Husband wife relationship is very difficult, funny and most adorable relationship, wherein two persons get married with each other. Girl leaves her family for him and change her name with new one means she sacrifice everything in marriage that is adorable and then they start spending time together start living together for their rest of the life and manage daily things that difficult, the even plans for their family expanding they do birth new children to grow their family.

It is very common in every husband wife relationship that they fight, argue in lots of small things without thinking anything about their relationships, that they are Husband and Wife not in a teenager girlfriend and boyfriend relationship and start arguing on silly things such as, Husband have assigned a work that not completed on time so he started arguing even without thinking that a 🏠 housewife has more other works to do that is to be completed, such house chores even after that husband expect other works to do that is acceptable at all, but still she tries to do.

If she fails to do then husband argue on silly things that creates wall between husband and wife relationship, sometimes it does happen due to problems of family as well.

Few causes due to Husband Wife Problem

Financial Problems.
• Husband not earning much.
• Not spending much time together.
• Husband Not Satisfying Wife.
• Wife Not Satisfying Husband.

One of my known newly married couple was also facing same problem disputing with each other on silly things that was making their life worse even they have not completed their 2 years of marriage and started fighting over few of the reasons listed above.

He came to me and shared his problem and wanted to get rid from this problem, therei felt bad after listening to his complete story and then i decided to create to some Dua To Remove This Husband Wife Relationship Disputes that will help others too in fiture if someone contact me whom soever facing mentioned trouble.

So after working and searching for long time i made a powerful Dua that will help you to avoid Disputes of Husband and Wife.

So use below mentioned Dua without any fail Inshah Allah you will success.

Before performing Wazifa or Dua please take proper ablution.
• Once you are done with ablution take 7 almonds in a bowl.
• Now try to write the name of your husband/wife on those almonds.
• Once you are done with writing the names do dua.
• Dodua in the time of evening Nawaj.
• Take Apah’s Name for 1000 times.
• Now pronounce the dua for 386 times without any chain break.
• At the end perform Durood 3 times.

Following Dua to be performed:-

• Keep thinking about your wife/husband while pronouncing.
• Once done, blow over almondsand do round with your hand in the sky. (Do it for 3 times).
• Give those almonds to your husband or wife to eat.
• Now perform this activity for 7 days without any failure.
Note – Women please do not perform this wazifa in their down time of 7 days because that will make Allah Sad.

If you are unable to perform or understand any step out of above mentioned and do contact me at belowmentioned details so that i can help you to understand Wazifa or dua for free.