Featured Wazifa to destroy enemy or someone

Wazifa to destroy enemy or someone

Life isn’t always rainbows and sunshine. While in life, we form many meaningful friendships as we age. we also tend to earn the enmity of a few individuals. strong wazifa to destroy enemy or someone It’s alright because that’s life. It doesn’t always pan out the way we want. But, sometimes that sense of bitterness towards an individual can rear its ugly head.

Sometimes, it can become so bitter that many will go to great lengths to make your life miserable. If you sense a certain someone is also trying to bring you down, then you need to protect and safeguard yourself. wazifa to make enemy sick Do you also want to destroy that enmity to protect yourself? Then try out this wazifa.

strong wazifa to destroy enemy or someone – How to perform wazifa that will destroy your enemies

First of all, you need to not hold any grudge against your enemies and forgive them.

Next you need to perform namaaz 3 times a day
Clean yourself and sit in the position of prayer
Now recite surah at least 10 times
After this, you will need to chant this mantra 400 times “Udar Amar Basmic Sorantey quon toy la meire warah zameen”
Now pray to Allah Tallah to melt the heart of your enemy and turn his enmity into love and compassion
Perform this for 21 days.

wazifa to kill enemy in three days

Sometimes there is no solid reason behind the enmity between two individuals that seems to be growing stronger by the day. Sometimes a person can be jealous of the other. strong wazifa to destroy enemy or someone They can be jealous of their family, lifestyle, money, success. Because of that sheer jealousy, they can sometimes start to hate you and do damaging things to destroy you. In such a case, it becomes essential to ensure your safety. dua to get rid of enemy in one night In such cases, only a strong dua can help you because you can never predict what that person is up to and planning to do against you.

strong wazifa to destroy enemy or someone – How does this dua work?

This dua works by destroying the sense of enmity and hatred in the heart of that person. dua for enemy to die When you perform this dua religiously and regularly, you send out vibrations of pure energy and love towards that person. strong wazifa to destroy enemy or someone That eventually melts his heart and he/she no longer holds any grudges against you. Anything harmful that the person might be planning to do, he will drop all those things and will stop thinking about you.

Surah to protect yourself from enemies

One should never underestimate the power of hatred and how it can drive an occasional person to take extreme steps. Sometimes people are nonchalant about such matters which is why they are often caught off guard when suddenly something really horrible happens to them. strong wazifa to destroy enemy or someone They don’t even realize.

How it was the result of their enemies’ wrongdoing. dua for victory over enemy If you also sense that someone might be trying to harm you. Then you need to perform Islamic surah and wazifa to cast a spell of protection on you and your family. This way, you will stay safe from all kinds of damages.

Power wazifa that destroys negative forces

If someone is jealous of you or for some reason doesn’t seem to click with you, then Islamic dua and wazifa is going to be the best step you can take. surah for victory over enemy If you have any kind of confusion or feeling unsure as to how to proceed ahead. Then you need to get in touch with our Molvi Saab. He will tell you everything you need to know about this dua.

Dua To Destroy Enemy Immediately

Dua To Destroy Enemy Immediately

Dua To Destroy Enemy Immediately or to get rid of enemy in one night can be use for victory over enemy. Use our dua for enemy to die, if you want.

In this era, everyone is suffering from some problem. Some are stressed about financial conditions, whereas some are emotionally not that strong. Many of them require to get rid of their enemy. Enemies always take advantage of the problems of our life and become an obstacle in our way to success. Here, you will notice answers to all your question regarding the problem of an enemy.

Dua To Destroy Enemy Immediately

If you want to destroy your enemy, then we have got an answer for you. Enemies are the biggest problem in anyone’s life. They are the ones who always think and do evil about us. Some of the enemies we can see, but some are hidden. There could be an enemy from your close relatives.

We are offering you a dua to destroy the enemy immediately. The longer the enemy will stay, the longer you will suffer. Be it in your business or personal level, and we should not give a single chance to our enemy to be a problem in our life. We need to destroy him immediately.

