistent forty-seven occasions.
After that, read the sacred wordings for three forty-five occasions accordingly-
“Allahu Akkabr Jimma sil Akari orali Tonkin phibi al mil bim zur”
Ladies, please remember not to do the Dua during your monthly circle.

Dua To Get Ex Lover Back Through The Power of Quran Kareem

Dua To Get Ex Lover Back Through The Power of Quran Kareem, Dua is a powerful tool for resolving any issue. Because it creates a link between your desires and Allah, the Almighty. The most serious issue in our lives is the loss of true love. As a result, we all want to keep our loved ones with us forever. However, if someone is unable to do so due to a mishap, they should seek Allah’s assistance. In those situations, Almighty Allah’s superpower will alleviate your suffering. To initiate the Dua to get ex-lover back through the power of Quran Kareem.

The Dua for love back in few days by the Quran Kareem is an effective way to overcome all obstacles in your love life. Aside from that, it is extremely quick to produce a positive outcome. Very soon, the Dua to get ex-lover back through the power of Quran Kareem carries the ramifications. As a result, you will be able to see the changes from the beginning. All you have to do is follow a few guidelines while doing it. Now you can solve all your love problems using Surah Yaseen For Love Problems.

Perform the Dua after your regular namaaz.

Make sure of your sanitization. Better you take a bath and wear a fresh cloth.
Now utter the sacred words with deep attention from beneath-
“Hasbunaallahu waa la namal wakel Quwwata Illa Billahil wa naseer”

While performing the strong Dua all time, you need to remember the face you love. But do the entire process with a preferable intention.

Dua To Control Lover

Dua To Control Lover, If your lover is frequently fighting and for no apparent reason, you must intervene. Because of your love relationship and your entire life, it is in jeopardy in this situation. As a result, seek the assistance of a superpower. Allah Talah is the source of that power to provide a beautiful life ahead of you. So, when you’re in this frame of mind, begin the Dua to control your lover.

However, you must obtain your molvi’s permission before beginning the Dua to control your lover. Islam indeed contains all of the solutions to your life’s problems. You can get the result of the Dua by following the steps outlined below:

Start the procedure by uttering the sacred wordings from Durood Shareef for consistent eleven occasions.
Recite the sacred ayat 39 from the hallow book the Quran’s sixteenth chapter for five hundred occasions accordingly.

As a closure, breathe on your lover.

From the bottom of your heart, recite the Dua to gain control over your boyfriend or girlfriend. Maintain a pure heart and a firm belief in Allah’s power. Inshallah, the Almighty will grant your wishes and desires. Furthermore, you will always be shielded by the almighty’s blessing. Maintain steadfast faith in your Dua. Allah is the father of all of us, and he demands nothing from us. Just a little trust and patience, he wishes. So give to him and get the major consequences against your desires.

Shohar Ki Mohabbat Pane Ka Wazifa

Shohar Ki Mohabbat Pane Ka Wazifa, For any devoted wife nothing is more important than her beloved husband who means more than the world to her. She will do anything for this man in her life and to keep him happy. However, there are times when problems may arise between them that are not foreseen. This may be heartbreaking for any wife who truly loves her husband unconditionally.

In such cases, it is ideal to make use of powerful wazifas, duas, and taweez. Each of these has its own unique powers and can enhance your relationship with your husband to all-new levels. You can then live happily with your husband and live the life that you always have dreamt of. You can also get all the love that you desire from your husband. Just make sure that you are following the teachings of Allah, rules of the wazifa, and are doing everything Islamic.

Shohar Ki Mohabbat Pane Ka Wazifa

Is your husband grumpy all the time? Is he not behaving as he should? If the answers to these questions are yes then you can use a wazifa for this purpose. You can get back your husband’s love. Here is an example of a strong shohar ki Mohabbat pane ka wazifa that you can employ:

Perform EshaSlah.
Next, put two almonds on your tongue.
Think about your husband and then read the Darood for 11 times.
You then need to read only the following part of the verse from Surah Taha for 100 repetitions:


Then take out the almonds from the top of your tongue and then blow on them.
Next put the almonds back on your tongue and then repeat the verse for 100 more times.
Repeat this method for a total of 5 times so that you have repeated the verse for 500 repetitions.
After the completion of 500 repetitions, you need to put the almonds in a clean piece of paper to store them safely.
You should store the almonds in anything cool so as to avoid them from getting warm or hot.
Repeat this for 5 days consecutively and then give it to your husband to eat. You can make a sweet dish and put the almonds in them after the sweet has cooled down.

Shohar Ki Mohabbat Pane Ka Wazifa

Wouldn’t it be simply brilliant if you could find a way to receive your husband’s love? Well, there is a way and it is by applying a wazifa. You can then get your husband to love you in all ways possible like never before. Following is a shohar ki mohabbat hasil karne ka wazifa:

You need to do this when you give him his meals.
You should first read Darood for 11 repetitions.
Then say “YAAAAUffuvvvo” which is considered one of Allah’s names. You need to recite this for 111 times.
Next, read the Darood once again for 11 times.
Then blow on the food that you are about to give him and then give him his food.
Repeat this procedure for 40 days continuously. Make sure that you always do it for all 3 of his meals.

