Mohini mantra to attract girl in hindi

mohini mantra to attract girl in hindi Everyone wants to bring happiness in their life and everyone is trying to do anything for success in their life. Life is always difficult for each one of us because there is always something amazing in our way and things do not always come our way. There are many problems in everyone’s life which they face and suffer from grief and pain in their life. Human nature is that every human is willing to be attractive and loving to all and to do so they use the Vashikaran mantra to attract everyone.

Yes, the Vashikaran mantra works for those who use it to attract everyone, but the person using it must have good intentions. The power of this Vashikaran mantra will make others your slave so this type of Vashikaran mantra should be used only by astrologers or vashikaran experts as people may use it wrongly. An astrologer or vashikaran expert should not share the process and tricks of the vashikaran mantra to attract everyone with anyone. You can control anyone in your life and there are some areas where you use the Vashikaran mantra to attract everyone: mohini mantra to attract girl in hindi.

Vashikaran Mantra For Girl-Boy, Ladies

If you are a student, you fall in love with your classmate, you want to attract that boy as per your wish, and then you can apply our vashikaran mantra seva on that boy. Most girls are using our service on our love. We offer our Vashikaran Mantra Seva only for those girls who want to attract the love they desire. In this service, we will give you some captivating mantras to solve all your love related problems. Condition, if you use our service then after using it, you will get favorable results within a few days.

Vashikaran mantra to attract a girl:

Do you love someone, but he hardly shows any interest in you, but if you can’t live without him then you are good to go for girlfriend vashikaran mantra.

This mantra will help you to attract the girl you love and she will fall in love with the power of this powerful Vashikaran mantra. You will love the girl you love because she will be impressed by the power of astrology and the Vashikaran mantra. The girl you fall in love with will start feeling your love and she will eventually fall for you against your will as well. She will not be able to stay away from you because the power of astrology will keep pushing her towards you. Using the Vashikaran mantra will bring positive vibes around you that will send a positive message in the air that will connect with the person for whom you use the Vashikaran mantra and will fall for you. You can make any girl love you, but we suggest you not to use it for fun as the girl will fall in love with you after using the girlfriend vashikaran mantra and astrology will never hurt anyone’s feelings Wants to do

Vashikaran mantra to attract husband or wife:

This Vashikaran mantra is the most common which is used by a large number of people as extramarital relationships after marriage are very common these days. Your spouse can fall for someone who can be very destructive to you and your family and you will have to bear the loss for it. It is seen that most of the men go for extramarital affair when their wife is pregnant and they opt for extramarital affair to get physical satisfaction. In such a situation the wife can choose husband Vashikaran mantra which will never let your husband think of anyone else because his mind will be controlled by Vashikaran mantra and he will always think about you. Same goes for wives because someone to seduce your wife

You see any sign of problems in your married life. Our vashikaran mantra for husband and wife will keep your love growing with positive energy between these mantras.

Attract Your Boss and Get Success:

You may have noticed that people who work hard but never get success and some people who are comparatively less hard work get much more success. There is no rocket science as everyone can do this with the power of Vashikaran mantra to attract their boss. In your office, if your work is not appreciated much, but you work really hard then this is the time for you to attract the boss for Vashikaran mantra. mohini mantra to attract girl in hindi

By using this mantra you will be covered with positivity and your co-workers will start walking in your path. They will start thinking that you are better than them and your boss will start trusting you more than others. It will bring success in your life but success comes with additional responsibilities so you should use this mantra even after achieving the success you want. Your actions will be taken as the guidance of all others in your workplace and you will become famous among your colleagues.

Vashikaran mantra to attract a man

Our Vashikaran Mantra technique is a very difficult subject / subject and can be very strong. You please be very cautious here, compare anywhere that you try to give only the right mantra. mohini mantra to attract girl in hindi

We are providing our Vashikaran Mantra technique which is used to attract someone you want. If you use our technique to attract a man then you are going the right way. If you are working in the private sector and you want to attract men, who are also doing jobs in your office, then this time you can use our technology.

Mantra to attract married woman

Sometimes you fall for a married woman but due to the restrictions of society, you are able to make her your love. At that time you should go for vashikaran mantra to attract a married woman from whom she will fall for you and you can fulfill your wishes. You can use this mantra to attract any woman in the world but this mantra only works for those who use it to the fullest and according to the instructions given by our expert astrologer and captivator .

If you want a woman who lives next to you then you are in that place because our expert astrologers can help you do this, but we do not promote such activity which is socially and morally wrong. Has been declared as.

Everyone has a desire to be popular and loved by all so using the Vashikaran mantra to attract someone is a blessing for those who want to live a happy and successful life. You just need to find your target and the rest of the work is done by our expert astrologer and captivator. So don’t waste your time thinking and let us serve you with the best astrology and vashikaran services and attract any person in the world with the power of vashikaran mantra to attract anyone.

Vashikaran mantra to attract love

If you are not sleeping at night because you are falling in love with someone special in your life and you want to attract that person then you can consult us. Our Vashikaran Mantra Seva as the name means, it is a mantra, which can really fulfill all your love desires in your life. If you do not get success in attracting your love then you can use this vashikaran mantra for your dear one. After using it, you will feel a change with your partner’s behavior, and you will get everything from your partner. mohini mantra to attract girl in hindi

How can I bring my ex love back

How can I bring my ex love back Do you want to marry your lover? There are many girls who are not able to convince their lover for marriage. Sometimes, the parents of the lover are not ready for their son’s marriage. Problems can be many but the solution can be one and that is powerful mantra. Are spells really effective? Can people marry with mantras? There will be many doubts floating in your mind, but these doubts will be overcome when you start practicing really strong mantras to get your lover to marry you.