Here is The Procedure For Dua To Destroy The Enemy Immediately

You need to read Durood Shareef for 100 times.
Then, you have tor read Surah Ikhlas for 400 times.
While concluding, you need to reread the durood Shareef 100 times.
Keep thinking about your enemy and think that he’s getting destructed while reading dua.
Ask Allah to destroy your enemy immediately.
You can do the dua at any point in the day.
Trust in Allah.
Allah will surely help you if your request is valid.
Pray to Allah with pure intentions and dedication.
Inshaallah, You will notice the results soon.

Dua For Victory Over An Enemy

Dua For Victory Over An Enemy, In business, you get competitors. Sometimes, your competitors become your enemies due to unethical behavior in place. Because of that, you become more competitive and want to get victory over an enemy. It would help if you had extraordinary power for victory over an enemy for that type of situation. Almighty Allah will help you if you pray to him.

If your enemy is close to you, then you should be aware of him. It can destroy your business and personal life. Before it happens, you need to get rid of that person. We are giving you powerful dua for victory over an enemy. If you perform this dua with the whole heart, then you will get results.

The Pocedure of Dua For Victory Over Your Enemy

“Rabbi Innee MaghloobunFantasir”

The means mentioned above that “Lord, I am surrounded by enemies. Please help me”.
“If someone is being oppressed, the person should read the dua to get rid of his enemy, and the dua will protect him.”- The great Imam Musa Bin Jafer Al Kazim.

It entirely depends on you how many times you want the dua. There is no prescribed way to recite this dua.
The more you perform this dua, the more optimum effect you will get.
Along with it, you should keep Surah-Al-Bara on your body all the time to get victory over your enemy.

Dua For An Enemy To Die

Dua For An Enemy To Die, Here is the dua for an enemy to die. But, the dua is very powerful, so before practicing this dua, one should seek help from Islamic professionals. Nobody wants their enemy in life. The enemy can hurt ones’ family members. The enemy knows that by breaking your family, you will get more pain. Everybody loves their family, and no one can see their family getting hurt by their enemies.

A responsible person can tolerate anything by himself, but he cannot handle his family members’ pain. But, it could help our family members and us if the enemy gets death. So, we have a dua for an enemy to die. The dua is beneficial, so one should do this with the help of molvi Ji.

The Process of Dua For An Enemy To Die.

A person can read the dua at any point of time in a day.
A person needs to make wuzu first.
After that, a person needs to read the durood Shareef for eight times.
Then, he should read two rakatnafil namaz.
In the first rakat, a person needs to read surah Alamnashrah after reading surah Fatiha.
In the second rakatnafilnamaz, he should read surah al fil just after reading surah Fatiha.
However, while reading rakatnafilnamaz, one should imagine his enemy’s face in his brain.
After completing namaz, he should pray to Almighty Allah for making his enemy sick.
Because no one can do this without the help from Allah.
Your wish will get completed, and the enemy will fall ill.
A person has to do this dua for 30 days.

Dua To Get Rid of An Enemy In One Night

Dua To Get Rid of An Enemy In One Night, If you demand to get rid of an enemy in one night, you need to read the dua mentioned in this section. But, before reading the dua, you need to keep in mind that the dua is very powerful and can destroy your enemy immediately. Use our Quranic Dua To Defeat Enemies, if you want more details then read all in details.

Enemies can make your life hell. So, it is essential to wreck them. If your enemies are powerful than you and they are misusing their power. Allah will help you in that situation. Here is the dua to get rid of an enemy in one night. If you know that your enemies are doing something sinister against you or know that they will give you pain, you can use this dua.

It will help if you read the dua 100 times Dua’s 135. It will make all sinister plans go away, and you will be protected from your enemies.

“LaaH’awla WaLaa QuwwataIlla Billah”

Also, it would help if you kept surah Dua’s 137. You need to keep Dua AL-BARA on your body all the time. Do this, and your enemies will go away in one night.


Enemies can harm us in many ways. If one wants to get rid of enemies, he should read the dua mentioned above with perfection. Inshaallah, he will get results very soon.

If you need any type of help and Guidance talks to us without any hesitation. In sha Allah we will solve your problem.

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