Wazifa To Get Your Lover Back

Wazifa To Get Your Lover Back or to get your ex lover back can be use for getting lost love back soon. Use wazifa for lover come back in 3 days.

How Can I Get My Love Back By Wazifa ?
Everyone knows the hurt and pain, which a breakup brings to you. It is unbearable to leave someone who you loved deeply. Though some people manage to move on, others cannot be able to tolerate and even go for committing suicide. Getting your love back is not an easy thing after a breakup. You need to follow some tactics to have it back. With reciting wazifa to get your ex-lover back, you can easily get back your lover in your life. Many couples use this wazifa and successfully save their relationship.

Everyone needs love as one of the basic things of life, like food, water, shelter, and clothes. Your life has no meaning without love. Being crazy with your dear one is the best feeling you never had in your life. However, losing love is now common among people.

Wazifa To Get Your Lover Back

Nowadays, most of the couples get separated for no reason and left shattered, thinking what their mistake was. When you are in emotional pain, it isn’t easy to think straight. Here is where you need wazifa for getting lost love back soon, which helps you calm your emotional disturbance and assures your lover to come to you soon.

Before start reciting this wazifa for lover, come back in 3 days, make sure your heart and intention should be pure and true. Then only the ritual turns effective and reaps you good outcomes. If you consistently follow this ritual, your ex will contact you and start expressing his or her feeling to compromise with you.

Wazifa To Get Your Ex Lover Back
Wazifa To Get Your Ex Lover Back, The most painful thing in our life is losing love. Life becomes lonesome without a partner. No one likes to have a loveless life. Love plays a significant role in leading a satisfying life. So, the best bet is reciting wazifa to get your ex-lover back. Performing all the rituals correctly will help you attract the lost love and get him or her back once again in your life. Many lovers get benefit from winning their lost love back.

Very soon, an intimate relationship becomes tragic without reasons. Because of societal and parental pressure, lovers break up their relationship. If your partner ended the relationship without having the guts to face all the problems, recite wazifa for the lover come back in 3 days to fill his or her heart with courage and strength and become strong in your relationship. You are likely to recover your lost love within three days.

When it comes to solving your love issues, you need to look at several factors. Once you got the wazifa for getting lost love back soon, you need not waiting for anything. You have all the bliss at your doorstep to get things done.

As soon as you start reciting this wazifa, your partner will realize his or her mistake and return to you. Here, faith is what matters a lot. Just pray to Allah with a clean heart. He will solve your love problem and also bring back your lover to you, as everything is possible for our almighty God.

Wazifa For Getting Lost Love Back Soon
Wazifa For Getting Lost Love Back Soon, If you love someone to the core, but your lover left you lonesome because of certain reasons, here is wazifa to get your ex-lover back. Usually, love problems arise in several ways. So, it would be best if you were alert before things go wrong in your life.

However, it would be best if you did not lose your hope. Try to solve your love problems before you get hurting yourself. Getting your lost love is possible with the help of his wazifa. Follow the approach correctly and bring back your lover in a relationship.

Please, don’t use this technique for unethical purposes, because you would never gain fruitful results. Practicing any spiritual supplication will become successful only if you are with true heart and love. A relationship is a holy deed over which people do not have control. This wazifa for lover come back in 3 days seems to be the universal solution to solve all your issues related to relationship and love.

If you would like to have a fresh start with your Ex and keep past things at bay, you could get the help of wazifa for getting lost love back soon to make your relationship lasting longer. Be positive while starting this dua. After completing the namaz of Isha, you can start doing this ritual.

The almighty will sanctify you with the love of your Ex. Practice this continuously for three days and see the visible outcomes. This wazifa is the most trusted one you want to induce your love again. It’s time to get comfort and happiness once again in your life.

Wazifa For Lover Come Back In 3 Days
Wazifa For Lover Come Back In 3 Days, Love is the most delightful feeling which everyone wants in their life. A person can easily fall in love anytime, anywhere. But what can you do if you lose your lover? The most painful thing happens in your life when your partner leaves you alone for someone else. Bearing such pain is not easy to do, as you cannot able to love without your lover. However, a person can get the assistance of wazifa for the lover to come back in 3 days.

A love relationship involves a lot of complications, as it can get ended even for small issues. Usually, it ends due to a lack of trust. You have to trust a person whom you love so much. The couples need to trust each other because this is the basic requirement of a love relationship. To make your partner get back, you must recite wazifa for getting lost love back soon. If you truly perform this wazifa with faith, your partner will return to you and never leave you.

Breakup is the most common thing found in many relationships. If you need to win back your lost partner, you should follow the strong wazifa to get your ex-lover back. Keep a photo of your lover and pray to God. For better outcomes, repeat this ritual regularly for three days.

Doing wazifa is an Islamic approach to bring back your lost lover with tested and proven prayers. Since ages, people have been practicing this ritual and see its fast results. Make everything to become normal in your precious life.

If you need any type of help and Guidance talks to us without any hesitation. In Sha Allah we will solve your problem.

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Dua To Get Rid of Family Problems

Dua To Get Rid of Family Problems or to stop family fights can be use for family bonding. Use our dua to solve family problems. The truth is no house in the world is trouble proof. Every family has personal issues. And everyone in the family wants to get rid of it. Sometimes we think that there is no solution for family problems and stop searching the aid. Also use हर मुश्किलात के लिए सूरह फातिहा का वजीफा to get rid of all type of family problems.

However, there is a solution. We have a dua to get rid of family problems. It will solve all your family issues. And your family will become happy once again. When all these family problems go around you and your loved ones, it is natural that you lost all the hopes and stop finding a solution for it. When you can’t any answer, Allah is always there for you. He is immense power to save you and your family. Islam has dua for every type of problem. It would be best if you had faith in Almighty.