Easy vashikaran mantra to convince your lover to marry you:

|| Om Kelam Vivaah: Sas Purha ||
Om Kelam Jeevan Vat Pura ||

Vashikaran mantra for lover

If you feel that your lover is falling in love with someone else or you are not paying attention to them, then in those cases, you can use strong vashikaran mantras. How to convince lover for marriage? This question is asked to the girl whose lover does not want to marry her.
It can be really easy for you to attract your lover using strong spells. How can I bring my ex love back

How to convince loving parents for marriage?

If you feel that your lover’s parents have not agreed to your marriage, then it may be possible to prepare them for it. This can only be possible with the help of captivity. These spells are really strong if used properly.
If you have broken up with your boyfriend, it can be very difficult to ask him to marry you. How to convince boyfriend for marriage when you have a breakup? In such situations, you can use powerful captivating tips that are helpful in getting your lover back.
Control your lover’s mind

When you learn to control your lover’s mind, it can be easy to control and change his thoughts. If you are wondering, कैसेHow can I convince my lover to marry me ‘, then Ti can be possible with the help of powerful mantras. Mantra chanting is helpful to get back the love of your life. Your lover’s thoughts will change automatically according to your choice. You did not find any problem in controlling your lover after learning the powerful mantra of the original love guru. How can I bring my ex love back

Vashikaran mantra to control boyfriend

Om Kameshwar [lover’s name] Annaya Anna Vashyamam Klim |

Any woman who is stuck on this question – how can I convince my lover to marry me, can decide to use special mantras by the Love Guru. Nothing can defeat powerful spells and using strong spells will fulfill all your desires. There is no possibility that you will regret using these mantras as the effect of these mantras is quite amazing. Just you have to chant the mantras again and again as this will help you to create an attractive aura. Your boyfriend will automatically come into your life with a marriage proposal. How can I bring my ex love back

Remove black magic spells

Do you think someone has done black magic on your lover? If yes, it may be true but you should find a good solution for this. When you want to know how to convince your lover to get married, it is necessary to find a solution to black magic spells. No matter who has tried to get the love of your life, you can get it back using strong methods. Amazing mantras and mantras can help you bring your loved one back easily.

In Vedic astrology, there are several remedies to find remedies to overcome black magic. You can use the Vashikaran mantra to control your lover and in the same way, someone else can use it. You can use your intelligence and strong spells to remove black magic from the life of your loved one. Lal Kitab’s Totke is helpful in getting married to your lover soon. There is no need to learn any sadhana to get it back but you need to use some mantras and mantras to find the love of your life.

How do these mantras work?

Tantras and mantras are really powerful when you want to achieve something in your life. “How to convince my boyfriend to marry me?” If this question has also come in your mind, then you can marry your boyfriend by adopting some very simple tips. You have to do nothing but resort to love spells. These strong mantras will help you to attract your lover in really short time. You do not have to wait long to get the love of your life. How can I bring my ex love back

Easy mantra to explain to your lover

You just need to follow some easy mantras with which you can know how to convince your lover for marriage. There are many black magic spells that help you connect with your love. These mantras are highly effective if told by a renowned expert. You do not have to be an expert to learn easy spells to control or convince your lover. You just need to follow the guidelines given by Love Guru. This will help you gain control over your lover.

Easy love mantra for ex-boyfriend to explain:

Om Namo: Jal Magna Jalya Th: Th: Th: Vashikaran: Hrim Nam: ||

How do I convince my boyfriend to marry me? This question is asked by many girls who are stressed about getting married. If your boyfriend is not getting married, then you need to talk to him. If he ignores the idea of ​​marriage, then you should use some mantras that will help you to get your love. These mantras will always be beneficial and it will not cause any harm to your loved one.

When you follow all the necessary things required to marry your lover, it will be possible for you to marry him. There were no problems before, but now all problems will be solved and this can only be possible when you use powerful spells and mantras to control your lover. How can you convince your lover to marry you? There is no problem in controlling the mind of your loved one as others can control it. To extract spells from someone’s mind, you have to use stronger spells than before. How can I bring my ex love back

Free mantra to attract ex boyfriend:
OM NAMOH KAT Critical abstraction (derived name) SAY VASHMANAY SWAHA || ||

Vashikaran mantra to get ex boyfriend:
|| Om Kelam Pur Dam Vipisa ||

Vashikaran mantra to get back at home
Om Namo Kali Kalika, Akuk Amukki
ॐ Shree Shree Charms Charms Swaha: ||

Lord shiva mantra to get lover back
Om Namo Kat Vikas Ghar Rupini (minus name) SAY VASHMANAY

Kampisachi vashikaran mantra for love back
ॐ All the best men of power, Shri Hr Swaha ||

Mantra to win your lover

Get Dua to Get Loved One Back

In all relationships across every culture around the world, love is an indisputable necessity that binds two souls together. This bond grows day after day rendering the two individuals in the relationship inseparable. However, love is not something that stays unless it’s nurtured with care and mutual respect.

The dua to get loved one back is for everyone in the world who wishes to have a happy married life with their lover. This wish for love can drive people to look for someone to love all their life. Sometimes these people find the person they were meant to be with but are unable to stay with them because one of them has lost the love for the other.