Are you a wife whose husband does not give you the love you deserve? If so then you know it feels not to feel treasured and loved. Do you want your husband to love you as you love him? If so then you can utilize a dua which is a shohar ki beshumar mohabbat pane ka tarika:

“My Allah! You know me and all my flaws. Yet you love me like your perfect beloved child. For that I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I want to ask of a favor from you and I hope that you will help me find an answer. My husband is the most wonderful person I have ever met in my life and I cannot imagine my life if he hadn’t been there. I really love him deeply. However, lately I have noticed that he has been ignoring me and does not love me like he used to initially. I don’t understand what has happened. I have tried speaking to him but he sleeps most of the time and doesn’t seem to want to talk. I still love him and want us to be happy always.I really want him to love me passionately my Lord.”

Shohar Ki Mohabbat Pane Ka Wazifa

A tweezers a locket or an amulet that contains parts of prayers from the Quran and other holy books of Islam. You can get a shohar ki mohabbat ke liye taweez to get the love of your husband. This taweez will be worn by you for a specific number of days and must be removed at a particular time. Keep in mind that you need to get the taweez made by an expert else you will have to face harsh consequences.

Taweez contains many symbols and writings inside it and so the person who makes it should be very experienced. Then only you can get the taweez that will be beneficial to you. Do your research in this case and you will surely come across someone who will be able to make a taweez for you. The taweez will have powers and you must give it due respect as it makes you get what you want quicker.

Wazifas, duas and taweez are great ways in which you can get closer to Allah. They help you to ask favors of Allah and get them as well. Keep in mind that you are doing all the Islamic practices from your heart. It is recommended that you be a devout Muslim as well by doing your prayers with belief. As long as you have complete faith in Allah, everything will surely be fine in your life.

Shohar Ki Mohabbat Pane Ka Wazifa

He is always there to take you by your hand and to guide you to the path that you should take. You deserve to have the best life with your husband and to enjoy your life with him. By doing all you can from your side and then leaving it to Allah, you put your faith in him. Then he shall definitely answer your prayers at the perfect timing with all his glory.

Which Powerful Wazifa Is Good For Marriage Proposal

In our society, we consider the early twenties to be the perfect marriageable age for both boys or girls. As soon as someone reaches the marriageable age, we start looking for suitable life partners. We reach out to our friends and known ones and find someone who we think will be their best match for our son or daughter. However, many times we face troubles while looking for a match.

Powerful Wazifa For Good Marriage Proposal

We ask everyone, but we do not get the desired marriage proposal for our son or daughter. At such times, we need to seek Almighty Allah’s blessings to help us. Doing a powerful wazifa for a good marriage proposal with the utmost faith in Allah is the best remedy for every problem.

When you recite powerful wazifa for a good marriage proposal with full concentration every day, it does magic. It helps you to get what you are looking for. Allah blesses you and removes any blockage or hindrance in your path of success. When you do this wazifa, make sure that you do not have any doubt in your mind about its power and never think about the benefits. Just have the utmost faith and keep reacting this powerful wazifa for good marriage proposal-

“Sooraah Marryyam”

Recite this powerful wazifa for a good marriage proposal 2709 times for forty days. Moreover, you can also recite “Surah Yaseen.” You can do it for your son or daughter. Or, you can also make them do it for themselves. But, before you do this, perform a full wuzu, and sit in a room alone. When you do this powerful wazifa for a good marriage proposal, you will get your wish fulfilled. Soon, your house will be lit up, and a successful marriage will take place.

Wazifa For Marriage Proposal Acceptance

Wazifa For Marriage Proposal Acceptance, As soon as a girl is eighteen, her family gets several marriage proposals. But somehow, the proposal does not result in a successful marriage. Even the boy’s sides sometimes propose marriage to the girl’s family, but it does not proceed. This is when we need to do wazifa for marriage proposal acceptance.

Many times, evil relatives or friends block our marriage. So, girl’s families do not accept marriage proposals. When the son or daughter reaches a marriageable age, do wazifa for marriage proposal acceptance, if we do this with a pure heart, our Allah will accept our dua of a suitable marriage. We will be able to lead a happy life. For early marriage, you can use our Surah Ikhlas Wazifa For Marriage.

Parents of young adults can do this strong and effective wazifa for marriage proposal acceptance. Boys and girls who want proposal acceptance can also do this. Before proposing marriage to someone, recite the dua and then proceed-

“Sahalamm Bee Fadhliqaa Yaaa Azzeez”

You need to follow these steps before reciting the wazifa for marriage proposal acceptance. Perform a full wuzu. Sit in a room. Concentrate for a few minutes. Then take musk, Kesar, and three rose petals. Muddle them together. Now, with the mixture, write the above dua on a piece of paper. Insert it in a taweez and tie it on the boy or girl’s hand. Seek Allah’s blessings. After tying the taweez, recite the above wazifa.