Dua To Get Rid of Family Problems

No one has a perfect life. Every journey has hurdles. We all have to face difficulties that are meant for us. But that doesn’t mean that we should lose hope. Allah has a solution for every problem. You require to follow the procedure that we have mentioned below.

Procedure For Dua To Get Rid of Family Problems

  • First, you need to be regular with your namaz.
  • It will help if you read Surah Kafiroon after the surah Hamd.
  • DUA 2All the family members need to read the ayat day and night.
  • “LAHAEWLA WALA QUWATA ILLA BILLAH”This ayat will start to open the knots.
  • You will see remarkable changes in your family.
  • Inshaallah, all your problems will be solved very soon.
  • Be on the path given by Allah.
  • He has the power to solve all your questions.

Dua For Family Bonding

Dua For Family Bonding, Everyone wants a beautiful life. So they can leave peacefully without hurdles. But, life is not like we expect. It comes with terms and conditions. It will be tough for you if your bonding with your family is not up to the mark. So, If your bonding with family is not acceptable, then it will lead to problems and disagreements. So, it is essential to have a family bonding.

Allah will help you with this issue. But, It would help if you had faith in him. Also, you have to pray to Allah will pure intentions and intense dedication. Inshaallah, your problem will be solved soon with the help of dua for family bonding.

Procedure For Dua For Family Bonding

  • Here is the dua that will help you to attach with your family effectively.
  • It is a very powerful dua, so recite it with proper understanding.
  • Wazil e Allam Qaban Elaahi Shuebt. El Kulukhulam Shad Bahim. Ul’Khalaid El’Umaid Shahkham-e-Jabair. Jubairi’el Khadum’s Shaz Ebahi’el Shadum Pakair’el.
  • Meaning of the dua – “Hey Allah, The most beneficial, I adore you for being a source of happiness and love. Spread a similar kind of love among my family members and strengthen our bond. Let love flow from all the blood that we share among us.”

Dua To Stop Family Fights

Dua To Stop Family Fights, Family fights are normal in every house. But, if it crosses the limit, then there should be a solution for it. The excessive amount of fights and arguments in the house is hazardous. And It can impact your children’s minds as well.

When two people fight, every member in the house goes through the stress. Then your only hope is dua to stop family fights. Sometimes people lose their temper due to small issues. But, it is essential to have a solution for it as all the people have to suffer.

Procedure For Dua To Stop Family Fights.

  • First, do proper wuzu as it is a must for the process.
  • After doing Ishan Namaz, then you have to be in a clean place. Sit and think of your family.
  • And, Start reading Durood-e-Shareef for 11 times.
  • Then read the below-mentioned dua for 141 times.
  • yaahaaqaqilaail aahaaillaaaantaa subhaanaakaainnii. kuuntoomiinaazzaala ameenaa. yaasaayyi daalkaareemaibi’ hurmaateee. bismillaahiraa hmaananirraa heema ammaana yuajeebua al mudtaarraizaaada. aaahuainnakka fenaakaa lamustaahi oon yaa. Haayyuayaaqaaamubiraa. aahaaillaaaantaa sataaghuseesua kuuntoomiinaazzaalau yassirrab . yaasaayyi waareseena hurmaateee. bismillaahiraa hasbiyaa heema ammaana halisuu al mudtaarraizaaada bhaana fenaakaa. qaadeerilakaafiya oon yaa.
  • Now, read this dua for once
  • Allahummainnia oodhubi mina al-hammwa’l haznwa’ l ajzwa’l kasalwa’l bukhlwa’l jubnwadalawa’l daynwaghlbat al rijalImmediately, again durood-e-shareed for 11 times.
  • Now, pray to almighty to stop family fights.

Dua To Solve Family Problems

Dua To Solve Family Problems, If there is a problem between partners, their entire family has to suffer. And, The innocent kids become very sad by seeing these fights and problems. It can impose a negative effect on the children. If someone in your family are against you then use किसी को मनाने का वजीफा and try to solve family problems.

Here we have dua to solve family problems. This dua is a blessing for people who genuinely want to solve their family issues. If any family wants to live peacefully and happily, they should read the dua to solve family problems. The dua will solve all your family’s problems, and your family will become loving and caring.

Here is The Procedure For Dua To Solve Family Problems.


  • You have to read the dua in a clean place.
  • First, read durood e sharif for 11 times before reading the dua.
  • Also, every family member should read the dua.
  • Everyone has to recite the dua for 141 times.
  • After completing dua, again read durood e sharif for 11 times.
  • In the end, you have to think about your family.
  • If you do the dua with proper intentions and dedication, then your problem will be solved very soon.
  • Inshaallah, your family will live happily.


Many peoples are suffering from family problems. But, there is a solution to every problem in Islam. If you are facing these types of issues, then you should read the dua that is mentioned-above.

If you need any type of help and Guidance talks to us without any hesitation. In Sha Allah we will solve your problem.

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Wazifa To Get Husband Under Control

Wazifa To Get Husband Under Control or to control husband mind can be use to control husband anger. Use our islamic taweez to control husband.

How Do I Get My Husband To Be Under Control?
When girls marry, they have lots of dreams and expectations from their husbands and in-laws. However, not every man is perfect husband material. While some may be caring but drinks a lot, others may be careless and hurtful. Whatever be the case, it is important to bring them under control and change them for a better life. You can perform wazifa to get husband under control and pray to Allah to accept your dua.

Before you perform wazifa to get the husband under control, you need to understand the situation properly. You may see that he is always lying to you, or he is becoming lazy and not earning enough. In both these cases, you should try to talk to him and make him understand. However, when this doesn’t work, only then take the help of effective and powerful wazifa.

Before performing the wazifa to get the husband under control, perform full wuzu. Spray some rose water on you and then sit on the floor. Concentrate for some time and when your mind is calm, say this dua 11 times-

Wazifa To Get Husband Under Control

“Wa ja’alna Meen bayne Aiide heeSadanan meen khal fe heem saddan fa aggshainaa hoom fa hoom la’aa yubserun.”