This situation might seem like a common one, but it is a truly painful experience for those who go through it. However, you don’t have to live in such a way, hoping for your love to come back.

Procedure to Perform Dua to Get Loved One Back

The dua for someone to come back to you is not only meant to be used for lovers but can also be used for any relationship as there are many relationships in each and every person’s life. A son who has left his parents in search of money or ambition can be brought back to his parents with the dua to get loved one back.

We have provided you with a detailed description of how you can perform the dua to get loved one back. You don’t have to worry about how to perform the dua and just follow the instructions word for word.

It would be best if you knew Arabic so that you can easily read the dua to make someone love you back. It is extremely important that you pronounce each word of the dua correctly to have the best effect on this powerful dua. If you do not know how to pronounce Arabic, then you can use the audio recordings of the dua and follow along when reciting the dua to get loved one back.

You can easily perform the dua if you follow the instructions, which are as given below.

Firstly, it’s extremely important that you perform a complete ablution and wear clean clothes.
The dua to get loved one back requires the photo of the loved one or a white sheet of paper and two cardamom sticks so you can arrange them at the place you are going to perform your prayer.
Then you have to recite the Durood E Sharif eleven times.
After that, you have to recite the Surah Al Qari’ah seven times.
Once you have finished reciting, you can take the photograph of your lover and blow on it three times.
Then you recite the powerful dua for love back as given below
“Allhummaj Al SalawaatikaWaBarakaatika Ala Muhammadinin Nabi Yi WaazwaajihiUmmahaatiMu’mineenaWazurriyatihiWa Ahli BaytihiKamasallayta Ala IbrahimalnnakaHameedum Majeed”
Once that is completed you can recite the Surah Al Fatiah three times.
If you perform the dua to get loved one back for three days, you will get your loved one back.

Precautions to Perform Dua to Get Loved One Back

Each and every dua and wazifa to get someone back in your life requires to be performed according to the rules and regulations that are unique to it. When a person performs a dua, he she is asking a request to Allah to answer their prayers and grant their wishes. But Allah is not obliged to answer our prayers unless it would bring us true happiness. The dua to get loved one back has some precautions that you should be aware of before performing it.

This dua is extremely powerful, so it mustn’t be used unless you and the other person truly love each other but are separated due to some misunderstanding.
The dua to get loved one back should only be performed starting from a Friday.
You should be devout in all your prayers five times a day.
Have complete faith in Allah and accept the answer you receive gratefully as Allah knows best.

Dua to Get Someone Back

It is not often that a person finds their true love, and even so, its not easy to stay with that person forever without conflict because we are different in personalities. However, we have to learn how to pray to Allah for someone back in order to find a way to bring back someone who has decided to leave you for another or just fell out with you because of a clash of egos. It is human nature to make hasty decisions based on emotion alone, and its quite understandable these decisions can lead to regret. These problems can be solved easily with the help of the dua for lost love back. As every dua leads you to a path to gaining your wishes through Allah, you will have no reason to worry about the matter and have complete trust that Allah will help you.

Procedure to Perform Dua to Get Someone Back

With the help of dua to make someone talk to you can solve the conflict between yourself and your significant other. All you have to do is follow the instructions, and within the set time, you will get a solution to your problem, which in this case is getting back someone you love. The dua to get loved one back will be of great assistance to gaining a happy married life.

First of all, before the prayer, you have to cleans your body and sir the prayer in fresh clothes.
Then you have to recite the Durood E Sharif eleven times without pause.
After that, you have to recite the Ayat Al Kursi seven times while you simultaneously visualize the face of the loved one you want back.
The dua to get loved one back can be completed once you recite the Durood E Sharif three more times.
You will get results within thirteen days, so continue to perform this dua diligently.
Precautions to Perform Dua to Get Someone Back
It is crucial to aware of the reasons why you will not get a favorable answer from Allah for your prayers. The dua to get loved one back is one such dua that has many rules which should be followed in order to get the best chances of receiving good results to your supplication.

Always perform the dua in a quiet spot without any noise or disturbance.
When you make your dua to get loved one back you shouldn’t ask with a selfish desire in mind but also consider the well-being of your partner.
Do not harbor any evil intentions while performing the dua.
Be patient for the answer as Allah knows best.
Women should try not to perform the dua to get loved one back during their menstruations.

Powerful dua for love back

Many couples end up in between the devil and the sea when they realize that being in love is not only about being happy all the time but also about having a proper balance in all parts of their relationship. This leads to problematic situations which can only be solved by the dua to get loved one back. When they are caught up in troublesome problems, more often than not, one or both of the couples will fall out of love and want an end of the relationship.

Islam teaches you to love one another as in the absence of love; there will be conflict and pain. If you are someone who has lost a loved one because of many reasons, then the dua to get a loved one back is specifically for you.

It is, of course, a painful experience for anyone to go through if they find out that the person they loved has left them for someone else or is tired of them. The dua for love to come back will be like a balm to your wounds as Allah has always given His followers solutions to each and every problem they face with the help of the Holy Quran.

God did not create all of us with similar characteristics, which means that we all have our differences which can make us biased and short-sighted a lot of times. In a moment of weakness, you can find yourself pushing the one you love because of uncontrolled emotions, and this can lead to the loss of a loved one. The dua to get loved one back is a powerful dua that will help you gain the love of your partner no matter what problems you are facing. You will find it extremely beneficial to read this article if you are having problems in your love life. If you still have any doubts or requests, then you can contact Maulana Ji for further details.