Pray to the Almighty Allah and beg for His divine blessings. You will see that the marriage proposal results in marriage if you do this correctly. Have full faith, and pray to Allah every day.

Wazifa For Marriage Proposal For Daughter

Wazifa For Marriage Proposal For Daughter, It is a very emotional time when the daughter gets married and leaves the family. They leave us with memories and settle in a new family. It is indeed very sad for the family. Especially, father, mother, and siblings suffer emotionally. But, if the daughter does not get a suitable marriage proposal, it is worse than the pain of separation. We worry about her marriage all the time. In such a situation, we should perform wazifa for marriage proposal for daughter.

This is a powerful wazifa for a marriage proposal for a daughter. If you do it correctly, Allah will bless your daughter with a suitable marriage proposal. However, it would be best if you focused on good deeds. Indulge in the donation of food and clothes to the poor. By doing this, you will get quicker results. You can feed birds in the morning also. When you are merciful to Almighty Allah’s creation, He blesses you.

To do this wazifa for marriage proposal for daughter, perform a wuzu first. The girl’s mother or the girl herself can perform the wazifa. Say this dua and recite the Durood Sharif thrice before the dua. Also, recite it at the end of the following dua-

“Aauzu Bil-llaahi Minaash Shaintaneeir Raazzeem”

It takes around twenty-one days to work. You can talk to a Molvi before doing this. It will eliminate the chances of error. If you do this correctly, you shall get effective results. A rich and decent family will bring the marriage proposal for your daughter soon. Do wazifa for marriage proposal for daughter with full faith.

Wazifa For Quick Marriage Proposal

Wazifa For Quick Marriage Proposal, In Islam, marriages are the most sacred union between a man and a woman. It is only through marriage that we can have children who carry on our faith forever. So, it is important to marry quickly at an early age. Many boys and girls succeed in finding their suitable match. They start a family from a young age and live happily. But, some of us find it difficult to get a marriage proposal. There can be several reasons for not getting a suitable proposal—poor parents, not so attractive girls, not educated boys, etc. But, if you perform this wazifa, you will get effective results. Do this wazifa for a quick marriage proposal.

Pray to Allah the Almighty to shower His blessings on your family. The boy or girl, or the parents, can do this wazifa for a quick marriage proposal. It would be best if you had full faith in Allah. Never think about the benefits or question the effectiveness. To do the powerful wazifa for a quick marriage proposal, sit in a quiet room after Isha Namaz. Recite Durood Shareef three times in the beginning. Now recite the following for 16641 times-

“Yaaa Laateefoo”

Try doing this in one sitting. It will take approximately three to four hours. After the recitation, say the Durood Shareef three times again. Once you complete this, spray some rosewater in all rooms. Sprinkle more in the boy or girl’s room. Before going to sleep, pray with all your heart. Thank Allah for what you have and request Him for a quick marriage proposal. When you do this wazifa for a quick marriage proposal with all devotion, it shows results.

Ya Wadoodo Ka Wazifa For Love

Ya Wadoodo Ka Wazifa For Love, Love is the most powerful emotion there is. It is difficult to define and no one has come up with an exact definition of it yet. However, if you have been in love then you know how it feels. If you love someone dearly but they are not responding then you can use ya wadoodo ka wazifa for love.

Ya Wadoodo Ka Wazifa For Love

This is a very powerful way of showing them that you care for them the most. You must remember that you can never force someone else to forcefully love you. You can use the power of your love to attract them back to you. When your love is powerful and pure, then the other person will definitely come to you.

The following is a ‘yawadoodokaamal’ that you can perform. It is for getting positive results in attracting someone you passionately love with your soul. You must do it only when you are sure that you love someone and you want them in your life.

You must take your time to decide that you truly want to be with this person and then only proceed with this amal. This amal must not be taken as a joke and should be taken seriously. You cannot change your mind mid-way. This is why you must be sure that you want to be with the person before you proceed with this amal procedure.

You can perform this whole procedure whenever you wish. However, the morning time would be best as there would be the least amount of disturbance.
You must have half a glass of rose water. This rose water should be pure like your love. You must put this rose water in an earthen clay bowl. Keep it nearby.

You need to then sit on a mat which you use when you pray to Allah. You need to then imagine the person you love wholeheartedly.
You are then required to recite ‘Yawadoodo’. You should ideally do this with the help of beads mala. You must chant this phrase 800 times.
When you have completed the repetitions, you must blow on the water. You need to do this only once. Then, drink the rose water completely.
You are then required to make a dua to Allah, the Almighty. This dua needs to come from your heart.
You need to repeat this whole process for a total of 11 days. You cannot take breaks in between which is why you must dedicate time to this.
The above amal is useful if you have tried to make someone understand your love. However, you did not succeed. If you think that you have found the one for you then you can use the amal above to find success in a love marriage.

