Shadi Ki Bandish Ka Tor

Shadi Ki Bandish Ka Tor, Sometimes when everything seems perfect in your life and you are of a marriageable age yet you still do not get married. One reason that this may be the case is because you have been strongly affected byshadi ki bandish.

Shadi Ki Bandish Ka Tor

This is when someone has put a curse on you whereby you will keep getting problems related to marriage.They may have done so because they are jealous of you or maybe because they have a grudge against you.

Shadi Ki Bandish Ka Tor

Whatever the reason may be, it is you and ultimately your loved ones who get badly affected by this. How do you rid yourself of such a problem that affects you so deeply? Well, one of the most useful ways of getting rid of this problem is through reading a wazifa and/or making a dua in your own words.Make sure that you perform whatever method you choose to apply with all your heart.

Have you just found out that someone has put shadi ki bandish on you? Do you feel that there is something stopping you from getting married? If so then there are ways in which you can solve that problem by yourself. Here are some easy ways inwhich you can perform ashadi ki bandish ka tor:

Say “Allah” for 100 times continuously and then blow on a glass of drinking water. Then drink it.
You can recite the Durood-Shareef for 11 times and then say “BISMELLA HEER REHMAAN NEER RAHEEM” for 487 repetitions. After this you need to recite Durood-Shareef 11 more times. Then blow on drinking water and drink it.
You need a manzil booklet for this. You must read the ayats that are present in the manzil and then blow on water. Then you must sprinkle water all over the house including all furniture.
Wazifas are verses from Quran that you can read in order to get relief when you have a problem. Wazifa must be properly read with faith and belief. You can use wazifa if you have rishtey ki bandish issue in your life. Following are some important and effective rishtey ki bandish ka wazifa examples:

Shadi Ki Bandish Ka Tor
You should read Durood-Ibrahim for 7 times and then read the Surah Al-Imran verse 9 for 313 repetitions. After this, you must again read the Durood-Ibrahim 7 times. You must do this every Friday after you have successfully completed performing namaz.
You must recite chapter 33 of Surah Al-Ahzab daily as many times as you can.
You may read the verse 36 of Yaseen for 100 repetitions before you perform Salat Tahajjood. Repeat this method for 40 days consecutively.
You can read chapter 60 of Surah Al-Mumtahina for 5 times every day.
You should recite the Surah Furkan verses 74 to 76 for 21 repetitions. You must continue to do this for 3 days continuously and then you should make dua for your marriage.
This one is especially for girls. You need to read the Surah Al-Taha chapter 20 and blow on water. Then you must drink the glass of water.
How can you know exactly that you are suffering from shadi ki bandish problem? You can do so by having a look at the experiences of your life. Depending on how things are going you can tell whether you are a victim or not.Some of the common shadi ki bandish ki alamat are as follows:

You are unable to find suitable matches. You have put your profile up on several matrimonial websites but none of them are giving you any good results.
Even when the match seems compatible, somehow the marriage is unable to materialize. This may bebecause of last minute cancellation by them.
Although you are doing everything that you possibly can, you just don’t get the type of partner you are looking for. They lack in some quality or the other.
When you think that you have found the perfect partner, the other person rejects you for no apparent reason. They don’t even let you know about this which makes you lose your self-confidence.
You have tried to remove things that may have negatively affected you but still you are not getting married.
You are not getting the response that you are looking for in your efforts. This is making you get more depressed as time passes.
You are in love with someone but they have suddenly backed out from wanting to marry you.

Shadi Ki Bandish Ka Tor

Shadi mein rukawat means that something or the other is coming in your way of marriage. Duas are simple yet effective ways in which you can remove anything that is stopping your marriage from taking place. The following is a simple example ofshadi mein rukawat door karne ki dua:

“O Allah! You are the only one I have faith on. I know that you are the only one who is the most powerful of all. You can easilycreate miracles in anyone’s life. Allah, I seek your blessings. I have been experiencing difficulties regarding my marriage.My parents have been looking for a suitable bridegroom for me since the past few years.

They have tried everything and so have I but still I am still not getting married. The alliances that come to me are not the type that I want. I don’t know what to do. My parents are getting more and more stressed as more days pass. You are the only one I can turn to in this time of need. I want you to remove all kinds of obstacles that are coming in my way of marriage. Please aid me my Lord.”

Shadi Ki Bandish Ka Tor

Reading a wazifa and making dua are considered one of the most powerful ways of accomplishing shadi ki bandish ka tor. By using these you can remove all sorts of obstacles that may be constantly arising in your marriage. Just keep in mind that Allah is always there for you. You are never alone in your walk through life.

Have faith in Allah and all your problems will surely get solved easily and efficiently. When you read the wazifa, make sure that you are in a positive frame of mind. Make sure that when you are making a dua, you tell Allah your problem and you ask for what you want.

You need to have faith in yourself just as Allah believes in your potential. Allah knows what is best for you and so you should have patience. You will definitely be able to get married to a good person at the right time.

If you need any type of help and Guidance talks to us without any hesitation. In sha Allah we will solve your problem.

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