This article can hopefully serve you as a guide on how to perform the dua to get loved one back as well as help you find the right way to asking Allah for favors. If you wish to get advice or help on any related matters discussed in the article then you can contact Maulana Ji.

Which Dua is getting love back?
Read the wazifa for get love back in the following way: Make ablution and wear fresh clothes. Recite Durood E Sharif eleven times. Recite Ayat Al Kursi seven times while visualizing the face of your ex-lover and praying to Allah to bring them back.

Can I make dua for someone to love me?
Just you should be clean and be in the state of ablution. Recite “Allah Hus Samad” 1000 times. In the end, make dua to Allah Talah to create love in the heart of the person you want. Insha Allah in just 21 days, that person will come to you to confess his/ her love for you.

How can I get my love back by prayer?
To siddh this Hindu prayer to get lost love back you need to take a photo of Lord Shiva, then go to a Lord Shiva temple and recite this mantra 10000 times in 11 days. You can also do it on your home temple. If you successfully enchant this mantra 10000 times then you will get siddhis on this.

Why is my DUA not accepted?
1-The person is making a weak dua: This means that what is being asked is not acceptable. Or in other cases, it might be that he is not asking for it properly. A person might be committing a sin while making Dua. 2-The person who is making dua is weak: a weak person is one with weak iman.

Can Dua change your destiny?
Dua is the weapon of the believer and infact the only thing that can even change our Fate or Destiny. Allah doesn’t like People who do not make Dua. “And your Lord said: ‘Invoke Me , I will respond to your (invocation).

Powerful Dua to Break Someone Engagement

The actual purpose of marriage in itself is to spend your life with someone in love and harmony. It is not a decision that is to be taken lightly but should be considered of the utmost importance as that decision can influence how the rest of your life will be. However, not everyone has the luxury of making that choice for themselves. Sometimes parents or relatives who cannot understand that their children think of them as burdens and just marry them off to anyone and are not bothered if she/he is truly happy. They think that their duty is over, so all is good and well, which will only lead to your life being ruined, and they will be no wiser. If you find yourself in a situation where your parents are forcing you to get engaged or get married to someone you don’t wish to, then the dua to break someone engagement would be of great help to you.

Best Dua to Break Someone Engagement

The dua to break someone engagement is used if your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend is marrying someone else and you wish to be with them. In Islam, it is not allowed that a man and woman be forced to marry each other, defeating the purpose of marriage itself. If such a marriage is performed, then the future of those two individuals might be at stake especially if they slowly come to hate each other in the years they spend with each other. The dua to break someone engagement should be used in such a situation when you cannot go against your parents and need help. Allah Almighty will save you from your difficult position and find you the right person to marry.

Procedure to Perform Dua to Break Someone Engagement

The path to a happy marriage is to be able to truly love the person you get married to. It is not a duty but a divine union that should be given due respect and importance. When there is any force from the girl’s or boy’s side, that is not a legitimate wedding but something derived from the violent desire of those forcing the two youngsters. Islam has given the right to free choice, so it doesn’t make sense to force anyone to marry someone. The dua to break someone engagement can be a last resort for someone who finds themselves in such a helpless position.

This prayer will only be effective if you perform all your obligatory prayers daily without fail.
It’s best to perform the dua to break someone engagement in the middle of the night.
Make a fresh ablution and sit in a quiet place.
The first step is to recite the Rakat Tahajjud Namaz two times.
After that, recite the Rakat Nafil Namaz two times.
Once you have done as mentioned above, pray to Allah to break the engagement.
Then you have to recite the Surah Lahab eleven times.
After that, you can go back to sleep.
This dua must be performed according to the instructions for eleven days.
With Allah’s grace, you will receive news that the engagement is broken within eleven days.

Precaution to Perform Dua to Break Someone Engagement

Every dua, just like the dua to break someone engagement requires to be followed while taking into account extremely important rules and regulations. A dua is a supplication that is brought to Allah’s attention so that He may have mercy on you and help you out of the difficult situation you are in. Unless you follow the rules, you will not receive a favorable answer to your prayer.

The first and foremost precaution that you should be aware of when performing the dua to break someone engagement is that it shouldn’t be done on the basis of feelings of jealousy.
Be patient when you make the dua because sometimes Allah will withhold the answer to see if you truly wish to have your prayer answered.
You should be someone who performs their daily prayers punctually and obey Allah’s words.
It is important that you don’t have any evil intentions when performing the dua.

Dua to break Marriage

It is indeed a happiest event when youngsters fall in love and be with the person they love for all their lives. However, not everyone supports love marriage and opts for arranged marriage as parents believe their choice is the best choice. This might not be right as the parents themselves are not aware of the type of person they are getting their sons and daughters getting married to. You might be in a position where your parents have already performed an engagement and is forcing you to marry a person whom you believe is wrong for you. The dua to break someone engagement will help you a lot to find a way to stop the marriage and give you a happy life with your lover.

Powerful Dua to Break Someone Engagement

There is always a solution to the problems you face in Islam, so you don’t have to be too worried and be calm. The dua to break someone engagement is for those who need help from Allah to get out of an unwanted marriage that they might be forced into or break the marriage of their ex-lover who abandoned them. You can follow the below-given instructions to properly perform the dua.

Firstly, you have to perform a complete cleansing of your body.
This dua should be performed before the Fajr Namaz.
You have to recite the dua to break marriage.

