Featured Wazifa for marrying someone you love

Wazifa for marrying someone you love

Islam is the religion of love. It supports it in all its entirety. Islamic dua or wazifa for marrying someone you love We can all agree that marriage is essentially a union of two souls who are so filled with love towards each other that they the only way to channelize that love is through a lifetime of companionship and support that only those two people can afford.

That is why if you love someone, and you are thinking of marrying them, then make sure not to leave any stone unturned in the pursuit of that someone special. dua to get married to someone you love Do you also want to get married to that special someone but feeling fearful they might reject you? If you answered yes, then you need to perform the dua mentioned in this post without any delays and as soon as possible –

Islamic dua or wazifa for marrying someone you love – The specifics of this Islamic dua and wazifa for marrying someone

First of all, make sure that you are performing namaaz 3 times a day already before you begin to perform this dua

Now start by cleaning yourself. Take a bath and ensure that there is not a single drop of moisture on your body.
Now sit in the room where you perform namaaz in the position of prayer
Keep a glass of water in front of you
Now recite ‘Ya Wadud’ 300 times
Next, you are going to chant this mantra at least 500 times “Valor Pour la Bein noyet rameur Akhtar Omar Salem Shrekh”
After that, offer a prayer to Allah Tallah and drink that glass of water
If your parents are against your idea of marriage to someone in particular, then get them to drink that glass of water.
Keep repeating these steps for at least 4 weeks.

What you need to know

You must perform this dua with dedication and faith. If you are skeptical of whether or not this dua or wazifa is going to work, then it won’t be effective as you would want it to be. dua to marry someone of your choice Therefore, always have faith in the power of dua.

Also, perform this dua with the intention of nikah only. Islamic dua or wazifa for marrying someone you love This is not meant for getting love or getting someone’s attraction. Also, make sure to perform obligatory namaaz at least three times a day so that you can keep problems at bay.

Islamic dua or wazifa for marrying someone you love – Dua to marry someone of your choice

This dua can be performed if you are feeling fearful that a particular person will reject your proposal. dua for love marriage It’s also possible that you and your partner are ready for nikah but either one’s parents are against their marriage decision. In that case, also, this dua will prove highly effective.

While sitting in prayer, pray to Allah Tallah to change the attitude of your parents towards your decision. Islamic dua or wazifa for marrying someone you By continuing sending out those vibes of positivity and affirmation you will see that your parents will slowly and surely begin to support your decision.

They will no longer be a roadblock to your happiness but instead will join you in the celebration.

Dua for immediate marriage

Get in touch with our Molvi Saab If this is your first time performing any dua, you might likely feel a little confused or intimidated. If you have any doubts or concerns, feel free to get in touch with our Molvi Saab. dua to marry someone you love but parents are objecting He will answer all your questions and doubts so you can rest assured.

If required, he may ask you to a taweez that he will design only for you.

Powerful Dua for Love Marriage and Parents Approval

Dua for love marriage is truly the most amazing thing in life. As many would say, marriage is the ultimate ruth of the world and there is nothing beyond it to our existence. When two people fall in love, they just feel that we are the happiest person in the world.

Every trouble starts to look smaller because you are not alone now, you have your boyfriend or a girlfriend with you through the treacherous road we call life. The feeling is so great that one gets addicted to it, addicted to the other person, and addicted to the feeling of being with a person you love so much.

But happiness is truly unpredictable as well as sadness is inevitable. We can’t see it coming. It just comes to you like an atom bomb on Hiroshima-Nagasaki. All you are left to say here is that not every couple lives to walk down the aisle.

There are also lots of peoples who loves someone but they also feel lots of difficulties in between and farther before reaching the point of matrimony. A breakup can sure a part of your life, but it can’t fade the love that you feel for the other person. Before you give up on your love, seek the ultimate remedy of a Muslim Astrologer to get married.

Dua for Love Marriage Acceptance

The only thing that can make you get married fast and early is winning the desired love back again.
You fell in love once because of your charms and goodwill, you should do the same now.
But to do that you have got to know what went wrong.
What made you fall in love? Do you have any explanations for this? Perhaps not, but what are the most probable reasons for couples falling in love?
Family disapproval, caste issues, another affair, or financial instabilities cause most of the breakups these days.
If you broke up with your loved one for the same reasons as mentioned above, there is still a chance for you to get back to your ex.

Dua for Love Marriage to Agree on Parents

It is a heart-breaking and nerve-wracking sort of situation, where the last thing you want to do is think about how to convince parents for marriage. It is only acceptable not to be prepared to rewind it all again in your mind, but what else could lead the path of your way to agree with them?