Ya Wadoodo Ka Wazifa For Love Marriage

When you use the method above, you can use it as a ‘yawadoodokawazifa for love marriage too. When it comes to imagining your lover, you must imagine him/her as a spouse. This will help your dream turn into reality very soon.

Your parents will listen to your choice and will allow you both to marry. If the other person has the same feeling for you then your dream will become a reality sooner than you think.

A relationship between a husband and wife is pure. Sometimes, there can be problems between the two. Are you experiencing marital issues with your spouse? Do you think that your husband is not attracted to you anymore? Do you think there is another woman in his life? Do you think his habits are taking him away from you?

Do you feel neglected by him? If all these problems resonate with you, you can use a wazifa. You can use the ‘yawadoodokawazifa for husband love’ in order to get your husband’s love back. This wazifa can be used anytime. That is, even when you think there is no hope, you can use this powerful wazifa.

The wazifa procedure can turn your life around. If you try to talk to your husband then he might feel irritated. He can even get angry at you. This will worsen the situation. You can use a wazifa instead so that you can focus on what you want. When you use the wazifa you will see instant changes in your husband’s behavior.

Ya Wadoodo Ka Wazifa For Husband Love

He will start to understand what a good wife you are. He will feel lucky to have you in his life. He will feel proud to have you as his wife. Additionally, he will start to love you unconditionally just like you love him. You will be able to be the best happy couple you always were with the help of ya wadoodo ka wazifa for love.

When two people want the same thing, it has more force. Therefore, Allah can fulfill your wishes much faster. You can do other things to speed this process. For example, you can give food to the needy. You can help your community so that you are being a good Muslim. You can help others in need.

You can be a good child to your parents by helping them when they need you. You should respect every single person especially elders. Their blessings will impress Allah. Then Allah will definitely help you out with your problem. You will feel that you are being guided by Allah.

Ya Wadoodo Ka Amal

You can perform yawadoodokawazifa for love when you feel like you should. However, it is advisable that you do so with a noble heart. Every wazifa that you perform should be done from love. You must have bathed and done your daily rituals before you begin any wazifa or amal process.

When you have only pure love in your heart you will only do good. When this is the case, Allah will always guide you to the right path. You should always ensure that you are doing good for others. You must think positive thoughts about other people. Allah will shower his blessings on you for sure. When you have Allah’s blessings, you can achieve whatever you want in life.

Wazifa To Make Place In Someone Heart

Wazifa To Make Place In Someone Heart or to create love in someone’s heart can be use to soften someone’s heart. We will provide you wazifa to change someone’s heart. Love is the strength that can have a justification to live. Otherwise, your life will be colorless. Those in love are big, excited, and joyful at the same time. It is such a divine power that only happy souls will sense.

Being in love with someone is a precious inheritance of life, either your mother’s dad, girlfriend, brother, or husband/wife. That’s the sensation that happens all over the world. True love is just a marriage of two souls that makes you so happy in life. But your love is sometimes unilateral, and in your dear heart, you wish to build a sense of love. At that moment, you need a wazifa to make you want someone else to respect you.

Wazifa To Make Place In Someone Heart

If you’re in love, you know all are faithful, and all is Loving the individual who fits perfectly is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. But it all changes in just a time. To make a place in someone’s heart, try this powerful Wazifa.

After a bath and wear white cloth, start this Dua from any Friday night.
Now sit alone and think about the person you want to love.
Then, 320 times repeat “Minal Abdidh – dhaleel IIal Mawlal Jalee”
Take a green cloth and lemon
Now write the name of the person on the lemon
After holding the lemon, recite the following “Bismillahir- Rahmaanir- Raheem, Yaa Ghiyyassal Mustagheeseen” for 310 times.
Now keep the lemon in the green cloth and cover it
Keep it with you while you sleep and do this process for three days
Sleep facing the direction of kibla

On the third day after doing the process, take the lemon, make it juice, and drink it remembering the person. And burry the cloth on the place the someone to whom you want to take place in heart. His heart will change towards you by doing this process and start to think for you in just three weeks.

Wazifa To Create Love In Someone’s Heart

Wazifa To Create Love In Someone’s Heart, Are you in love with a person and badly craving on the persons thinking, then you have to try the wazifa to create love in someone’s heart. Many people want to live with their loved ones. And they wanted and dream of spending their life with the person they love by all means.

There are many people. However, the majority of the time, they do not trust their loved ones, and as a result, they end up breaking up with their partner. When they start to lose their love. You don’t have to do that; you just had to trust and always trust your partner.

Or, in some cases, the person may not be aware that you are in love with them. Otherwise, they may be speaking with you, but they may not love you. For all of these problems, you can do the wazifa to create love. This will work and change the mind and heart of the person you need.

Take a bath and refresh your mind and soul
Then make Wudu with fresh water.
You should now recite the Darood Shareef 11 times
Recite the Ayat number 47 by 11 times after that.
Take the personal photo
And light a red candle, and any fruit.