“Allah HummalnniUridu An Ata Zawwaja Fa Kattar Li Minan Nissaa’yi Aa Fa HunnaFarajanWa Ah fazahunna Li Fi NafsihaWa Au Sa’aaHunna Li RizkanWa Aa Zama”

After that, you have to recite the Durood Sharif seven hundred eighty-six times.
Then you should recite the Yalatefu eighty-eight times.
Once that is over, you have to perform the Surah Nor eleven times.
Finally, recite the Darood Sharif Ibrahim.
You can perform this dua for two days.

Precautions to Perform Dua to Break Marriage

It’s not a given that Allah will listen to all your prayers and give you a favorable answer you every time, so its best to be prepared to receive any answer that Allah gives. However, there are some things we can do to get a favorable answer.

It’s important that women don’t perform the dua while on their periods.
This dua shouldn’t be performed as a form of revenge or intentional harm against anyone’s happiness.
It is best to perform this dua from Thursday.
You should be a firm believer of Allah.


In each and every situation in life, it is important to know that you are not alone and that you can seek Allah for help and guidance. You can use this dua to stop the marriage of someone you know if you believe that the person he/she is marrying is wrong for them. The Holy Quran is truly helpful when it comes to all problems of life, so you don’t have to be worried; all you have to do is perform the dua to break someone engagement as given in the article, and your worries will be put to rest.

Pople Also Ak

How do I break my girlfriends engagement?
You just need to contact him and discuss your problem to find out the solution. After that, he will give you the powerful spells of Black magic to break ex-girlfriend/boyfriend engagement right now. With the use of black magic spells, you can instantly break the engagement or marriage of your ex with someone else.

How do you break an illegal relationship?
Visit a Muslim Kabristan on Friday at noon. Now sit between two old tombs. You have to recite Salavat ‘or’ Durud ‘and after that Surah Lahab’ about a hundred times. After doing this, you have to pray to Allah and ask him to break the illegal or ‘haram’ relationship

Can you break off an engagement?
Ending an engagement is never easy or pain-free, but there are times when it must be done. If you need to break off your engagement: … Return the engagement ring to whomever purchased it, or to whichever family it belongs if it is an heirloom ring.

Can you call off an engagement but stay together?
While it’s easy to get swept up in the moment of a proposal and respond with a resounding yes, if you’re having major doubts after careful consideration, then it is 100 percent OK to call off an engagement.

How do you know if you should call off an engagement?
signs your engagement isn’t meant to be
” He thought getting engaged would fix the relationship” …
” I felt lonely with him” …
” He just stopped trying” …
” He became controlling” …
” Seeing him didn’t add value to my day” …
” It became a chore to see him” …
” I wanted kids, just not with him” …
” I dreaded sleeping beside him”

which Dua To Create Love In Husband Heart

If you are lonely during this pandemic and you need to feel your husband’s warmth bite, you are not feeling so, and you are also feeling occasionally that your spouse is distant from you this pandemic. In this article, we are sharing Dua To Create Love In Husband Heart, before performing any dua and wazifa you should know dua and wazifa works slowly. If you want an immediate result, you should contact Maulana Ji, You can contact Maulana Ji by click on the consult with us button.

If you are feeling so and you are very much helpless about it, you must remember that there is always god who is always there to help you. Problems like this can occur in marriage to commonly where you get used to each other to the point that you don’t even want to see the sight of your partner. But this common occurrence can lead to serious trust issues and fights. So as a wife, you must know how to control this boringness between you too and increase the love so that your relationship could last forever.

Normally, the wife of the household gets very much scared when this kind of thing happened; they become kind of helpless as their husbands are not paying attention to them. As a result, tend to choose silent treatment taking situations in their own hand making it worse. This is not a way to make your husband close to you, as your husband is still wondering that what they did wrong. They didn’t realize the distance between you two; things take time. If you are looking for a good husband you can perform Dua For Finding A Good Husband.

But don’t you ever forget that there is God for anything, and god will to this time solve your problem and make your marriage life the happiest one. We will brief you about the Dua To Create Love In Husband Heart that will work wonders for you.

Procedure To Perform Dua To Create Love In Husband Heart

The procedure for the Dua to increase love between husband wife are as follows:

Firstly you have to be very calm and fresh before you get up to your ultimate prayer. Make sure that you have been come and concentrated so that you won’t be distracted.
Before you start the Dua to increase love between husband-wife, make sure that you have played salah continuously five times. You have to make sure that you have been concentrated on the player continuously and have not made any mistakes.

After completing these tests, make sure that you recite the Dua when you have completed the Salah or Nawaz after each reputation.

You have to also keep in mind that Salah or Nawaz is the only thing that will make your husband fall for you as you have to pay to the ultimate God there are no shortcuts in at.

This the Dua To Create Love In Husband Heart that you will recite is: Allahummaa Rabbanaass Ishfee Antaa Aashaafee Waa Aafee Antaa Almu Aafee Laa Shifaa Ann ilaa Shifaaukk Shifaa Ann Layugadiruu Saqamann Wala Aa Alamayaka Fiyawafii Ya Maheeduu Ya Majeeduu.

Precaution To Perform Dua To Create Love In Husband Heart

The precaution for the Dua to increase love between husband wife are as follows:

You need to make sure that you have a very calm and concentrated mind to avoid any mistakes or second thoughts while praying to God, and a distracted mind will lead to more disturbance in your family. People who are concerned should know the importance of the prayer and should be truly into it.