Dua for love marriage

Nothing just stops and starts getting wrong. Every person gives away some signs and we only happen to ignore it until before it is too late. If you think you are still not getting married, then take help from the dua for love marriage. In Sha Allah, it will help you and then you will get married as soon as possible.

Here is what you need to do:

Start this Islamic Dua on the full moon.
Recite Durood Shareef 11 times in a day.
Continue this dua for the next 3 days.

Once done, then you can contact molvi Ji for further steps.

Getting a positive response from parents is a tuff job when they are not ready. This step is necessary because you will need to prepare yourself for the relative black magic step only after you know what exactly the trouble is.

Islam gives you complete freedom to choose the love of your choice and makes your parents accept and understand your relationship. If you still don’t get the desired partner, then this dua for love marriage will also help you Inshallah.

Dua for Love Marriage Problems?

Your ultimate solution to this problem is to seek help from Molvi Ji. He is known for having 20+ years of experience in using Islamic dua, wazifa, and helping people out of their miseries. His solution will give include dua for a husband. You can get your solution once you have told all the details about your relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Hence, he will listen to your issues and give the most relevant solution. He will cast spells on your boyfriend/girlfriend to control his mind and get him back to you. Once it is done, he will never leave you and get married to you as early as possible. So, call to our Molvi Ji now and also do WhatsApp him now.

Which Dua For Getting Married To The Person You Love

Dua For Getting Married To The Person You Love, Love is the essence of life. Marriage is an institution which acknowledges the interpersonal relationship. People have their own reason for getting married. Some marriages are for legal reasons; some are for social, some for financial. Likewise, some marriages are for the reason of love and we use to call such marriages to love marriage.

The success of any relationship depends on the fact that how emotionally the people who are carrying that relation are attached. That means how much they love each other. Love is one of the emotions which can’t be expressed in words.

In order to make the marriage successful, it is very important that people who are getting married should love each other and should be emotionally attached to each other. Love marriage is one of the institutions of marriage where the relationship starts with mutual understanding.

The institution of love marriage is not only good for the couple who are opting for this, but it is very beneficial for society as well. Love marriages help society to come out of the rules of caste, religion, custom, tradition and it helps in preventing the dowry system.

But in our society, it becomes difficult for the couple to go for love marriage. Society has implicated various requirements that need to be fulfilled to get married to a person of your own choice.

But it’s not only the society or parents who stop for love marriage, sometimes they are ready but there are certainly other factors that do not allow the love birds to get married. And it is here the need for dua for getting married to the person you love is required. Dua if practiced with full devotion and full belief has so much power that it will allow you to get married to a person you loved.

Dua is a three-letter word, but its meaning is larger than life. Dua can also be termed as supplication or invocation. Supplication means communication with the deity, while invocation means summoning to spirit. But it is important to understand neither supplication nor invocation defines the word “Dua” to its fullest meaning.

There are different types of duas, which are practiced in order to get the desired result. Dua is so powerful that it helps to get back your lost love and it can help you to get back the love of your husband and it even allows the practitioner to get married to one he/she loves. Not only the love matters but dua can also be used to resolve any other suffering of your life, be it safeguarding from enemies or getting a desired job.

Below is one such dua, which if practiced with dedication and devotion, will surely allow you to get married to the person you love.

Dua For Getting Married To The Person You Love

“Auzu Billaahi Minash Shaitaanir Rajim Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem Assalaatu Wassalaamu Alayka Ya Rasoolallah Sallal Laahu Ta’ala Alayhi Wa Aalihi Wa Sallam”

Even after marriage couples come across many problems. The wife found that she has lost the love of her husband. It could be due to any reason. One of the most common reasons in such cases is husband might have an extramarital affair.

Below is one such dua, which sprouts love and attraction between the couple, and when a woman practices or recites this dua it helps her to back the love of her husband.

O my Allah, let (mention husband’s name) heart grow soft and gentle just as You melt the iron for Dawn, peace be on him, and make him mild and yielding to me just as You made the winds tractable and submissive to Sulayman son of Dawud, peace be on both, and put affection between us just as You put love between Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be on him and on his children) and Khadijah (blessings of Allah be on her), and between Ali (peace be on him) and Fatimah Zahra, blessings of Allah be on her, O the most beneficent.

Provided this dua has to be practice 100 times a day till you don’t get the desired result.

