Shaitan considered as devil or evil in Islam. This is negative energy which may harm a human in terms of life. Such negative energy can take your life or give wounds for a whole lifetime. No one ever wants to get come in front of shaitan as they are more powerful and stronger than any of us.

Shaitan is those who do not have any life in them. Which means they are not living beings; they are the ones who died long ago due to some pathetic conditions. When a person dies due to such wretched conditions, their soul comes back into the place where human exists. Their motive is to harm human and all other living beings because they saw the worst death. But not all souls are evil, some souls are excellent, and they always try to help living beings as they are the positive ones. Ginnie, part or shaitan these are some negative energies which known in Islam.

No one can control negative energy. One can control a human, but you may not able to manage a nonliving being, which is not alive, which already dies long ago. We never want to get a meet and greet with such energies. We all have a fear inside us as we can fight with humans but can’t fight with a ghost.

Whenever a person hears the word ghost, negative energy it always gives shivers down the spine. This is the word which provides chills with to ones. Some people have such experience with negative energies in their life; they do not want to discuss this topic anymore.

There is someplace that exists on this earth where negative energies live for real. We want to suggest you, and aware you, please make the distance from such sites. Because once these energies get stick to you, it becomes difficult to tackle with them or to remove them.

Many times, you do not visit such haunted places or does not do anything by which shaitan comes to you. But your enemies bring this energy to you, to do some bad stuff with you. Even some people experience these terrible things in your dreams as well, and such ideas does not call as dreams, in fact, they are known as nightmares.

They are not even nightmares, you may see these things in your dreams, but in the real world you already make a connection with them. It gives a significant impact on your health, on your life.

How to tackle negative energies?

We want to suggest some ways by which you would able to handle and tackle all negative energies or shaitan from your life. Recite this dua for at least three times a day.

Bismilla Aahil Laathii Laa Yaa Dorro Maa Asmehi Shayon Fil Ardi Wala Fis Samaa Waa Who Waa As Samio Al Alim.

By reciting this dua, you may able to protect yourself from any shaitan or negative energy


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