We guarantee that the wazifa will work within 15 days and, if not, break continuously for 15 days, and it will work wonders. Also, make sure that you are secretive about it as the press doesn’t work if they are set out loud; this is the conversation that should only be between you and your God.

Best Dua To Create Love In Husband Heart

Dua, in simple terms, is prayer in the Muslim religion. Dua can be offered on various occasions for various purposes, but it should always be used with an absolutely pure heart. Marriage is not an easy concept, and leading a happy marriage is a very big task. There can be various problems in martial life like financial issues, feeling of separation, extra-marital affairs, communication gap, not respecting the boundaries of your partner, sudden changes in the behavior of your partner, etc.

Dua is very effective and ultimately leads to blessings. Dua is an Arabic word that means call someone, and in the context of Islam, dua is like a prayer offered to seek anything from the almighty god –Allah. Dua in a life of a Muslim is given very important because basically it is communication with God. Not only are you seeking the resolution to your problems but also connecting your life to Allah. Dua is the solution for any big or small problem. It is the way of life and holds immense significance in a Muslim’s life. Dua keeps us humbled and closer to the almighty. If your husband has affair with some other woman you can perform Dua For My Husband To Don’t Have A Second Wife.

Dua To Create Love In Husband Heart

Love is a complex emotion, and sometimes in marriage, we fail to keep the love alive . for any successful marriage, love, attention , attraction are needed. There are many dua to increase the love in your husband’s heart.

Do this with a pure heart.
After the prayer of Insha, you should read any durood sharif 11 times
Ya latifu and ya wood should be read 1100 times after prayer of insha
Read durood sharif again 11 times
You will have to continue reciting this dua for three consecutive days
Try doing this dua in a place where nobody bothers you, like your room.
Visualize the love you want and let Allah manifest it
With this dua, you can get the love from your husband’s heart.

Powerful Dua To Create Love In Husband Heart

Love is an important part of anyone’s life; we need love to survive and feel happy. We need to love to share our lives with a partner and grow old. Love can happen anytime or anywhere in the course of life. It can come unexpectedly but also can leave at any time. Losing love is extremely painful, and we always wish for the person to come back. There are many dua to get back the love of your life.

Make wuzu and offer the prayers.
Recite durood e paak five times
Recite verse 36 of surah Yasin with a bowl of water in front of you (after durood e paak)
Pray to Allah for blessing your marriage and increase the love, and after that, blow on the bowl of water.
Continue this ritual for eleven days, and then give the water to your husband to drink.


Problems are everywhere; you must know how to handle them and how to save your family from any of the unseen barriers; keep praying to God and let your family cherish and be the happiest as you are. To conclude, one can say that dua is very important in a Muslim’s life, and also the power of dua should not be underestimated in life. Regularly making dua and following the procedures will definitely lead Allah to answer your prayers. Beg for mercy and pray with good heart Women’s dua for husband’s love will prove effective if made with a pure heart and good intentions. One should always make dua to stay closer to Allah the almighty.

How can I increase love in my husband heart?
Try to be adventurous in bed; Try to be adventurous in bed and show your husband that you love him with all your heart. He will fall in love with you madly all over again. Read up on new positions, on his erogenous zones and ask him for guidance on what makes him happy. He will be elated.

Which Surah is best for love between husband and wife?
You should practice Surah Ikhlas for husband love. The surah is taken from the holy Quran and is purely halal to recite. It will help you in creating love in your husband’s heart for you. The Surah Ikhlas for husband love can be used for the betterment of your relationship.

How can I make dua for my husband?
Dua For My Husband
Make fresh ablution.
Recite Durood E Sharif 5 times.
Now take sugar recite Ayat Al Kursi 77 times and pray to Allah for making things better for between you and your husband.
Complete the ritual by blowing on the sugar after reciting the dua for my husband and mix this sugar in the tea of your husband.

How can I win a man’s heart?
8 Ways To Win A Man’s Heart That Have Absolutely Nothing To Do With Sex
Tell him a secret. …
Let yourself be vulnerable. …
Encourage him to be vulnerable. …
Get weird. …
Urge him to get weird. …
Make him laugh. …
Cross an item off his To Do list. …
Cook for him.

Which Surah is good for marriage?
Surah Yasin is the heart of the Holy Quran because of its limitless blessings. “Whosoever recites Surah Yasin in the early part of the day his needs will be fulfilled.” (Mishkaat, Page 189). It has been said by the Muslim scholars to recite Surah Yasin for all sort of needs including a marriage proposal.


True love can also be defined as you how you act in a relationship with someone. People who are experiencing true love don’t hide stuff from each other. They openly share their lives because they want to share their lives with that person. That is a part of being in a loving long-term relationship with someone.Unconditional love is known as affection without any limitations, or love without conditions. It is difficult to find true love in this curel world, but my friends if you have find the true love then never leave it, no matter what price you have to pay.

When we love somebody, it is just enough to be with them; we do not have to say anything. When we come home from a hard day’s work, we feel good to be with a loving and caring family. Just being in the presence of someone you love is enough. You do not really have to say or do anything. Similarly, God is always with us and He loves and cares for us. Love is the best feeling made by Allah Tallah and nothing is more better then that nor anything is more important then that.

A broken heart is the most painful pain in this world. Imaging you love someone and you have been in relationship with someone and he she is no longer with you anymore, well everyone has crossed this stage in his life once, everyone has felt this pain once in his/her life.

