Best Dua or Wazifa to Break Someone Engagement

Dua wazifa to break someone engagement helps those couples whose partner is going to be married to another boy or a girl. That’s the way lots of couples want to know about this and Inshallah our article will also help you, brothers and sisters. Are you that young boy or a girl who is going to be married as soon as possible?

Do you get engaged with that boy or a girl who is not right as well as good for you? And now you don’t want to do married to a boy or a girl but you are afraid of how to tell your parents. You don’t want to get hurt someone because maybe your parents have chosen a good boy or a girl.

Your parents don’t know anything about that boy or a girl that’s why they have chosen him or her. But you know everything about that person to whom you are going to be married and now you found that he/she is not good for you.

That’s why you don’t want to get married to him or her and now you want to break your engagement. You can easily break your engagement or marriage with the help of the most powerful, working dua to break the engagement.

break engagement dua wazifa

4If you want to know this powerful and working dua to break the engagement, then you are in the right place. Because here in this article, we will provide you the most powerful and working dua and wazifa to break the engagement. So, brothers and sisters if you will recite this dua and perform such wazifa, you will surely break your engagement without any problem/fear.

Dua for Breaking Engagement

If you’re having problems what should I do now? Can I do a marriage with a bad boy or a girl? Here if you’re confused that what should I do then don’t worry, we will tell you something good for you.

We’ve seen lots of bad boy or a girl after marriage they change their mind and become a good person. There is also that bad boys/a girls after marriage, they don’t change and their marriage life doesn’t get successful.

So, it depends on yourself or your luck, after marriage, is your husband or a wife will change or not? At that time, you have one right option, if you know him/her and found he/she is not good.

Then don’t think about anything, at that time say no to that marriage and you have to break your engagement. Because this will not good for you if you marry a guy, you have to do marriage with someone else.

Take help from the powerful Islamic dua for breaking marriage which will help you to break your marriage so easily. You don’t have to do any tantra mantra, you have to recite this dua for breaking engagement in the dua.

Wazifa to Break Someone Engagement

It doesn’t matter that you want to break your own engagement or others but if you are a parent. Those parents whose son or daughter is mad on someone and you want to break your son or daughter engagement.

Then don’t worry brothers and sisters, you will also take help from this strong wazifa to break someone’s engagement. This strong wazifa and dua to stop someone’s marriage will also help to save the life of your son or a daughter.

You don’t have to give your daughter or a son to that boy or a girl who is not good. All the parents think that their children will live a happy life and they will also get a good partner

But if that boy or girl whom your son or daughter is going to marry then you don’t have to make hurdles in their relationship. You should have to free yourself because you will not spend your life with his or her lover/beloved one.

Here is the complete procedure of how to perform this wazifa to break someone’s marriage along with the dua.

Firstly, you should be a true dindaar Muslim who prays all 5 Salah or Namaz in a day.
And then, wake up in the middle of the night and take a bath with cold or hot water.
After that, do wudu and then go to your room and pray a Tahajjud Namaz or Salah.
In the Namaz or Salah, don’t think any wrong in your mind and heart, always pray a good Salah.
At that time you just think that the Almighty Allah is standing in front of you.
After the completion of Tahajjud Namaz or Salah, now you have to open the Quran and search for a Surah ikhlaas.
Then recite this surah and then make a dua from the Almighty Allah and In Sha Allah, the Almighty Allah will break your engagement as well as someone else’s engagement.


But if you think, this dua and wazifa are not providing any benefits to you or on that person to whom you are applying. Then don’t worry call our Molvi Ji and if you want to talk to him on WhatsApp, then also don message to him on WhatsApp. In Sha Allah, with the help of Allah, you will get results as fast as possible.

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