When you say this dua, you can feel that you are getting positive vibes. Be sure to do this when no one is around you. No one should get to know that you are performing a wazifa to get husband under control. After doing this properly for 14 days, you can notice a change in your husband’s attitude. He will start listening to you and follow all your instructions.

Wazifa To Control Husband Mind
Wazifa To Control Husband Mind, When we marry our love, we do not expect that our life may become more difficult. Even in an arranged marriage, where parents choose the boy, they never know what lies in the future. Even a good man can be a bad husband because not everyone knows how to shoulder the responsibilities. In such cases, we need to perform wazifa to control the husband mind so that we can get the happiness we deserve. So hurry now and use शौहर को काबू में करने का वजीफा to control your husband.

Sometimes husbands get involved in an illicit relationship at the workplace or neighborhood. They spend a lot of money, return home late, and don’t take care of their wives. While we keep waiting for them to return but they attend parties and go on trips. The only remedy to solve this is to be able to control your husband, and nothing is more effective and powerful than this wazifa to control the husband mind.

Firstly, before doing this wazifa, pray to Allah and seek His blessing. Now, start on a Wednesday and do this wazifa after sundown. Make sure that no one is around you to see or hear you. Do this wazifa to control the husband mind in a closed room. Make sure to do a wuzu before starting the wazifa.

“Allah Hoommaa Tahhisa Aalaiyaa Aabsaraa Zalee Matihee Wal Moorideenaa Biss Sooi Wa-a Ann Tasrif Qulubuhum Ann Sharri Ma Yazz Meroo Nahi Ila Khairaa Laa Yamm LikahooGairaqa”

Recite the dua seven times and imagine your husband’s face while performing the wazifa to control the husband mind.

Wazifa To Control Husband Anger
Wazifa To Control Husband Anger, Many men cannot control their anger. When they fight with their wives, they lose their control and end up saying or doing things that they regret later. Wives also suffer emotionally, and sometimes physically due to the uncontrollable anger of their husbands. If you are looking for a remedy for this, then wazifa to control husband anger is beneficial.

This wazifa to control husband anger will offer the following benefits and save you and your family from the wild anger and wrath of your husband-

  • It will help to control the Inborn anger, which is in your husband’s nature.
  • With the wazifa to control the husband anger, you can cool him down when he is angry about his work pressure.
  • It will reduce anger due to family issues.
  • If anyone has done any black magic on him, that is triggering his anger, and then you can control that too.
  • To perform this wazifa to control husband anger, do a full ablution or wuzu. Now pray to Allah and beg for His mercy to accept your prayers. Then, recite the following dua for 111 times, thinking about your husband all the time-

“Yaa naar koo nee barrdann waa salamann alaa Ibrahim”

Once you start doing this daily, you can see that your husband is changing slowly and is becoming more tolerant and patient. His anger melts quickly, and he starts loving you and caring for you. He will not get angry now and then if you do this powerful wazifa and pray to Allah every day.

Islamic Taweez To Control Husband
Islamic Taweez To Control Husband, If you find that your husband is treating you badly, you can choose several remedies. You can perform wazifa or use Islamic taweez to control husband. Taweez is an amulet that possesses the power to remove bad things from your life. It also helps us to attract positivity and remove all hurdles from our path.

Like for children, taweez is used to improve concentration and make them obedient. Similarly, you can use a taweez for your husband if he is not listening to you. If you use an Islamic taweez to control husband, you will find out that your husband has become exactly the way you want him to be. You need to tie the taweez on his arm and see the magic. Before you start preparing the taweez, seek Allah’s blessings, and beg him to solve your problem.

Now, on a Friday, do a complete wuzu. Then in between afternoon and evening, take a yellow piece of paper. On the paper, write your husband’s name and, on top of that, write “Yaaa Lattee foo.” Also, besides that, write, “Yaa Wadoodu.” Use a mixture of rosewater and kesar to write on the paper. After writing, please fold the paper and insert it in the Islamic taweez to control husband.

On the next Sunday, tie this Islamic taweez to control the husband on his body and pray to Allah. You will see that he is becoming gentler and loving towards you. You can control him and make him do things as per your wish.

If you need any type of help and Guidance talks to us without any hesitation. In Sha Allah we will solve your problem.

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Wazifa For Lottery Numbers

Powerful Wazifa For Lottery Numbers or to win money can be use for success in lucky draw. Use our Islamic prayer to win lotto. Living a successful life of an individual depends on two things. One is astrology. And the other is the blessing of Allah. Money is an essential aspect. Mostly to lead a good life.

Powerful Wazifa For Lottery Numbers

Because earning money is not an easy task. So there are powerful wazifa for lottery numbers. Hard work is important. But it is not enough. And as it is a known fact, winning the lottery is a matter of luck. But not only luck. One needs Allah’s blessing. And that is why powerful wazifa for lottery numbers is essential.

As it is a known fact, Wazifa means a payment made to the god. But this payment is not in terms of money. But in terms of offerings or reading a dua. So it is simple maths. The more we do something for Allah. More will we receive! Reciting certain dua. And offerings to religious institutions. Or we are performing religious tasks. All are the form of wazifa.

The powerful wazifa for lottery numbers will ensure that you will receive all the lucky numbers. There is a process to follow powerful wazifa for lottery numbers. And the procedure is given below. Recitation of Durood Shareef 11 times in the starting. And then recite the dua of

“Subhanal Laahi Waabi Hamdihi Subhanal Laahi Azeem Astag Firullah”

For at least 59 times. After the recitation, quote Durood Shareef for 11 times. And thus complete the wazifa. The process is simple. But the gains are huge. Quote the dua with a pure heart and good intentions.

