In Islam, romance prohibited before an individual’s marriage. But it is not restricted to a limit. Love the most beautiful feeling exist on this earth. Love is known for its simplicity, purity, honesty, care, etc. Such good feelings make a word which is known as love.

This may be a single four alphabet word, but it has a significant impact on humans. Not only on humans but animals as well. A person may not be hungry for food or greedy for money, but a person may hungry and greedy for love.

A reasonable person may fall in love and a wrong person as well. It is up to you how you treat love. If once properly treat love, then he or she will positively get the results, but if a person treats love in the wrong way, then he or she will negatively get the results.

Now a day’s people play with love. For them love is like a game not an emotion. Which goes up to for three to four months.

In today’s world the definition of lover has changed now love means affection for few days, relationship with many at a single time, at the end love, ends with sex and some lame and pathetic excuses.

Love when you hear or read this word, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? A relationship between a man and a woman which is pure as our holy book. Which does not have any lie, betrayal, dishonesty?

These are some factors which come in a mind when a person heard the word love. Love is not like any other feeling such as hate or like, and it is much more than it when a person even forgets about himself.

When the world does not matter more to him or her, everything has changed when an individual fall in love. Love may seem easy to do, but it is challenging to keep as it has some hard emotions which are difficult to maintain.

No one ever wants to get disconnected from their loved ones, because it breaks the heart, it gives tears; it gives pain as well. As we all know, it is the most powerful feeling, an emotion which can’t control anyone else.

To stay with your loved ones forever, try to give them more time, attention, and importance so they may stay by your side. Apart from such factors, today we would suggest you some spells with the help of them you may able to bind your love with you for a whole lifetime.

Islamic mantras

Allaha Umma Allafee Baeena Kulu Bina, Waaslih Zaata Bain Ina, Wah Dina Subla Slama, Waan Ajna Min Azal Mati Iilal Noor

Recite this dua three times in a day after reading duroodh shareefa.

This dua will help you to bring your love closer to you. Love is not an easy thing to perform. To perform this ritual carefully and with your full heart and believe then only you will get positive results in it.

Always believe in Allah they will help for sure.
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