Aulad Ki Bandish Ka Tor

Aulad Ki Bandish Ka Tor, Every marriage is known to be successful after they have their own babies. People tend to have many dreams for their babies. Having child or children requires and demands lots of responsibilities. After marriage people take some time to go for this big step.

Aulad Ki Bandish Ka Tor

For a lady it is a blessing to be a mother. She takes lots of pain with a smile on the face for her baby. Every religion has given different term to a mother’s child. Some call them bacha, some infant and in Islam it is termed as Aulad.

Some parents are lucky enough to have their babied or aulad at time and when they are prepared and wish for. Some has to wait patiently but then they found themselves unfortunate. Medical Science has achieved a lot in this part but sometimes even in some case studies get failed,

Some people got trapped in magic, known as black-magic. It is a very disastrous word, as it stops someone to have happiness. For whatever intention magic is being done, that thing stops and did not happen with the person for whom magic has been applied. In Islam it is termed as Bandish that means rok or to insert barrier, obstacles in someone’s path.

People sometimes do magic for Aulad ki bandish which means to create barrier for a person to have child. This is something very bad and cannot be neglected at all. Sometimes people’s revenge take them to go for this step. And sometimes not because of any magic but because of medical issues which instead of all test cannot be diagnosed.

Every worst to worst situation has some solution. It is very upsetting for a mother to be unable to have her own child. After all the medical treatment for the solution you choose one path that is of Prayers known as Dua.

Dua is most effective as well as it gives you somewhere assurance and positive energy to face all the negative energy and all the troubles of day to day life and related to Aulad as well as. Dua simply means dedication, determination and leaving your destiny on that one person’s hand. Dua in Islam is equal to any medicine provided by doctor.

Dua is the solution to solute and solve the problems which have arisen. Dua is a very pure word. Dua is faith and belief on super natural powers. It simply means to do your pure and good actions and let other things leave on god.

Apart from tor it is also termed as kaat. For the kaat of aulad bandish one more thing which you can go for is Jhada. Yes, Jhada is the one who removes all the negativity and black magic from you. All the priests or molvis tell you the period of time, that how long this all tricks have to be applied.

Aulad Ki Bandish Ka Tor

To have aualad instead of all the difficulties takes time. Sometimes you have to wait for a year, two years or even more. Sometimes even medical science fails and gives up but who never gives up on you is one that is ‘God’. Jhada is one the best cures.

Sometimes you need to visits different sacred temples to let your wish get completed and you have to take Jhada, from different places. Apart from Jhada you should also take bath of the sacred rivers and stay their for a while and help there the needy and poors. Things may be take time, you just be patient.

The word Bandish means barriers or hurdles which you face in your life .As human being you desire so many things in your life and for that you work day and night to get your dreams fulfilled sometimes it happens also and sometimes you face the problems but still you work hard to succeed it .The problems you face while achieving your targets may be just because of negative energy which is influencing your life or the blockages caused by some of the negative energies.

Now days people cannot see the much success or happiness of anyone or their dear ones or their family or in their friend circle so they always try to create problems in their life because you cannot judge who is your well wisher or what he is thinking from outside or inside so they try to have Bandish on them.

Bandish can be done in any form or way or on anyone for example if you are facing the problems in your marriage , sudden unwanted problems in job and business , problems in conceiving children , difficulties related to legal or financial issues which results in stress , strain , loss of confidence , irresponsibiltity etc. It physically and mentally disturbs the person due to which person faces many kind of problems .

Aulad Ki Bandish Ka Tor

Wazifa for Bandish is like a black magic or bad eye on anyone who are jealous from you and want to harm you as they cannot see the success of your and now they want to create problems in your life .Many of the black magician do this for money but they don’t know that they are playing with someone’s emotions and feelings but as we say that if you are going through bad time than one or the other day good time will also come in your life , what you all need is to have faith and trust with that all the problems can be solved.

Aulad Ki Bandish Ka Tor

Dua only require human responsibilities .Responsibility to always help needy , when you have surplus and when not surplus but still being human , it takes big heart instead of that helping . Responsibility of treating every human equal and respecting every religion and every human god.Dua is all about good intention , not hurting anyone for your selfishness and than it takes minutes , here you made wish , there it is completed.

Every Bandish has it’s Tor what you all need is to have faith , trust and patient with the help of this each and every problem can be solved.

If you need any type of help and Guidance talks to us without any hesitation. In sha Allah we will solve your problem.

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