Islamic Prayer To Win The Lotto
Islamic Prayer To Win The Lotto, Lotto is a game of chance. In which a leader draws numbered cubes at random from a pile. And the players mark the same numbers on their cards. So the winner is the first to mark a complete row. So as seen, the game is all about luck. And Allah can change the luck. There is Islamic prayer to win the lotto.

And when an individual quotes this Islamic prayer to win the lotto. Allah will change the luck. So that individuals can win the lotto. Powerful wazifa for lottery numbers and Islamic prayer to win the lotto can help an individual to earn money. The process of Islamic prayer to win the lotto is quite the same. But the dua is different from the powerful wazifa for lottery numbers.

People work very hard daily to earn money. By the power of Islamic prayer to win the lotto, one can earn money without any investments or efforts. Everyone has desires which can be fulfilled with the help of money. Money can help in fulfilling all the requirements as well as the desires of you and the family members. Everyone wants their loved ones to be happy, which is not possible without money. Here the Islamic prayer to win the lotto helps out.

Numerous people have problems due to a lack of money. And nobody gives money when required. They can’t buy food or fulfill their desires. Trying the Islamic prayer to win the lotto will help get the money required and get one’s dreams fulfilled.

Wazifa To Win Money
Wazifa To Win Money, Winning money can help an individual to live comfortably. But winning money needs Allah’s rehem. So praying and offering wazifa can make Allah happy. And then you can grant your wishes. Powerful wazifa for lottery numbers can only give numbers. But the wazifa to win money can win money for us. So by quoting a dua for a certain time, one can complete the wazifa.

The wazifa to win money needs a certain process. And if one follows the process rightly. They can win money easily. The main thing is that. All the dua or the wazifa you offer, it can make your life comfortable. The powerful wazifa for lottery numbers can make an individual win a lottery. And the wazifa to win money can help you in winning money. If you want lot of money and success in life then use our तरक्की पाने का वजीफा.

Many a time, it happens that even if an individual plays right. They do not win money. And thy can get tired of losing again and again. so such people need the support of wazifa to win money. And once they quote the wazifa to win money, loosing can be hard. Powerful wazifa for lottery numbers and the wazifa to win money can elevate the luck of an individual.

Because of the recitation of Durood Shareef 11 times, one can complete the wazifa. Praying to Allah can help in enhancing your luck. And help you win the lottery Whichever way you chose. But one thing is certain. Because you want Allah to grant you money. You have to pray with pure intention and a good heart.

Wazifa For Success In Lucky Draw
Wazifa For Success In Lucky Draw, Facing of monetary problems can be very difficult. And the person can go to depression due to the same. So to avoid this situation, one can earn money in a lucky draw. But that individual needs to be lucky enough to win it. Because winning is very important, one can try wazifa for success in lucky draw.

One can try powerful wazifa for lottery numbers to gain money. And one can try wazifa for success in lucky draw. There are some chants and dua which one needs to be reciting. There are a certain number of times for which one must quote the try wazifa for success in lucky draw.

Generally, some for eleven times. And some even for seventy times. The number of quoting depends on the dua one wants to recite. Both powerful wazifa for lottery numbers or wazifa for success in the lucky draw can elevate your luck.

And once the dua elevates the luck. There is no stopping. Because you have Allah’s blessings, you can be invincible by wazifa for success in the lucky draw. The money, wealth, and power will be bestowed on you. And Allah will take care of all your financial crises.

Because the financial side is well looked at, you can lead a happy life. The prayers for powerful wazifa for lottery numbers will enhance your monetary luck. All the prayers, the wazifa’s, and the dua’s will ensure money flow in your home. Pray Allah with good intentions. And with a pure heart. In no time, all the financial crises will be over. And you will have a great amount of money.

If you need any type of help and Guidance talks to us without any hesitation. In Sha Allah we will solve your problem.

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Wazifa To Break Engagement

Powerful Wazifa To Break Engagement or for breaking unwanted engagement can be use to break lover engagement. Use our dua to break marriage proposal. Today’s youth is irrational and doesn’t make decisions practically. They do not even think that their quick decisions could be harsh and hurt their closed ones.

For example, the couple starts thinking about separation just after a single fight or argument and engages with someone else. If your soulmate has done the same and wants him/her to get back to you, you should read powerful wazifa to break the engagement.

If you want to break the engagement, then you will require to have a valid reason in the first place. You cannot break the relationship without any reason. If you damage the engagement without any reason, you are hurting someone else’s sentiments. And hurting someone’s feelings could put you in trouble.

Powerful Wazifa To Break Engagement

All the things will affect your position and image. Next time, when you try to build a relationship with someone, that person will look at you with suspicion. They will look out for you and will try to figure out the reason behind breaking up. So, it is vital to take note of all the things before breaking the engagement.

There could be a lot of reasons to break the engagement. You could not have done proper research about the family. Just after the engagement, you get to know things about your partners, which are not right. But you don’t need to worry now. We have powerful wazifa to break the engagement, which will help you get rid of the problem.

So here is the procedure of wazifa to break the engagement.

  • In the first place, you require to take any part of the bird, wooden ash, and anything of the person you want t break the relationship.
  • Collect all the things in green cloth and hold it in your right hand.
  • Now read the below-mentioned dua for 43 times.
  • After that, you must flow the bundle in running flowing water by holding it in your right hand.
  • You will get your desired outcomes in a few days.
  • Wazifa For Breaking The Unwanted Engagement
  • Wazifa For Breaking The Unwanted Engagement, We recommend solving this type of issues using the Sunnat way. It is a path given by Allah and can’t go wrong. Sometimes we tend to deviate from it, and later we have to face the consequences. If you have already made a mistake and now face some issues, don’t face it. Break the relationship right away. You have the right to break the engagement only if you have valid reasons.

