Marriage a holy or sacred relationship between a husband and wife (man and woman) where both the couple take promises of living together until their last breathes. Every other women and man are always dreaming about marriage life once in their life. They all want a happy and prosperous married life with a beautiful family.

A woman always dreams about their marriage day; when it comes closer, their anxiety level increases more and more. Women plan about their marriage how would reception looks like, how would marriage venue looks. They always want perfect places with good Photographer to capture all those beautiful moments as memories in his camera.

Even they always think about their marriage dresses such as lehnga, gowns, sarees which a woman is going to wear on her wedding day. Such preparations begin 1 to 2 months before the wedding day as it takes a lot of time to do shopping of jewelry, dresses, accessories and other stuff.

Whereas, her family does all the other preparations rather than the dresses and jewelry such as dowry material, venue, food, invitation cards, accommodation, and other facilities for guest. These are some essential aspects which done from the end of the bride’s family.

On the other hand, the groom’s family do all the preparation for the welcoming of a new member at their home. They clean all the rooms, make a separate room for the bride and groom as a permanent room. Bring new furniture to keep all the stuff of bride and groom.

They also prepare for other rituals and traditions. Make arrangements for guests and functions whereas the groom prepares himself to welcome a new partner at his home, in his life. Such days they are considered as the most hectic and vital days for both families. They can’t make any single mistake and can’t skip any unique ritual to proceed for marriage. But sometimes your luck, fate, fortunate does not go the way you want. After doing engagement, or fixing your marriage many times, you may suffer a delay in your marriage due to various circumstances.

Because the more delay takes place in marriage, the more money gets consume, and less probability of marriage occurs. That is why it is considered crucial to getting married as fast as your family could do. In Islam, husband and wife relationship is considered as pure as the holy book of Qur’an. They meant to stay together for a whole life while practicing Islam.

How to stop delay in marriage?

In Qur’an, every problem has a solution. We considered ourselves lucky that we are born in this religion.

First, we would like to suggest you go and consult a Molvi Ji as they know much better than you. He is an expert under his guidance you may able to get rid of from your problems. Read Surah Al-Mumtahinah five times in a day. Recite this Wazifa until you see positive results in your marriage.


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