Sometimes, there comes a situation in our life when we have lost the love of a person whom we love deeply. In all such cases below mentioned dua for getting lost love back can be practiced.

Dua For Getting Married To The Person You Love


It is very important to know how this dua can be practiced. It is quite simple, first read the dua mentioned above then write the name of your lost love on a white paper, this must be repeated 128 times. When you are done with doing this, make sure you put the paper (on which you have written the name of your lost love) on the earth where it can be fired. While doing this you have to be very cautious.

For every love-related problem, there are duas which can end your sufferings. Provided they are practiced in the way it is suggested. The first and last option which is available to us in our sufferings is only the dua. It is believed that dua is the essence of worship. It is the most potent weapon suggested in Islam.

It is always suggested to make plentiful duas in the days of your ease and comfort this will allow the almighty to answer your duas in an unfavorable and difficult time at earliest.


Dua for Marriage with a Loved One

Do you love someone and he/she is your beloved one and now you’re going to marry him/her.

Hence, as a result of this, you are searching for the Dua for marriage which is not a bad thing.

You know brothers and sisters, love as well as the marriage plays a vital role in all human beings.

Marriage with a loved one dua
If you love someone and with any of the reasons you both don’t get each other with the marriage.

Then at that time, you feel one of the worst people all over the world and you don’t want to live your life and in the world.

But if you’re going to marry that one whom you love most then at that time, you feel awesome.

That’s why you’ve to need the Dua for marriage and that Dua should be the most powerful and Working Dua.

Dua for marriage problems and proposal acceptance
But sometimes, if you are facing any trouble in your marriage when you are going to marry your partner.

Then this Dua for marriage also helps you to carry your marriage life in the right way without any trouble.

Sometimes, when you are going to marry your partner then at that time, you will face lots of trouble.

Maybe you don’t have enough money at that time or maybe your parents don’t happy with your partner.

There are various other reasons or problems you will face when you are going to marry your partner.

So if you will recite or read the most powerful as well as the best and working Dua for marriage.

You’ll not face any problems coming in your married life because this Dua is the most powerful and Strong Dua.

Dua for marriage
Here is the procedure for Dua for marriage and you have to perform this Dua after offering all the Namaz.

Always remember that you don’t have to perform this Dua for marriage with the illegal method.

Because, there is also another illegal method available in this world but brothers and sisters, always remember one day.

You will go and stand in front of the Almighty Allah and this Duniya is not a permanent place.

So don’t ever do the wrong method, you just have to take the help from the Dua and the Wazifas.

Firstly, make a wudu and then go and take a sleep.
Wake up in midnight and then again make a fresh wudu.
After complete the wudu, now offer the Tahajjud Salah or Namaz.
After completing the Tahajjud Namaz, now recite the Surah Yasin and then recite the verse 24 of Surah Duha and Qasas.
After completing this, now you have to recite the 11 times Darood Shareef and then take 313 times Allah Allah.
And then again recite the Darood Shareef after that make the Dua for your marriage.
In Sha Allah, the Almighty Allah will show his mercy on you and give you a great happy married life.

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Strong Dua for love marriage in Islam

If you’re looking then you are into the right place because here, we’ll provide you the Dua for love marriage.

If you will apply this strong Dua on yourself in the right direction then after that, you got love marriage.

Basically, brothers and sisters, we all know that marriage is one of the cute thing happens in our life.

We all do marriage but if you’ll do marriage with your beloved one then this is also the cute thing.

But brothers and sisters, if you want to do the love marriage then it not an easy thing in life.

Love marriage dua
Here you have to please your family and then the family of your beloved one after that if you have a caste problem.

Then, it creates big problems but if you are from the same religion then it will not create a big problem.

You still have the hope of love marriage but a problem occurs when you both are not from the same religion.

Dua to marry someone of your choice | Dua for love marriage
So, brothers and sisters, always do love that person whom you think that you both will live with each other forever.

Always think about the religion and think about your family also and then ask a question to yourself that.

Is I am doing good in a relationship and is our relationship is good on the eyes of our parents.

After thinking about all these things, now you have to do the love with your partner and do a good relationship.

You know brothers and sisters, love marriage in Islam is not a bad thing but here you have to do love Halal.

Love Halal means don’t do that type of love which lover does right now like a kiss, other bad things etc.

But if your religion is the same and still your parents don’t agree with you as well as your beloved one.

Then at that time, you have to take help from the Almighty Allah which is good for you.

Because there are tons of Duas available in the Quran that our Almighty Allah has given us in the Quran.