But, if you don’t know how to break the engagement, then Allah is with you. So, you can seek for his help. First, all family members should sit together and discuss the matter precisely. If the issue is still out of control, we have wazifa for breaking the unwanted engagement.

Here is the procedure of wazifa for breaking the unwanted engagement

  • First, Do fajr Namaz.
  • Now read durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Then, you have to read Surah Laheb for 41 times.
  • Again, you require to recite durood Shareef dor 11 times.
  • Blow the dua on two crystals of salt.
  • While blowing, think the name of two persons.
  • Repeat the procedure for 21 days.
  • Ask Allah to do the needful for you.

Dua To Break Marriage Proposal
Dua To Break Marriage Proposal, In such cases, when you realize that your life is running out of hand because of the marriage proposals you don’t like, there is a dua to break the marriage proposal. By using the dua, you can break the non-required marriage proposals. You can save yourself from spoiling your life. The dua is also needful when your spouse demands to leave you and wants to build a relationship with some other person.

This dua will give 100% results. But, you need to do it with the whole heart. So, the intention should be clear and pure. You can also take help from some astrologers, but you don’t find it useful, then you can do it at home.

Procedure for dua to break the marriage proposal.

  • You require to do Salah five times a day.
  • It is not possible to break the marriage proposal without performing Salah.
  • After every salah, you need to read dua, which is mentioned below.
  • Allah will examine whether your intentions are pure or not. You will get to see positive results in a few days.
  • The marriage will get canceled for any reason, and you will remain safe.

Wazifa To Break Lover Engagement
Wazifa To Break Lover Engagement, A non-required relationship is not less than living in a cage or prison. No one requires that. In our culture, broken engagement or affinity is not considered a good sign. So, that is the reason many families don’t support it. In such cases, you have to tell your parents that you don’t want that relationship. After that, they will start understanding your concerns. If you want to marriage with your choice lover then read our मनपसंद लड़के से शादी करने की दुआ.

If your parents cannot understand your issue, one of the most effective processes is doing dua. Allah has the answer to all your questions, and he is capable of helping you. So, you don’t need anyone’s help apart from that. Your problem will be solved without any obstacles.

Procedure for wazifa to break lover engagement.

  • It is only one-day wazifa, and you will require some sand for it.
  • So, then keep the sand in the bowl and read the Surah fil 21 times.
  • It is essential to read the Surah fil Accurately.
  • At last, take the name of two persons you demand to divide with their mother’s name.
  • Alam tara kaifa fa’ala rabbuka bi ashaabil feel
  • Alam yaj’al kai datum fee tad leel Wa arsala ‘alaihim tairan abaabeel Tar meehim bi hi jaaratim min sij jeel Faja ‘alahum ka’asfim m’akool


Allah has a solution for every problem. It is better to break the relationship than living with the burden of it. So, make sure that you are practicing the wazifa with pure intentions.

If you need any type of help and Guidance talks to us without any hesitation. In Sha Allah we will solve your problem.

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Which Dua To Make Husband Loyal

Dua To Make Husband Loyal or to make husband faithful can be use to make husband obey you. Use our dua to make husband listen to you. Marriages are made in heaven. It is a bond that defines the couple should have full devotion towards each other. This bond is sacred and holy. In Islam, it is haram to cheat or break this bond.

Dua To Make Husband Loyal

But human nature is originally polygamous. Some people love to spend time with other woman leaving their wives at home. This is a kind of sin as it shatters the trust of the wife. Islam does not allow to break any trust of anyone. This is prohibited totally in Islam as it destroys the basic trust of a healthy relationship.

The relationship between husband and wife depends on trust and respect towards each other. It is the base of their relationship. When this trust shatters, it brings tremendous pain in their heart. When trust breaks, nothing can be more painful than that. To make husband loyal you can use our Wazifa To Get Husband Under Control.

If you are going through the same phrase, then your life must be a living hell. In that case, you should take refuge in Islam. Dua To Make Husband Loyal is a dua which can change your husband’s character and can get your conjugal life back on track.


Write the above verses 1 & 2 of Ad Dahr with Saffron and wash it with rose water. After that, drink that water both of you. Our Dua To Make Husband Loyal is a powerful dua, and if you can perform it correctly, you will soon see the light of positivity.

Dua To Make Husband Faithful
Dua To Make Husband Faithful, The husband is the best companion of a girl after she reaches her in-law house. It is a completely new environment with a whole-new people all around. She may feel uncomfortable. In this situation, all she can expect that the person who is there to stay with her in all problems of life.

However, all women are not that lucky. Nowadays, we can see much news about divorce and separation. That mainly happens because the love and trust between the couple disappear. This is the time when the relationship comes to the verge of destruction.

Faith is something necessary to keep a relationship alive. It is the founding content of your relationship. Both of you should maintain faith in each other to keep your relationship going.

Dua To Make Husband Faithful can help you to get rid of this tough situation. There are duas in Islam that can control a person’s mind if it is done precisely. Islam does not support Polygamy, and it is also dangerous for society. You can opt for Dua To Make Husband Faithful to keep your husband loyal towards you.

After making fresh wudu, recite the following dua 30 times.


After that, recite the dua with spouse and his mother’s name.

ALLAHUMMA ANTA YA RABI ASBEE ALA (mention the name of the spouse with mother’s name) QATIF QALBAHA ALAYA WA DALIHA LI

Inshallah, soon you can get some positive news.

Dua To Make Husband Obey You
Dua To Make Husband Obey You, The husband and wife must share a mutual understanding between them. That relation should be free and without any hassle. However, both of them should show a mutual amount of respect towards each other.

In a relationship, nobody is senior to each other. But it is the right of the wife, which she has over her husband. It is a right that comes from her love and care to her husband. It is good and beneficial to her husband.