Now recite “Fa sa yak fi kahumuul lahoo wa huvas Saleem hum hameen” for 101 times
Now take the fruit and show the fruit on candle flame so that the air touches it and say the person’s name nine times and say that he must love you with Allah’s blessings.
And see his picture while doing this process and give the fruit to any animal.
Do this process for a week. To see the result in 3 weeks.
Remember never to skip the Namaz while you follow this method. Have full faith while doing this process so that it fulfills quickly.

Wazifa To Soften Someone’s Heart

Wazifa To Soften Someone’s Heart, Suppose your husband is behaving very rudely to you. Sometimes your boss may be rude that he never recognizes any of your work. In such a case, you need not worry. You can use this powerful wazifa to soften someone’s heart.

This can be done with your loved ones, friends, boss, and anyone you want to soften the heart. This wazifa will melt the person’s heart on whom you are doing for, and you will see the different person.

Make fresh ablution
To do this process, take a paper some sugar in a jar with a lid.
Write the name of the person in red pen
Then repeat ya wadood for 470 times
Darood Shareef for nine times. Blow on the paper and keep it inside the jar, and close.
After that, don’t open the lid and say the given process mantra alone holding the jar.
After seven days, open the jar and consume the sugar. You will start to see the person changing. But remember to meet the person only after you start to consume the sugar, not in between.

Wazifa To Change Someone’s Heart

Wazifa To Change Someone’s Heart, Often you may want someone, but that person doesn’t have to respond to you with those sentiments. Change the mind of someone, or maybe you’re working, and you do all you can to the greatest possible extent.

You should seek the guidance of Allah wazifa to change someone’s heart persuade someone to resolve such a tough situation in life. This wazifa is so powerful that everyone can work on it. Wazifa and Dua help accomplish your desire. To change the heart of another and solve all the clash in any relationships

Sit in a quiet place do it during night time start by Saturday.
Say this “mina abdidh – djaleel la mawlal jhalee for 500 times.
Pray Allah and say the person’s name 11 times. The person must change for you.
Do this process for 28 days.

Which Wazifa To Convince Parents For Love Marriage

Wazifa To Convince Parents For Love Marriage or powerful wazifa for love marriage to agree parents can be use to make your parents agree for desired marriage. You can also use our Islamic prayers to convince his parents for love marriage.

So, you are in love? And you want to marry the person of your dreams? However, your parents aren’t permitting you to marry him. Are you been experiencing a similar situation? If yes, then you must take help of the wazifa to convince parents for love marriage.

Many situations restrict you from connecting with your lover. And when you love someone with most genuine of emotions, it can be a tight feeling to stay apart from them. You certainly won’t want to live without your lover.

Wazifa To Convince Parents For Love Marriage

When you are forced to stay away from your love interest, chances are high that your frustration reaches its peak. And that can be harmful to your overall happiness. You won’t want that to happen.

As your friend, guide, and philosopher, we recommend that you use the wazifa to convince parents for love marriage. If you don’t use this particular wazifa, the chances are high that your parents will make you marry someone you don’t want to.

And that is a particularly harsh feeling. When you are marrying someone, you are potentially deciding to live with him forever. Amidst such situations, if you don’t choose someone you love, your life is all set to perish.

With the Islamic prayers by your side, you can ensure fulfillment of your wish, and that is to marry your lover.

Powerful Wazifa For Love Marriage To Agree On Parents

Powerful Wazifa For Love Marriage To Agree On Parents, Making your parents agree that your love marriage is probably the hardest job before you. The chances are high that they will restrict you from marrying a person of your choice.

Their only logic is that love marriages don’t sustain and you might end up breaking up. However, such issues don’t happen every time. Maybe you are too much in love with each other, and you can’t only live without each other. But your parents are also not convinced about the future of your relationship. So, what to do now?

Well, we all understand that parents care about their children. And they always think of their children’s welfare. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that will create barriers in your love life. That doesn’t seem suitable.

Everyone should have the choice of taking their own decisions. And when you are a grown-up person, you have all the rights to marry anyone you like. Similarly, you also have the right to reject a person of tour parent’s choice, if you don’t want to marry him.

But the most challenging part comes when you disclose your secret relationship in front of your parents. This is when the powerful wazifa for love marriage to agree parents would come in handy. With the powerful wazifa for love marriage to agree parents, you will get fast results.

You will see tremendous results within a couple of weeks. And more interestingly, your parents will start showing interest in your love life. Don’t miss your opportunity to convince your parents about your love life. Try out the wazifa that’s specially made for helping you succeed in your love if, even when your parents are not supporting you.

Wazifa To Make Your Parents Agree For Desired Marriage

The wazifa to create your parents agree for desired marriage is the perfect remedy when it comes to convincing them to allow you to live your life on your terms. Throughout your life, right from your childhood.