There are many people who want to get their love back because they have done some mistakes and regret for it but still they are in love and they want to get things to be normal once again so that they can enjoy the most beautiful in world, so that they can make their life once again as heaven.

In this article you will find the best Wazifa to get your love back and not only you will get you love back but these waizfa will make sure that your love will never leave you and it will be always loyal to you. You should try the below mentioned wazifa and I promise you that you will get your love back.

If follow this approach in correct manner then for sure you will get fruitful outcome.

Cook something which is favorite of your ex.
Early in the offering, offer Dua “Al-Qurood Bismil Vidan Nakshatre Rishwaan Alla Arhamoon”. Recite this Wazifa for 61 times
Now feed that cooked food to white color animal.
In this manner dua need to be offered for 23 days.
Soon you will see the magic of this method and you will get to know the power of Allah, your partner will trigger to get your nearness.
Also here are some more wazifa which you can recite on daily basis to make your love stronger

Laqaad Jaa Akum Rasulam Min Anfushikam Azeezun
Alayahi Alaykum Bilmoomininaa Ra-oofur Raheem

Note- Above method is only successful when you love someone truly, if you just want someone because you are alone or you want to have fun then the above method will not help you at all.


If you have any doubt related to above content or procedure do let us know any time at below mentioned contact details we will definitely help you out.


We bear witness that there is none worthy of worship but Allah Alone, and we bear witness that Muhammad (saws) is His slave-servant and the seal of His Messengers.

Marriage is the purest form of relationship because in marriage both individuals promise to each other that they will not leave each other ever, they will support in each other’s bad time, they will have each other’s back, they will protect each other.

Love marriage is the beautiful way to give your love a name, to make your love strong and pure and to show the power of love to the world. To marriage with your love is the best thing you can have in thus world. Although love marriage comes with complications, huddles. It is not easy to maintain love marriage. Many times you will face issue in love marriage. It is known that love marriage is less successful then arrange marriage this is because in love marriage we set expectations from our partners, as we think before marriage our partner was so nice, so after marriage he/she will make us happy whereas in arrange marriage we don’t set any expectations from our partners due to which we don’t get hurt, resulting into increment in the success rate of arranged marriage. Therefore it has been said that we should do arrange marriage instead of having love affair.

This article will help you to make your love marriage successful, it will help you to avoid all the hassles which a couple face in marriage, in this article you will get to know the strongest wazifa which will make your life heaven. This wazifa will never let your breakup , also it will help in getting beautiful baby.

Follow the below mentioned steps to get your love

ALLAHU Rabbi La Shareeka Lahoo‘
• In the state of an ablution.
• Sit on Prayer Mat.
• Facing towards Kaaba Shareef.
• Read daily the above waizfa for 874 times by towards the side of Khana Kaba Sharif.
• Read Durood Sharif 11 times at the beginning and end of wazifa.
• Make a dua for resolving all your issues of live marriage and
• Keep reading this Wazifa all the day unlimited while sitting, laying, walking, working, running etc.
• In evening, daily feed a black dog
• Go to Majid on every Friday and make sure that you wear black clothes
• When you are going to bed every night make sure that you put jasmine pure scent so while you sleep beside your partner.
• Make sure that while you are doing this procedure you don’t cut your hair or nails
• Continue this until your wish is fulfilled.
• After one week you find the improvements, Insha ALLAH.

Note: Above procedure can all be successful if you love your partner truly and you are loyal towards him or her, otherwise there is no use to follow this above method, as not even god can help you in that case.


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What is Love?

Love is what you feel for someone in a positive wipes that at your best without looking for any profit in it, which means doing this feels you happy more than anything.

Love can be one sided or two sided:-

One Sided love is like, you are the only one who love other person but there is no feeling for you by that person or thing, a great example can be, you loves dog so treat them very well but you knows they don’t love you, they like your serving to them.

Where in two sided love is like, you saw a person and loving him/her so much with your positive wipes and thinking for her/him without any profit behind it and even he/she love you back with the same positive wipes and she/he doesn’t too expect anything from you apart from love, that is called two sided love.

There is also feeling of fear, insecureness to lost love which take places in every loving heart no matters how much they love each other, or a one sided love.

I have many couple in my contact who started their journey with happy love life and they were from different professions such as, College Mates, School Mates, Office Mates or even Business partners.

They started their life with really great happy love but after some time they started creating disputes without any reason or any silly reasons that can be below.
Reasons of disputes:-

They were not maintaining each other dressup.
Not satisfying properly each other.
Shortage of Money.
Not spending much time together.
Not going for outing.
Addiction to blame each other.
Caring about their future from now only.
Relatives also be the reason for creating disputes.

Because of above mentioned reasons few of couple lost their so hard earned love which were keeping their life happy to serve them better that keeps them happy while spending time with them, but as they lost their love few of them started facing mentioned problems.

Drug Addictive.
Alcohol Addictive.
Not feeling happy.
Not performing well in office.
Not having good business profit.
Not having mood to do anything for the day.
Spend their most of the time by watching t.v.
Always think of them.

When I came to know because losing their love few couple is facing above mentioned problems I felt so bad about their life and start searching to great and best wazifa so to get their lost love back in their life so that they will not facing above problems again their life.After working for day and night I was able to prepare mentioned wazifa that helped my contacts to get their love.