Husbands should also obey their wives ‘ decisions. They are also a separate adult human being. They devote their entire life to your home, serving you and your family. After that, if they think something, her husband must obey her decision. He should guide her but should never impose his own decision on her. Dua To Make Husband Obey You is a dua which is apt for you in these type of problems. Recite the following DuaTo Make Husband Obey You, and you can get your desired result in a few days.


You need to recite this dua 600 times after your Fazir namaz and repeat after Isha namaz. You have to recite Durood-Shareef before and after reciting this. After that, Blow this on some food and let your husband eat it. Soon, he will start obeying you. Don’t disclose about this dua to anyone.

Dua To Make Husband Listen To You
Dua To Make Husband Listen To You, Marriage is a dream for every woman. Living a heavenly life with the person she loves is like a dream. Every woman wants to live in that fantasy world for her lifetime. Initially, after marriage, everything seems to be fine. With love from her husband, she feels like she is in the seventh heaven.

Every woman trusts her husband. She believes that they both will build a world full of love, trust, and happiness. But, life is not a rosy path. It takes a turn, and the brutality of life comes in front of her life. She sees that all her dreams are a bunch of lies. Her husband doesn’t even care about what she thinks and believes. He thinks that he is superior in the relationship just because he is stronger, or he is the one who is earning money.

Are you a victim of this situation? Then you should opt for Dua To Make Husband Listen To You. This is a strong dua that can get you rid of this situation. If you recite perfectly, this Dua To Make Husband Listen To You can make your husband listen to you.


Recite this dua for 31 times in a day for 27 days. Soon, you will find a good result. Don’t speak about this to anyone.

If you need any type of help and Guidance talks to us without any hesitation. In Sha Allah we will solve your problem.

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How To Do Istikhara For Marriage In Islam

How To Do Istikhara For Marriage In Islam or for marriage problems can be use for marriage by name. Use our free online istikhara for love marriage. will help you to resolve your problems without complications. Mostly the divine marriages end up in divorce. To get rid of such hurtful decisions, a few rakshasas of Ishtikhara Prayer is the best way to avoid such scenarios. You can solve your issues quickly with the help of dedicated Amal Dua for love.

How to do the istikhara for marriage in Islam is the most sought question. Ishtikhara can help you to make the right decision in life. It is to decide right and wrong. It may be contradictory at times, have faith in Allah. He will guide you on the right path, which ensures contentment. Patience and perseverance are the best means to solve all your issues.

To do the Ishtikhara prayer in the right way, follow the steps and procedure keenly

  • Initially, after ablution, perform two Rakat of Naf prayer
  • Tell Surah Al Kafiroon
  • Recite Surah Al Ikhlas in the second rakat of Namaaz
  • Perform the rest of the Rakat as to how you usually pray.
  • Read the following dua for Ishtikhara prayer

Istikhara For Marriage In Islam
“atika wa’aqibati – Amri Fas rifhu Anni wasrifni lamu anna hum ma inni shar-run li fi Dini wa ma’ashi anhu Waqdir In kunta ta Wa, Astaq diruka biqudr li al-khaira haithu kana Wa as – alaka min falika wala aqdiru, wa hadha-lamra Alla Thumma ardini bihi astak allamu l-ghuyub. Alahumma – hi ruka bilmika. Al-Azim Fa innaka taqdiru talamu Wala alamu wa anta.”

After your prayer and dua, seek refuge in the Almighty with hope. He will lead you on the path of peace and happiness. Have faith, and wait with patience. Allah tala will bless you in abundance even if the result is not what you expected to have faith and follow what Almighty has destined for you.

Istikhara For Marriage Problems
Istikhara For Marriage Problems, Marriage is the divine relationship destined by Allah tala. It unites two hearts into one with its strong knot of nuptial. Problems and marriage are interdependent. People face lots of difficulties in marrying a person and to lead a consistent life with him. You can solve marriage problems using Powerful Wazifa For Marriage Proposal and get a good marriage Proposal soon.

The sacred relationship is filled with lots of expectations, right from money, gold to the understanding between them. Istikhara for marriage problems is the prayer that has to be performed before making any divorce decisions.

How to perform Istikhara for marriage problem

  • It has to be performed before going to sleep
  • And before taking any decisions
  • It should be done in the pure heart
  • Allah will show you a sign regarding the decision
  • You will get sign through dreams
  • Performing istikhara for marriage problems will help you end up in the best destination, which is Allah destined for you, and that is good for you.

Istikhara For Marriage By Name
Istikhara For Marriage By Name, has to be performed with dedication, and it should be performed with fulfillment. Pure heart and soulful indulgent is required to complete this prayer. Follow the instructions below,

  • Wear clean and tidy clothes while praying
  • Pray in the clean place
  • Have incense while praying the salah
  • After performing obligatory prayer of the night, recite Durood Shareef 11 times
  • Recite Surah Al-Hamd 11 times and YaKhabeer 100 times.
  • After your prayer makes dua to Allah tala to give you the Istikhara for marriage signs, Insha Allah, your duas will be answered by the Almighty.

Free Online Ishtikhara For Love Marriage
Free Online Ishtikhara For Love Marriage, is the sacred prayer done by seeking an answer to your decisions from the Almighty. A person needs to make the right decisions in life. To indulge in apt decisions, Ishtikhara prayer will help you to a greater extent. Be it a work scenario or your family. It is more essential for us to maintain a reliable relationship. Ishtikhara prayer can be performed at any time, and it is prayed by the majority of people in the world.

Perform ishtikhara before marriage to ensure whether you have chosen the right person or not. It guides you to the straight path which Allah tala destined for you. One has to perform with a pure heart wholeheartedly with dedication. Seek refuge in Allah tala, and he will guide you to be happy forever. His mercy will forgive all your mistakes and help you to reach success in your relationship.