You have always listened to your parents or teachers. Now that you have grown up, it’s your right to live your life and take your decisions without depending on anyone. Even if it’s your parents, you won’t want to rely on them.

You should have your own choices. This is especially true when it comes to your love relationship. Maybe you are in deep love with someone for a long time.

But over the years, you didn’t dare to disclose the fact to your parents. This is a very common instance. This happens mainly because of fear. The fear is about your parents rejecting your desires. You won’t want that to happen.

And that’s why the wazifa to make your parents agree for desired marriage is the perfect way to get out of the jinx. Now, you’ll have a say in your life’s decisions.

You don’t have to live the life of a slave. Now, you don’t require relying on others to decide what you want to do in your life. You have got all the freedom to determine your own life.

All you need to do is visit your nearest Mosque and ask the person-in-charge if they have any contact with a reliable Maulvi. In case they have such connections, then we wish you congratulations. The Maulvi can help you with the wazifa to improve your love life.

Islamic Prayers To Convince His Parents For Love Marriage

Islamic Prayers To Convince His Parents For Love Marriage, You all should have trust in Allah the Almighty. It’s a trusted word that he has got our back. And whenever any of his disciples fall into trouble.

It’s Allah’s magic that saves him or her from even the most significant dangers. Similarly, he has put forward some useful remedies to help you out in situations when your parents don’t let you marry a person of your choice.

According to Islam, love helps lives flourish on earth. And if love is absent from your life, you are not living your life to its fullest. This is why it’s important to marry a person whom you truly love and have feeling for.

If you can marry anyone without any love, then we are afraid you would feel disappointed throughout your life. Don’t let that happen. You can always rely on Islamic prayers to convince his parents for love marriage.

One of the most significant advantages of the Islamic prayers to convince his parents for love marriage is that these prayers help to transform the environment around you.

As a result, when you wish for something with full of your heart, the universe helps to make your wish come true. Similarly, if you love someone badly and want to marry him, but your parents do not agree, these prayers will prove helpful.

Which Dua To Get Separated From In-Laws

Dua To Get Separated From In Laws, If you are in a harmful relationship with your in-laws, you can use dua for separate home from in laws. There is a powerful Wazifa that can be helpful. To do this, you have to visit graveyard at 12 on mid-day of Tuesday. To do this dua for separate home from in laws, it needs not to be Muslim graveyard.

Dua To Get Separated From In Laws

First of all, sit between two old graveyards. Now you have to read Darood or Salavat for one time. Without bismillah, read Surah Lahab for 500 times. Now you need to again read Darood or Salavat for one time. The next step in dua for separate home from in laws is to do following dua:

“Yaa Allaah please create hatred between Adam son of Mary and Nicole daughter of Mary.”

In this dua for separate home from in laws, you have to take the names of persons with the names of their mothers. After this dua, they will start hating each other and this is how relationship is broken.

Another dua for separate home from in laws is to make istighar and give sadaqa. Reciting Ya Haleem for 100 times on a daily basis will make the things improve. If you are living with your in-laws and finding problems there, it is better to get separated. Doing dua for separate home from in laws will be helpful if you face any difficulty to do so.

Many a times, women face problems with their in-laws and they just cannot continue living with them. The reason can be that in-laws might be torturing or harassing in nature. In such as case, dua for separate home from in laws will resolve all your problems.

You can also recite the following dua for separate home from in laws:

“Alaahoomakhfirrlee Zammbee Wavassilee Fee Daree Wabarikklee Fee Rizkee”

On reciting the above dua for separate home from in laws, Allah would definitely fulfil all your wishes.

Dua to Get Rid of Mother in Law

Another dua for separate home from in laws is as follows:

Whenever you want to begin performing the Wazifa or dua to get rid of mother in law, you can. After you perform the obligatory prayers at night, recite the following dua to get rid of mother in law for 121 times:

“Waa Allahu Alamoo Biyada Ikum Waa Kafa Billahi Waliyan Waa Kafa Billahi Nasiran”

The above dua to get rid of mother in law is Suraah ann Nisaa Verse Number 45. The meaning of this dua to get rid of mother in law is as follows:

“Allaah knoweth best (who are) your enemies. Allaah is sufficient as Guardian and Allaah is sufficient as supporter”

Another dua to get rid of mother in law is as follows:

“Laa Yuhiboo Allahoo Aljahraa Bissuyi Meena Alqawlee Man Zoolima Waa Kana Allahusamiyan Alimaan”

This dua to get rid of mother in law is Suraah Annisaa Verse Number 148 and meaning of above dua to get rid of mother in law is as below:

“Allaah loveth not the utterance of harsh speech save by one who hath been wronged. Allaah is ever Hearer, Knower.”

You need to recite the above two dua to get rid of mother in law together for 121 times; Suraah ann Nisaa Verse Number 45 along with Suraah ann Nisaa Verse Number 148. Make dua to get rid of mother in law and pray to Allah to save you from the person who teases you.

