Love marriage, where both the partners can understand each other better than anyone else. We all want to tie a knot in the relationship of love marriage rather than the arranged marriage. But every time it is not possible that you will get the right partner for yourself who will love you back, the same way you do to him or her.

Love marriage means a marriage where both the persons marry with their consent, when they know each other before their wedding and love each other before their wedding. We wish to get married to the person to whom we love the most. But every time our destiny does not go as we want. Our fate has decided something different than our planning.

In love marriage, a couple needs to convince their families by putting all their efforts into it. Here they may have the consent of marring each other, but they do not have permission from their family’s end.

Marriage is the most divine relationship between a husband and wife, where two persons love each other profoundly and infinitely. Love has many types, but when this loves to take the kind of marriage the happiness has changed into a new level, into a new way.

A couple may face various problems before their marriage. Sometimes their family even get ready for the wedding. Wedding day is auspicious for a couple. It is a day to remember. Sometimes, this day remembers as a bad day. But many times, this day becomes a good memory for the couples.

In today’s world, the definition of love has changed now love means affection for few days, relationship with many at a single time, at the end love, ends with sex and some lame and pathetic excuses.

Now love equals to physical relations. Yes, now people treat physical connections as love. Care, affection, support does not matter even more. Such days they are considered as the most hectic and vital days for both families. They can’t make any single mistake and can’t skip any unique ritual to proceed for marriage.

But sometimes your luck, fate, fortunate does not go the way you want. After doing engagement, or fixing your marriage many times, you may suffer a delay in your marriage due to various circumstances.

Love marriage Ishtakaras

We would suggest you some Ishtakaras, with the help of it you may able to make your love marriage happy and prosperous. These steps are easy to perform if you play it with your open heart and faith and believe in it. You will get the positive results in your love marriage. Your marriage will do without any hassles.

Try to perform this ritual by your end and by your partner’s end to whom you are going to get married. First, you should have pure Muslim, who do all five times Namaz properly. Who follow and practice Islam?

Recite durood Shareef for five times in a day after reading Namaz. Before going to bed in the night recite the following dua

Ya Hamidu Tahmattaa Bill Hamdde Waal Hamdoo Fii


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