How To Do Istikhara For Marriage In Islam

Please don’t choose the wrong person for marriage; it is an eternal relationship that has to be cherished unitedly as a husband and wife. Select the right person in your life by performing ishtikhara for marriage, helping you choose the right partner in your life. It is easy to perform and help you to seek the best in life. Prayers for marriage are easy to perform, and it is mostly possible to get the result in the first attempt. Be constant and don’t lose hope if you didn’t get the result for the first time; recite the following dua again,

Ishtikhara For Love Marriage
“In kunta ta lamu anna bilmika. Wa Astaq diruka biqu dratika hadha-lamra shar-run li fi Dini wa Thu mma ardini Allah umma inni astak hiruka bihi ma’ashi wa’aqibati Amri allamu l-ghuyub. Alahumma Fasrifhu Anniwa srifni anhu Waqdir li al-khaira haithu innaka taqdiru wala aqdiru, kana Wa asalaka min falika Al-Azim Fa wa talamu Wala alamu wa anta”.


  • Recite after proper ablutions
  • Make sure you read with a pure heart and single intension
  • Recite after your salah
  • After the recitation, it makes dua wholeheartedly to Allah tala.

Most people make the wrong decision in life and suffer later. They make decisions due for several reasons. Dua and prayer can help you make significant life decisions without facing lots of issues in love, marriage, relationship, friendship, etc. Keep patience in all scenarios, which will help you to have a reliable relationship without discrepancies. It will help you to be happy forever.

Istikhara for marriage will guide you to seek an apt partner in life, which doesn’t lead to circumstances. By taking appropriate decisions with the blessings of Almighty, your life will have contended forever without problems.

If you need any type of help and Guidance talks to us without any hesitation. In Sha Allah we will solve your problem.

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Wazifa For Success In Business

Strong Wazifa For Success In Business or for own business can be use for success in life. You can use our wazifa for barkat in business.

Which Wazifa Is Good For Success In Business?
Who doesn’t want money? Money is our only means by which we can take all the comforts for ourselves. If you come across someone who says that money is not important to him, then make sure that he is lying. If you go ahead and succeed in your business to earn money.

Strong Wazifa For Success In Business

It means Allah is kind to you. In Islam, haram is considered wrong, but if you have earned hard money, you are truly an intelligent person. Today we will discuss in detail about strong wazifa for success in business through this article.

  • First, you read Darude-Ibrahim 11 times before being leaving from home. You will succeed in business only when you, like a true Muslim, will perform Namaz 5 times a day.
  • Place a cash locker or your cash cupboard in the south or southwest wall of the house and make sure it is open in the north direction. North direction is for Allah, and opening the locker in this direction ensures that he can fill it again and again.
  • To attract the maximum customer, place Quran Sharif in front of the cash locker so that you may get the blessings of Allah. This will give you good sales.
  • Never take anything for free nor offer any of your services for free. Ensure that some compensation amount is received.
  • The wealth earned through fraudulent means never ceases. Keep this in mind when conducting all behaviors.
  • Donate some part of your earnings every month. By this, the grace of Allah will be on you so that your happiness and prosperity will remain.
  • Treated the women of the house with utmost respect.
  • These are some important Islamic wazifa mentioned above, with which you can further your business to the next level. You will surely get success.

Wazifa For Own Business
Wazifa For Own Business, This question is very important for business people. How will their own business grow? How will you succeed in business? “wazifa for own business,” if we talking about it, there are many ways by which business can be made successful. It is very important to follow some Islamic beliefs to grow the business. Some of the popular methods and wazifa mentioned below can be used to succeed in business.

  • If you want to succeed in your business, then you have to follow the path of Malik bin Dinar.
  • There is a popular story in Darude-Ibrahim claiming that a Muslim saw Malik em Dinar and Muhammad in a dream going to Jannat and saw that Malik was more respected and allowed to enter earlier.
  • When he wanted to know why, he came to know that Malik was the righteous man of Allah.
  • He offered Namaz five times and did not commit any disgrace, so Allah gave him wealth and fame, and after his death, he was blessed with paradise.
  • With the five-time prayers, you must read the below wazifa at least 22 times a day.
  • Alif, lam, meem meh-rab ra-qeeb waha Jann-nat nab-je tu-llah wa-sim e nu-kqu-tu.
  • By reciting above mentioned stipend daily with Namaz, you will get success in your business. You will never have to incur losses.

Wazifa For Success In Life
Wazifa For Success In Life, There is hardly anyone who does not want to be successful in his life. Everyone wants success in their life. However, some people do not do anything creative in their day. They watch TV all day, eat and sleep. Such people are not worthy. There are no goals in their life. But some people want to achieve great goals and want to be an example for the coming generations. Next, we will discuss the wazifa for success in life in life in this article.

Perhaps you also want a lot of success in your life, but have you ever thought about how hard you need to work to get such success and how much hard work you are doing. If you understand this, then in your life, you can achieve success in everything. But sometimes, your bad luck comes in the way of success. All your efforts fail. In such a situation, you should go to the shelter of Allah. Along with this, recite the below wazifa at least 100 times every night before going to bed. To get success in life you can use our तरक्की पाने का वजीफा.

Allah-huma Nab-je-numa ema-mi-na Ak-bar din-e-ela-hi vasi-tum Qu’al-kam Ra-bbi-nn eman

You will soon understand the effect of this wazifa. Your bad luck will turn into good luck. Gradually you will start getting success in your life. So don’t lose your heart and try hard to get success in your life.

Wazifa For Barkat In Business
Wazifa For Barkat In Business, If the business goes well, then your prosperity will remain, and happiness in your life remains. Still, if there is any deficit or loss in business, it becomes a debt or financial crisis. wazifa for barkat in business can save you from this crisis.

