Men always want a lover in his life, to whom he can love, for whom he can buy stuff, to whom he can fulfill all her desires. They also have a feeling inside them, which is known as love. They also know the meaning of love.

Do not know who said men does not know how to love others. They know it very well more than women. When they start loving someone, they do it with all their hearts out. They do not care about its conclusion they do it

Even a man has more substantial and genuine feelings than a woman. A woman may know for her sentiments, her dedication. But a man knows about the responsibility he has on his shoulders. He knows how to love women with all her heart out, with all his deep desires.

He is also dreaming about a woman who makes his life. Men do also fall in love when it comes to the women whom he always desires. Nowadays, most of the men have a partner. Either they are in a relationship with women or married to women. To whom they fall.

But when that woman does not love him back the way that man does to her, it breaks his heart. Someone said, a man never feels the pain. A man never cries. But it is false; a man also has feelings and he even cry. Yes, he may not cry in front of everyone, but he may cry alone, he may not show his pain in front of everyone, but he can feel it.

A woman gives the majority of pain and tears to a man when he feels the pain when he wants to cry but could not able to do it, due to the fear of society. When he finds out his woman is taking an interest in another man, or she is losing interest in him, she does not love him anymore, she does not have any interest in him. At that time, it breaks his heart. Because a man also wants that his woman takes an interest in him not in any other man. His woman loves him back like the same way he does to her. His woman falls in love deeply with him.

How can a girl fall in love with a boy?

Recite this following dua by which a girl can fall in love with boy so deeply. Perform this dua:

Bismilla Heer Rahman Ir Rahim Yaaa Ghiy Yasal Musta Ghislain

Perform this dua on Friday night. First, take a bath and wear clean and fresh white color clothes. Now sit on a woollen carpet or cloth. Recite this dua for At least 320 times in soft voice.

Then light some incense stick near to the place where you are reciting your dua. Then sit near to those burning incense sticks and start reading again that dua, still recite it for 570 times.


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