Family Problems Solution in Islam

how many family problem s in this world because a family is a combination of many people so if many people is exist in same place than some family problem solution will creates. If all people will sift alone or lonely when problem will not create but no one is sift alone because they love each other. The most common family problem solution is “relationship” because most of person will survives in family and for this type of person relationship not easy to maintain in the family and they was very frosted and then they search the solution of this family problem.

Family Problems Solution in Islam

How many family problems solution like a man was very regretful because a man reject his daughter (it is very common family problem solution in Islam) and father of daughter was very old or under pressure. Because a man’s family was not accept of his daughter than he ask the solution of this family problem solution in Islam religion and they advise him ,it is too late now as your daughter has become old so please you search any other man and get marry your daughter. So father of daughter will accept the solution and his daughter will get marry another best person.

Family Problem Solution in India

The important and main family problem solution in India is that Joint family problem because of most of Indians have a joint family but some family have a nuclear family. In Joint family Husband, Wife, Mother, Father, Brother, Sisters etc. all consists in same home or place so many problems will create but in nuclear family consists only husband, Wife and their children. Indian joint family problem solution in India is that all of husbands or wife have creates nuclear family because of they thought if we have exist in nuclear family we have sprat and independent or free.

Family Business Problem Solutions

Most of people have an own business with her family and he start a business it is called family business. However, if family business is start than some problems or an issue was create and then family removes or solves the problems. Family business problem solution was create all time because of if two or more people start a business than most of chances creating problem but if problem is create than all family members will solve or remove this problem of family business problem solutions. The most important part of family business is trust because if no one has a trust of each other family members than business wills not growth.

Family Problems and Solutions in Telugu

Telugu exists in South India and Telugu people not speak Hindi properly because Telugu person most of the use or known English or Telugu language so some Family problem and solution in Telugu was created. The main problem was language problem because if a Telugu person goes another state and century they do not speak Hindi properly then no one can understand their language. In this condition boy/girl complain over family than all family will create a meeting and thought the solution of this problem and finally, they will conducting the classes of Hindi language then solve the Family problems and solutions in Telugu.