If there is no profit or gain in your business, you need not panic because Islam has a solution for man’s problem. Some miraculous measures and wazifa of Islam can bring your business. So let us know the measures for increasing business and Barkat:-

  • For Barakat in business, first of all, leave all unfair practices. After offer the Namaz of morning, get used to reciting Darude-Ibrahim daily.
  • By doing this, gradually, your desire to live life like a rich person will be strengthened, and you know, “Where there is a will, there is a way.”
  • You must recite Isha’s prayer before going to bed at night. Keep this routine continuously for 21 days.
  • Soon Allah will change your days. You will get benefits in the business, which will bring a lot of money to you.
  • Just trust in your Allah. He helps his people. But keep in mind, even after the arrival of money and Barkat, you have to keep praying.
  • As you know, this is the real wealth that will open the path of Jannat for you. Everything else will remain the same.
  • Today in this article, we have learned how to succeed in your life, business and goals. We all have a goal that we want to achieve, but first, we have to find out our goal and how hard you have to achieve that goal. Only then can we achieve that goal. It is necessary to pray to Allah to achieve this goal. This makes us a true Muslim.

If you need any type of help and Guidance talks to us without any hesitation. In Sha Allah we will solve your problem.

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Which Dua To Increase Love In Husband Heart

Dua To Increase Love In Husband Heart or to attract husband towards wife or to make my husband love me again. We will provide you dua for husband to love his wife only.

How Can I Increase Love In My Husband Heart?
The relationship between a husband and wife is the purest form of love. And it is love between them that holds a family together. But as years pass by, this love can fade a bit because of responsibilities or other issues. But all the wife wants that her husband should love her more. And pay attention to her. There are many Dua’s that help to increase love between the couple. Like dua to increase love in husband heart.

A woman leaves everything and comes to her husband’s place. To make it a heaven, bear children, look after them. And look after every member of her husband’s family. In return, all she needs is the love of her husband. The wife can recite dua to increase love in the husband’s heart. If and when she can feel that her husband does not love her much. Maybe the couple is drifting apart. Or the husband may not listen to her. And pay attention to her.

With the help of dua to increase love in husband heart. Her husband will pay attention to her. And will love her like a newly married couple. So first, do everything with which you can please your husband. But still, if you think it is not working. Take help from Allah Talla. And do the procedure for dua to increase love in husband heart. Reciting the dua will be helpful. But perform the dua only with pure intention. And not to take him away from his other relatives.

Dua To Attract Husband Towards Wife
Dua To Attract Husband Towards Wife, Husband’s love is the basic right of the wife. And no one in the world can deny it. There is dua to increase love in the husband’s heart. But is he attracted to you? Some wives are quite shy. And so they cannot freely talk with their husbands. But attraction is an important aspect of marriage. And cone cannot ignore it. So what can be the solution?

The dua to attract husband towards wife can perfectly work. The wife need not feel awkward or shy because after she performs this dua. The husband will be attracted to her. But attraction does not mean that the wife should take undue advantage of that. Attracting a husband with dua to attract husband towards wife is one thing. And breaking him from his family members is other.

So do perform the dua to attract husband towards wife with good intentions. And inshallah husband will not only be attracted. But he will listen to the wife, obey her, and do whatever she says. Because the wife needs to attract her husband, she should recite dua to attract husband towards wife every day after namaz. In a few days, the difference in the husband’s behavior will be noticeable.

So the dua to increase love in husband heart will increase his love for you. But for attracting him, the wife needs to perform dua to attract the husband towards the wife. And once he is attracted to you, he will not even look at another woman. But only you will be the queen of his heart.

Dua To Make My Husband Love Me Again
Dua To Make My Husband Love Me Again, Suppose you find that your husband is spending too much time outside. He is not listening to you. or not loving you like earlier. You can figure out something is wrong. In such cases, the dua to increase love in the husband’s heart may not help.

Dua To Increase Love In Husband Heart

Because you know he used to love you a lot. But now that love is faded away. Now he is not paying much attention to you. Or even you are not attracted to you. So for such conditions, there is dua to make my husband love me again. You need to get back your husband’s love. You cannot just sit and see him going away from you. Allah Talla will help you to regain your lost love. Reciting the dua to make my husband love me again is very powerful.

Wherever your husband’s attention has diverted, with the dua to make my husband love me again, he will return to you. And love you more than before. So do not lose hope and trust Allah Talla.The procedure of dua to make my husband love me again is as follows, You can start performing the dua from any day. Want to get more love from your husband then also use our Dua To Make Husband Loyal.

After bathing and wearing clean clothes, prepare a room where no one can disturb you. Pray Allah Talla whole-heartedly and ask him for his blessing. Repeat the procedure for five days. You will notice the difference because of the dua to increase love in husband heart. Your husband will love you more than before. And will never leave you again.

Dua For Husband To Love His Wife Only
Dua For Husband To Love His Wife Only, The dua to increase love in husband heart will increase the love. But some wives are a bit insecure. They think that their husbands will love someone else eventually. There may be another woman in his life.

And all such questions start troubling. Because of such tensions, some wives even fall ill. But there is no need to worry. Alla Talla is extremely helpful. And such wives can recite dua for husband to love his wife only. With this dua, the husband will love only his wife and will not even bother to look at other women. The dua for a husband to love his wife only is a boon to wives who love their husbands a lot.

So by reciting the dua to increase love in husband heart. And dua for husband to love his wife only both help lead a happy married life. Husbands are the world to wives. Because wives love only their husbands, so they expect their husbands to love only them. And no wife can bear even thought of another woman in her husband’s life.

And the dua for husband to love his wife only will help wives in such matters. So even if there is no other woman. And some misunderstanding has happened. That too can be sorted by this dua. So all in all, these dua’s help the couple to lead a happily married life. With lots of attraction, understanding, and most importantly, love! So offer daily prayers and trust Allah Talla.

If you need any type of help and Guidance talks to us without any hesitation. In Sha Allah we will solve your problem.

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