Here, we are going to provide you the top 3 Best and Strong Dua for love marriage in Islam.

Dua for love marriage
After performing that Duas, you will get your beloved one your life and you both will do love marriage.

Before knowing these Duas, let us know how you will perform these Duas, brothers, and sisters, always offer 5 Salah.

After every Namaz or Salah, when you are going to make a Dua then at that time, read these Duas.

Here are the Top 3 Best and Strong Dua for love marriage in Islam:

Dua number 1
“Allahumma Inn Kuntaa Taalamuu Anna Hazal Amar Waayusammi Hajath Khair Lii Fii Deenii Waamaashii Waa Aqibatii Amrii Faqdurrahuu Lii Waa Yassirrahuu Lisamma Bariikaa Lii Feeh“
Dua number 2
“Allahumma Alliff Bainaa Qulubinn Waa Aslihh Zataa Baininn Wahdinaa Subulassalaam Waa Najjinaa Minazulumaatii illanoor“
Dua number 3
“Walaa Tamuddanna Ainaikaa ilaa Maa Mattanaa Bihii Azwaajaminn Humm Zahratal Hayatii Adunyaa Linafteenahum Fihh Waa Rizkuu Rabbikaa Khairunn Waa Abqayaa
WAA Murr Ahlaka Bissalatii Wastaabirr Alaihh Laa Nas Aaluk Rizqanahnuu Narzuqukk Wall Aaqibatuu Litaqqwayaa“

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Dua to Agree Parents for Love Marriage

Are you looking for the Islamic dua for love marriage to agree on parents then you are into the right place? If you are facing any type of problem in your love relationship and your parents don’t like your beloved one. And you want to convince your parents for your beloved one and you also want to do the love marriage.

Then don’t worry brothers and sisters, after reciting the Dua for love marriage to agree on parents you’ll convince your parents. So, if you want to know this most powerful as well as strongest dua for love marriage to agree to parents. Then be in this article because here we’ll provide you the most powerful dua for love marriage to agree to parents.

Dua to Convince Parents for Something
Sometimes when you love someone and you for your beloved one or for your special one is true and genuine. And you want to live your whole life with that special one but when you tell this to your parents.

Your parents don’t like this and they want to do the marriage of yours with another girl or a boy. But you don’t want to do the marriage with that unknown boy or a girl. You just want to do the love marriage with your beloved one. But you’re afraid of your family or parents how to convince your parents and how to do the love marriage.

dua to agree parents for love marriage
At that time you can take help from lots of people’s but still your parents don’t agree with you. And now you sit in a lonely place and thinking about your life and thinking how to solve this problem. You want to take the help from the Almighty Allah and you trust on the Almighty Allah.

So, brothers and sisters, if you want to take the help from the Almighty Allah then at that time. Go and do the wudu and offer 2 Raqat Namaz and open the holy book Quran and read surah Ikhlas.

Because Surah Ikhlas helps to solve any problems in your life so if you’ve any love problem then recite it.

Strong and Islamic Dua for love marriage to agree parents in Hindi
Here is the dua for love marriage to agree parents but before that you have to do something in life.

Firstly, before reciting the Dua for live marriage to agree parents, you have to offer all the 5 times Namaz in a day.
After that, you have to recite this dua for love marriage to agree parents while making the Dua after the completion of Namaz.
It is good for you, if you will read or recite this Dua for love marriage to agree parents in the Tahajjud Namaz.
If you don’t know, how to read the Tahajjud Namaz then don’t worry we will tell you how to do this.
Firstly, wake up in the mid night and then do the perfect wudu according to the Sunnah.
Then read or offer the 2 + 2 Raqat Nafil and then recite the Dua for love marriage to agree parents while completing the Namaz and in the making of Dua.
“Walaa Tamuddanna Ainaikaa ilayaa Maa Mataa Naa Beehii Azwaajaminn Humm Zahratal Hayatii Adduniyaa Linacteenahumm Feeh Waa Rizquu Rabbikaa Khairunn Waa Abkayaa
Waa Murr Ahlaka Bissalatii Wastabirr Alaihaa Laa Nass Alukaa Rizqannahnuu Narzuquka Wal Aqibatuu Litaqwayaa“
In Sha Allah, the Almighty Allah will agree your parents and give your lover permanently in your life.
Always remember that, if you don’t found your lover in your life and you don’t do the love marriage. Then at that time brothers and sisters, don’t worry, the Almighty Allah thinks the good for you and your family.

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