Hamzad in Islam in Urdu

lm e Hamzad is the most important language in the Islamic religion as we know that there are very rare people in the world who have the knowledge of ilm e Hamzad because it needs very deep knowledge that have not everyone person or ordinary person. Ilm is an Arabic word that is means knowledge that related to the acquisition of knowledge and we can explain it by study and development. Thus, Hamzad is the Persian word that is means shadow in English language. Although, Hamzad not rare word because every religion has this meaning and we speak many different terms in various language to Hamzad. It you know Arabic language then you will say it qareen thus if you know Hindi language then you will say it Chaya that is the reason that most of persons are unknown this term.

Hamzad in Islam

Hamzad is most important in Islam religion because of some reasons. We know very well that god gives us life with good soul and we have one part assign of god. Astral body is the name of assign part of soul in our body. Our body is our physical body but our soul is our astral body so now we can say that Hamzad in Islam has important place in our life. We know that our body and our shadow are similar in looking and there is no way to distinguish between body and body’s shadow. There are many institutions in Arabic countries that thoughts Hamzad in Islam because do not admire it bad and they think that it is our soul and we should to know this.

Hamzad in Islam in Urdu

Some of people think that Hamzad is an evil creature, which has, transform into ghost after the death of person because they think that after death, soul leave body and free for something to do wrong. However, according to Hamzad in Islam in Urdu all thinks are wrong because here is no evidence of these kind of things. If you want to know that why we are saying like this then please read deeply about Hamzad in Islam in Urdu language and collect right information after it you will know right truth.

Hamzad Ko Bulana

Some of persons admire that Hamzad is the process of twin angel and in this process we make our clone by the help of Hamzad and it contains some spiritual powers. Most of person’s adherence the process because they want to Hamzad ko Bulana and this is the right way and easy way if you want to Hamzad ko Bulana.

Hamzad Ka Amal

If you want to proceed Hamzad ka amal then you will need a dark room where should not be any kind of light in the room. Room should be peaceful and darkest. When you will apply Hamzad ka amal then you will be open your eyes and create an imaginary face against to you and apply the tricks step by step in this process. If you do complete whole process by right way then god will surely help of you.