Now you have to perform this dua for 3 days. You can also perform this dua to get rid of mother in law on your enemies. Women should avoid performing this dua during menstrual period. Also, one should not perform it for illegible purposes.

Dua for Good Relationship with In Laws

In today’s times, disputes within the families are very common. Many mother-in-laws are unable to sustain a lovable relationship with their daughter-in-laws. In such cases, dua for good relationship with in laws would be your relation saver. It is called as dua for reconciliation which can remove hatred and increase love among people. You can recite this dua for good relationship with in laws as follows:

“Oh Allaah, reconcile (with love and understanding) between our hearts. And resolve our (broken) affairs. And guide us towards peace and paths of guidance. And take us out of the darkness (of falsehood, ignorance, evil etc.) to the brightness (of truth and guidance).”

There is a dua that can zip up mouth of your mother-in-law and she would never tease you. Following is the dua for good relationship with in laws:

“Waa Tammat Kaleematu Rabbikaa Siddqanw Vaa Adlaa La Mubaddilaa Lee Kalimatih Waa Huvas Sameeyul Aleem”

To make this dua for good relationship with in laws, you have to recite the above dua for 7 times. Now blow on roti and make your mother-in-law to eat it for a period of 7 days. This dua for good relationship with in laws can just seal up the mouth of your in-laws. After marriage, almost every woman has to face problems. To get rid of all these problems, you can do dua for good relationship with in laws.

As part of the Muslim community, you are actually making dua almost every time. Reciting Suraah Al Fatihaah is also a dua you can use as dua for good relationship with in laws. When you say “As Salam Alikum” and respond with “Waa Aalikum Salaam”, it is also a due, just like the other dua for good relationship with in laws. When you are making Istikharaah for taking decisions, it is also a due like dua for good relationship with in laws.

Best dua is when you say “Alhammdulilaah” where you praise Allah. You call up Allaah and he loves it. He is there every time you call him and He helps when you need Him. You just feel helpless without Him and for this reason, you need dua for good relationship with in laws. In troubled relations, only dua can help and save your family relationships.

Qurani Wazifa for Getting Safe Pregnancy in Urdu

Being a father, you must have the knowledge about the pregnancy issues in the mother. To prevent the child from miscarriage or premature birth, take an advanced course of Qurani Wazifa. Sometimes, you get wazifa for child and mother separately. An unborn child can get recite wazifa so that mother and father must take responsibility to recite Qurani wazifa from pregnancy to delivery time. According to an Islamic convention that women get rewards from man’s side such as he protects her and child from any kind of harm.

Along with reciting Qurani wazifa, the man must try to maintain the health of the mother during the pregnancy time. It is the best provision to ensure the safe pregnancy.

During the pregnancy time, the act of parents can produce a threat to the child’s safety, so you must be careful during the pregnancy to delivery time for a safe pregnancy. A constant recitation of wazifa provides better health and safety to mother and fetus too.

The Urdu language is very popular and prosperous. Several verses of Quran have been written in Urdu and people are using them for a safe pregnancy. It is a boom of Urdu for women whereby they are getting pleasure of pregnancy. The Qurani wazifa gives best results in its original form. Some of the people who desire to have wazifa in Urdu; we provide them Urdu wazifa to get pregnant soon. If you feel the shadow of black magic on your child, make sure it will remove soon. You will wonder that how wazifa has removed the effect of black magic.

We provide you such powerful Qurani Wazaif, which is unique, and illustrate some tips whereby you can get the pregnancy soon. Pregnancy is a period before giving birth to a child. If it passed easily, then couples do not have to face any discrepancies such as miscarriage. A Wazaif helps a woman to conceive a child soon with the benefit of normal pregnancy period. According to a recent survey, 90% of childless cases were affected of physical inabilities of woman or man. The Qurani Wazaif removes all these obstacles and provides chance of being a mother to a woman. If any couple wants frequent results, then they will take the Urdu Wazaif recommended for normal delivery.

Getting pregnant was not so easy before the entrance of Qurani wazifa. As people get to know about it, they felt relief in their pregnancy issues. May be you are feeling inability, since a long time to get pregnant, but it will not remain in the same position. A powerful Qurani wazifa will solve each kind of pregnancy issue. Mostly woman becomes the victim of guilt while couple proves unable to give birth to a child. It is not a justification with women. The inability may be in man, but due to social environment, the woman is blamed for this entire situation. Qurani wazifa fills the empty hands of woman and makes sure her safety from the threatening of asocial elements.

Which Dua For Husband To Leave The Other Woman

Dua For Husband To Leave The Other Woman or to protect husband from another woman can be use to stop my husband having affairs. We will provide you very strong wazifa to get back husband from other woman.

How To Use Dua For Husband To Leave The Other Woman?

Allah has created a woman for a man to keep him happy. Husband and wife should be like clothing for each other. In the Hadith, the prophet Muhammad (SAW) has mentioned husband and wife to establish friendship in their relationship before everything else. A husband should respect his wife before establishing a loving relationship.

