Wazifa To Separate Someone

Wazifa To Separate Someone or to separate two lovers can be use to separate two person. If you want wazifa to separate husband and wife then ask to our Islamic expert.

Wazifa To Separate Someone

Our Wazifa to separate someone from illicit relationships and impending dangers becomes necessary. You can again make him pious and dedicated to you.

As Such, Consider These Wazifa;

At first, take some sand from an old grave. Keep it in a bowl. Then recite Surah Fil for 21 times. In the end, take that person and his mother’s names. Next, divide the sand into equal halves. Later, throw it in their houses. You can also keep it near their door. However, ensure that they are standing near their doors o next to their houses. Do this 1-day wazifa carefully.
Again, take a bird’s feather, some wood ash, and a personal item of the person you want to separate from. Now, wrap them in a green cloth. Hold it in your right hand. Then, recite a suitable dua for 43 times. Next, hold it in your right hand and flow it in running water. Within a few days you will get positive results.
Furthermore, take a photo of the person. Then, recite DuroodShareef for 11 times. Also, recite Surah Lahab for 19 times. Do 11 times DuroodShareef Then, blow it on the picture. In its absence, you can imagine the person’s face. Do this continuously for 21 days.
After your daily prayers, recite DuroodShareef Then read a suitable dua. Again, read DuroodShareef thrice. At last make a dua to Allah for separation.
Therefore, you can certainly use a wazifa to separate someone.

Wazifa To Separate Two Lovers

Wazifa To Separate Two Lovers, Sometimes you require a wazifa to separate two lovers. It can get rid of unwanted problems. Moreover, it works effectively within a short time.

In This Regard, Learn These Wazifa;

After a fresh ablution sits in a quiet room. Now, read Surah Fatiha for 11 times. Then, do Surah Ibrahimi for three times. After that, you need to do yawududu for 101 times. In the end re-read Surah Fatiha and DuroodIbrahimi. Now make a dua to separate two lovers. All the while concentrating on your purpose. However, you should have clear and noble intentions.

Again, read an appropriate dua for 1100 times. Do it in a silent room. Now, on a white paper, write the person’s name. Also, write DuroodShareefand the dua on it. If possible, cry and let your tears fall on it. Later, bury it somewhere out of reach of people. Also, plant something over it.
Another effective wazifa is Durood-e-Pak. Read it along with a suitable dua. You should also offer 5-times obligatory prayers. Also, recite DuroodShareef before and end of this wazifa. It is a powerful remedy to break up with someone. Hence, you should not misuse it with evil intention.
Recite 11 times DuroodShareef before your Fajr Now, recite Surah Lahab for 19 times. Close your wazifa with 11 times DuroodShareef. Finally, blow it on the person. Do it continuously for 21 days.

Thus, you can succeed with wazifa to separate two lovers.

Wazifa To Separate Two Persons

Wazifa to separate two persons will effectively solve your problems. It will rebuild trust and faith. Moreover, it is entirely safe and convincing to use.

In This Respect, Try These Wazifa;

At midnight perform fresh ablution. Now, sit in a quiet room. At first, perform Tahajjud Then, concentrate on your intent and read Surah Ikhlas. You should also do 5-times prayers regularly. Again, follow Quranic commandments sincerely. It will break up a relation.
Again, take a bird’s feather, wooden ash, and one personal belonging of the person. Now, bundle them up in a green cloth. Hold it in your right hand. Then, make a suitable dua to Allah for 43 times. Finally, throw it in any water body. You will get good news within a couple of days.
You can also use the persons’ photo. Recite DuroodShareef for 11 times and Surah Lahab for 19 times. Then, blow on it. However, if you don’t have the picture, you can imagine their faces. Do this wazifa continuously for 21 days. Allah will surely answer your prayers
Again, read a suitable dua for 1100 times. Then, write the names of the persons and their mothers on a white paper. Also, write DuroodShareef and the dua along with the names. Try to cry so that tears fall on the paper. Afterward, bury it secretly and plant something over it.
Thus, you can successfully break a relationship with a wazifa to separate two persons.

Wazifa To Separate Husband And Wife

Wazifa to separate husband and wife often becomes necessary. It is mighty and useful. Hence, you should use it mindfully.

As Such, Apply These Wazifas;

Begin and end this wazifa with seven times Durood-e-Pak. Now, read a suitable dua for 700 times. Then, offer your prayers to Allah. Ensure that your intentions are clear and genuine. However, do fresh wudu before beginning this wazifa. Also, you should do it alone in a quiet place. Within a week you will get definite results.

Again, start with 11 times Surah Fatiha. Then, recite DuroodIbrahimi for three times. Next, chant yawududu for 101 times. In the end, re-read Surah Fatiha and DuroodIbrahimi. Finally, make a dua to Allah. Explain your purpose honestly. Allah will grant your request.
Do your daily 5-times prayers. After that, read DuroodShareef for3 times. Then, make an appropriate dua of separation. Pray to Allah for breaking the relationship. Close the wazifa with three times DuroodShareef. You will get good news once you perform it.
At first, recite DuroodShareeffor 11 times. Also, recite Surah Lahab for 19 times. Conclude with 11 times After that blow on the person’s photo. You can even imagine his face if photo is not available. Do this continuously for 21 days. Allah will surely bless you within three weeks. However, do not have evil intentions.

Thus, you can successfully use wazifa to separate husband and wife.