Love the most beautiful feeling exist on this earth. Love is known for its simplicity, purity, honesty, care, etc. Such good feelings make a word which is known as love. This may be a single four alphabet word, but it has a significant impact on humans. Not only on humans but animals as well.

A person may not be hungry for food or greedy for money, but a person may hungry and greedy for love. A reasonable person may fall in love and a wrong person as well. It is up to you how you treat love. If once properly treat love, then he or she will positively get the results, but if a person treats love in the wrong way, then he or she will negatively get the results.

Nowadays people play with love. For them, love is like a game, not an emotion, which goes up for three to four months. In today’s world, the definition of love has changed now love means affection for few days, relationship with many at a single time, at the end love, ends with sex and some lame and pathetic excuses.

Now love equals to physical relations. Yes, now people treat physical connections as love. Care, affection, support does not matter even more.

The spark of relationship ends within a few days of beginning due to the blackness of love. The flash of connection goes based on physical relationships, and once you get fed up, the relationship ends over there. Cheating, betrayal, Lied over, dishonesty has common factors of a relationship nowadays.

But there are still some people left who still have faith and believe in true love. They always want in a relationship where they can live together forever with their loved ones. Due to some circumstances, it can’t get possible such as disagreement from family’s end, interrupted by the third person in a relationship, misunderstandings, entry of any new boy or girl in your partner’s life.

Such things can create a different scenario by which your love does not remain for last forever, where the probability of ending your relationship has more. No one wants a problem in their love life, especially when you love someone honestly with your whole heart or when you are married to the person whom you love the most. These love problems can create difficulty in your married life or your relationship.

How to solve love problems?

Today in this article, we would like to suggest some solutions. With the help of them, you may able to tackle all your love life problems and your partner will love you back the same way you do to him or her.

The lost interest of the relationship will come back automatically with a new spark in it. Perform it on every Thursday, do fasting for the whole day and open your fast at midnight. Take a bath and wear clean clothes Read wuzu, then recite two Rakats. Write Surah al Tawbah on paper.

Faa Iin Tawallaw Faa Qullahas Biyallah Hulaaii Lahaila Huwa Layhita Waak Kaltu Waahu Wara Balar Shilzaem

Recite above mentioned dua for at least 33 times continuously


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