Try below mentioned Wazifa if you want to get your lost love back:-

Find a peace place in your House or Somewhere, where no one disturbs you.
Now Perform yaAllah Nikah Istikharah before performing this Wazifa.
Now take an Ablution.
After doing ablution get a crystal clear white paper.
Here after get a glass bowl ¾ of water.
Once done get saffron and musk into the water.
It’s time to write the amulet from that water with the help of pen of peacock hair.
Wrap that amulet and keep it with you safely.
Now you need to tie that amulet on pomegranate tree anywhere in your place.
Continue with this for 7 days without any fail.
Insha Allah He/She will start loving you again forever.

Note – Females please do not try this in their down period times or 7 days of rest time because it may not work and even you may be in double trouble.

Always believe in Allah they will help for sure.

If you are unable to perform any above task and wants to get help related to those or even unable to understand – Do contact us at below mentioned details for any issues we will surely assist you for this.


Dua a beautiful word. Allah has created plenty of beautiful things which are hard to explain. Might Allah and inshallah has created this beautiful world, nature in it, humans like us, animals, plants. Fresh air, water, fire, these all things are gifts from Allah.

Islam is the religion, where a user becomes a human, not an animal. Where our holy book of Qur’an teaches each and every one the lesson of life. What a human should do or not. What are the good things what are the terrible things? Every item has mentioned in our Qur’an.

Islam is the only religion which an individual can practice for his or her whole life, where our Allah teaches us to walk on the right path, to go straight on the proper way. It always protects us from committing bad things which are heinous to perform, which makes us shaitan.

Allah keeps all shaitan away from us if we follow our religion correctly and becomes a pure Muslim as others do. Islam not only teaches how to behave, but it also shows what to do at every corner, at every step.

We all are living in a modern world, where Allah can’t come to every single individual or us. That is why he wrote our holy book Qur’an, where he mentioned the solution of everything.

You may not find the solution of everything on google, but an individual can find it in Qur’an. First, you should start with the basic, become a proper Muslim, and follow Islam nicely. One should take a bath every day. Wear neat, clean, and fresh clothes.

A Muslim should do the prayer of all five times at a calm and clean corner of a mosque or home. Before having any meal, once should show gratitude to Allah for giving him this meal. Do not harm others; try to help them more and more. Also, teach others about your religion. So, they can even live peacefully in their lives.

Always pray for Jannat not for Jihad as both are different. Always give respect to your elders and women, as they are the most valuable part of ones. Wazifa, Dua, Ayat, Namaz. These are some prayers which play a crucial role in every other Muslims life. These prayers not only bring peace to once life. It also brings happiness, prosperity, love, wealth between a family.

These prayers also protect you and your family from all evil eyes and shaitan. Allah puts his hand on your heads. These prayers have a solution if every problem, the answer which you are looking out has already had you. You need to open our holy book Quran and will find each and everything solution in it.

Qur’an is a special gift for all Muslim brothers in this world as it has a solution for every problem. It protects you from every issue. Even it enhances your happiness, prosperity, and health. It teaches you how to love others, how to behave like a human.

Always believe in Allah they will help for sure.

If you are unable to perform any above task and wants to get help related to those or even unable to understand – Do contact us at below mentioned details for any issues we will surely assist you for this.


Money the most precious thing. Its value is more than the cost of a human being Yes, nowadays, money has also sold, sounds odd. But this is the reality of money today. Money comes in the form of paper, metal, plastic, etc. With the help of it, you can buy anything in the world which you want to. It makes your dreams and wishes come true.

Money is the only medium of exchange, by which two persons can buy and sell the products or services. Barter system does not exist anymore, now the century of real money has come where you can sell your goods and services based on cash and once can buy it through money.

Different countries have different currencies such as India as rupee, USA has dollar, Europe has euro, Dubai has Dhiram, etc. These currencies may be different from each another, but the meaning of all of them have the same. Which means rich, buy anything, fulfill your desires.

Nowadays, Money becomes the first factor which gives happiness to a person. It does not have any value, but it also does have a high value. It up to your eyes how you see money how you treat it. The world’s powerful currency is the dollar by which a citizen of any country. You can purchase any product or service at any time, any corner of the world.

We all desired to become rich so we can compete with wealthy billionaires of this world. But deep inside, we all know it is impossible until a person has a good fate, or a person is very hardworking.

So, we only wish to have enough amount of money by which we can fulfill our basic needs, and our family needs too, where we may able to give a great life to ourselves and our family. Even we can fulfill our luxury needs too apart from it; we can save some enough amount of money from securing our future to use that money in case of any emergency.

Money is the root of all the sorrows and happiness in the world. It causes crimes, and it causes lives. Strangely, a nonliving being has such significant value in all over the world, where humans are ready to kill each other in return of money.

How to bring your money back?

To bring your money back, from debtors or excess expenditures. You need to perform a ritual of dua. With the help of it, you may able to recover all your lost money from once.

  1. Recite durood Shareef verses for eleven times in a day.
  2. Then chant Allah Hus Samad for 1000 times.
  3. Write down a dua for 130 times on a white piece of paper which as follows:
  4. Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim
  5. Now fold this paper into a small square and keep it in your pocket and bag every time.
  6. Again read durood Shareef for 11 times.
  7. Now raise your hands upward in the air and pray to mighty Allah to bless you with all health and wealth.

Always believe in Allah they will help for sure.

If you are unable to perform any above task and wants to get help related to those or even unable to understand – Do contact us at below mentioned details for any issues we will surely assist you for this.