Wazifa for remove black magic

How to remove black magic: The existence of external powers dates back as the creation itself. It is one source of divinity that has various applications depending on the context of usage. Though, these powers aren’t regulated, it has basic complications when used without prior knowledge on how it works. Available to mankind to solve all her problems, these powers just like freshly untapped nest of honeybees, can be used to tackle a variety of issues and tied complications, majorly man-made or artificially inflicted by a negatively induced second force. Though not all problems are as a result of a second opposing force afflictions, as it may sometimes be as a result of self inflicted harm intentionally or unintentionally.

From time immemorial, man has sought out ways to tackling their problems using both conventional and unconventional means which by extension goes certain logic of the terrafirma. While some may choose to use the word black magic to describe this unorthodox practice of getting solutions, others may as well call it black science. Either ways, it point to just one picture which is the sole fact that man as it were possesses very mightily powers when tapped accordingly.

Though not all external application towards solving problems involve negative means as there are some that is applied using positive channels towards tackling the second force. Forces are relative so are the powers. Hence, one has to use the right external power to conquer a relatively strong second opposing force intended to harm her victims.

There are three kinds of external powers-Terrestrial, telestial, and the Celestial. Depending on what one wants to achieve, these powers are available to be used either positively or negatively just like the principles of the free will. Mankind is responsible for all her actions and through her inclination, determines which power is available at their disposal.

How to remove black magic

Faced with different kinds of challenges, there is no gain saying that man’s inhumanity to man have geometrically continued to scale ad infinitum. While some persons could be genuinely happy for your success, others on the hand can be extremely jealous of that success even if the result of that success was sheer hard-work which same could also achieve if he does explore similar practice. Others could get extremely angry towards a successful persons for all the wrong reasons and want to harm them using every possible means. Such is the irony of life.

Here are ways to remove black magic;

  1. One surest way to remove black magic used by a second force on you is to focus more positive energy and thought towards destroying the chains. No doubt, all humans have basic power which when used appropriately can work miracles. With the right energy, focus and positive mindset,one can upturn every black magic chain on him.
  2. Through tapping powers from among the three classes of external forces, one can unlock any black magic force on him. If an individual can’t access this powers,or do not know how to use it to her advantage, then such a person can consult expert whose job is meant to consult, communicate, and interact with external forces.
  3. Recitation of special verses like Ayat al-Kursiy, the ayahs(verses) of sihr from Surat al- A’raf, Surat Yoonus and Surat Ta-Ha.
  4. Special dua mantra and talisman effect could also help remove black magic.
  5. Watch and pray using special recitation and verses collections.

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