Unfortunately, many married couples fall short of establishing a loving relationship with their spouse. This paves the way for the interference of other women in their otherwise intimate and sacred relationship. Any anomaly in marriage would not have taken place if the married couples had interpreted the rights and values of their spouses correctly.

Dua For Husband To Leave The Other Woman

We live in a consumer society where everything is handy. We come across men who undervalue their spouses and look for alternatives in love for any trivial matter. This has resulted in several married couples involved in extra-marital affairs.

If you are one to find yourself trapped in a suffocating marriage, where your husband is involved with another woman, you should not bear the pain silently. You have to fight for your cause and establish the position that you hold in your husband’s life.

Instead of being irritated and dealing the matter with anger, try to find out the shortcomings in your relationship. Work out on all the weak areas patiently and present to your husband the beautiful, compassionate person that you are.

Also, surrender to Allah completely, and pray to Him for your righteous demand. After every obligatory prayer, say the name of Allah ‘YaWadudo’ for 100 times.

After Isha Salah, read ‘Darood Shareef’ three times, ‘Surah Falaq’ for seven times and ‘Surah Naas’ for seven times. Recite ‘Ayat-ul Kursi’ for 11 times. Again read ‘Darood Shareef’ for three times at the end.

Being in wadu, blow on your husband’s chest while he is a bed. In Sha Allah, Allah will compel your husband to leave the other woman. And you will revive the love, prestige, and position in your husband’s life.

Very Strong Wazifa To Get Back Husband From Other Woman

Very Strong Wazifa To Get Back Husband From Other Woman, You have come to know lately that your husband is involved with another woman. It is not only heartbreaking but also humiliating. You feel ignored and cheated at the same time. However, it will never be wise to discontinue the relationship with your husband. You have to find ways to get your husband back and emerge victorious in the foul play that is going on.

Your husband is stuck in a sticky situation. His involvement with other women also forsakes the principle of Islam. Being his wife, you have to be sympathetic to him and patiently guide him to get back in your life. You must see that he does not go astray and walk his life in the path of truth.

Repent to Allah and pray to Him diligently to get your husband back. Practice this strong wazifa to get your husband back. After Fajar Salah, recite ‘Darood-e-Ibraheemi’ for three times. Then with ‘Surah Fateha’ recite the dua given below,

“Subhanaka La Ilaha Illa Anta YaRabba Kulli Shai-in WaWarisahuWaRajiqhu”

Repeat it for 100 times. Blow on a sweet and request your husband to eat it. In Sha Allah, Allah will guide him on the right path, and you will get your husband back from another woman soon.

Dua To Protect Husband From Another Woman

Dua To Protect Husband From Another Woman, You are married to a person who is very lovable and likable by all. Your husband is a precious jewel who receives appreciation and praise from all. Sometimes you feel afraid of losing your husband to another woman because of the inherent good qualities in him.

Your husband is the center of attraction wherever he steps in, and women are attracted to him as bees are to honey. Other women try to get cozy with him, and you feel unsafe. You have even found love offers made to him by other women, who are ready to have an open relationship with him.

Your husband, being an honest man, is least likely to fall in the trap of another woman. But the insecurity lies within you. To protect your husband from another woman, you can practice reciting dua.

After every Fajar Salah and Isha Salah, sit on your prayer mat and read Darood Salvat’ for 11 times. Then read the following dua for 500 times.

AniqZifihi Fit TabutiFaqzifihi Fil YammiFalyulQihilYammu Bis SaahiliYaKhujuAduwwul Liwa AduwwulLah, WaAqaituAlaikaMahabbatamMinneeWaLitusna-a Ala Ainee

Blow on water and make your husband drink it throughout the day. In Sha Allah, your husband will be protected from other women and their lustful eyes.

Dua To Stop My Husband Having Affairs

Dua To Stop My Husband Having Affairs, Your husband is a decent man having high moral values. But his profession demands him to work nearby of other women. This worries you a lot and sometimes create suspicion in your mind. It is very natural for us to be possessive of someone we love. But gradually, it is over empowering you, and you are falling prey to anxiety.

You cannot clear this matter with your husband as it can break the trust between you. At such an instance, you can put your complete faith on Almighty Allah and seek His protection. Recite the beautiful names of Allah,

‘Ya Wadudo, Ya Hafeezo’ for 100 times during sunrise and sunset every day. In Sha Allah, the love between your husband and you will become stronger, and Allah will stop your husband from having affairs with other women.

After Fajar Salah, read the following dua for 11 times.

“KullaYashtabilKhabishuWa-taiyebuWalauAjabakaKasratulKhabishiFattaqullahaYa-ulilAlbab, Ya-ulilAlbabilAallakumTuflehun”

Read ‘Darood Shareef’ for three times both before and after reciting the dua. Blow on food and serve it to your husband. Allah has sanctioned marriage between a man and a woman. He feels the happiest, when legitimate and honorable love exists between them.